Tuesday, January 22, 2013

- Coronation Part Deux: Collective Individualism

I didn't turn on the news yesterday at all, which made my house seem like a foreign place. We almost always have it droning quietly in the background. But I couldn't bring myself to see news cheerleaders staring doe eyed and weak kneed, at what I hear they have called "the second coming". Obama is entitled to his party, but it's the press's reaction I couldn't stand to watch.

And if you think you were depressed yesterday, just wait until he nominates a supreme court justice. Howard Zinn is dead, and Bill Ayers has a felony conviction which I think disqualifies him. So my bet is still Andy Stern, former head of the SEIU.


ikaika said...

sounds about right.
Pray for the health of the right leaning justices.

The big trpouble is the federal court appointments. That's where Clinton made his biggest impact.

ikaika said...

The Guns of Obamerica
Sultan Knish