Monday, January 21, 2013

- Disarming... Everyone

This country began when the ruling elite tried to disarm the citizenry and inadvertently started a revolution. Personally, I think it's likely it ends the same way. This story poses an interesting dynamic that I think will be repeated.

The City council (liberal politicians all) vote to ban assault rifles and large magazines. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the law abiding citizens that acquired them legally and now own them. So those private citizens in turn refuse to allow the city cops to practice shooting at the privately owned shooting range.

Most cops are pro-gun. Most politicians and police chiefs are anti-gun. Eventually the cops will have to decide where they stand.


Anonymous said...

I'm a federal LEO. In my experience there is no doubt in my mind that the best field officers are usually passed over for promotion and tend to be, to a man, conservative, independent minded and/or right leaning. The management, in my agency GS-12 and up, are almost all Dems. The management classes (and make no mistake in the Fed there is absolutely class warfare going on) are on the gravy train, in denial about the facts on the ground, and tend to get their positions by looking the other way, sticking their heads in the sand during any controversy and kissing the ass of anyone who is in the position to promote them. The management classes believe the Big Government myth and that the citizenry must be protected from themselves. They are almost always anti-self defense oriented, believing that we the police do the protecting. They are patronizing to the public behind closed doors and to their subordinates as well. I have witnessed this behavior and I have been subject to it. In my opinion the good beat cops will be the first to defend a citizen's right to self-defense and be the first to tell you that in most cases we show up to take the report after an event has occurred. A few years ago Barrett rifles banned sales to agencies in the state where I work based on this State's laws interfering with private firearms ownership. I admired Barrett's gall but more than that, I saw that it really affected officers in my profession (local and state). Those guys who are otherwise politically neutral, and there are a lot of those in LE too, just want to go home to their families at the end of the day, were forced to acknowledge that a major, top-tier firearms manufacturer had effectively banned them and their agency from procuring the best sniper rifles made. I can tell you that had an effect and what it did was to treat cops as the State government was treating the citizenry. It was a big "Fuck You" to the State and it's LE organizations. And it was deserved. East coast agencies have a very poor attitude towards 2nd A issues based on the political climate of that area of the country and its politicians. Regardless, I think the beat cops should be standing up against their administrators and jack-off politicians that invent these rules and if they're not going to take a stand, let them feel what it is to be ostracized and marginalized. Thanks.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

My experience with the beat cop is many of them (especially the older ones) are "only us professional should have guns" type attitude. I have gotten into debates with these guys and they come off (to me anyway) relating to the general public as a Barron might relate to his serfs. The one noticeable exception being a Sheriff's deputy who runs a local bar.

Then again.. I live in a densely populated urban environment. Maybe the cops in suburbia are different.

Tom said...

In my town they have both flavors. But the 'beat cops' are more pro gun than the population at large, so I call that a win.

Tom said...

The cops at my gun club though (and there are hundreds) are to a man pro-gun

ikaika said...

I don't see beretta, glock or S&W turning down a police contract in any of the usurper states.
I do expect Obama Campaign to ramp up commercials and telephone ads reminding people that all of us gun owners are baaad people and that the NRA doesn't speak for typical firearms owners.
We have a narcissist that believes in the media driven persuasion. It has worked over and over again espescially when nothing was supposed to work. If they were facing off against the Tobacco lobby, you would get a lot of give from negative press.
A reminder will emerge soon that the "Gun Lobby" is composed of millions of americans with a distribution throughout all 50 states.
They have been focus group testing the "Pro Guns = Pro Slavery" campaign. It's not taking. It was leaked by a few out of work actors and other inconsequential personae.
Expect to keep hearing that we are a fringe group. Schumer will attempt to take the lead on this. The administration will have a scapegoat when chucky strikes out.

God save the United States of America

Come and Take Them!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the LEO's at your club are pro-gun. It's been years since I lived there. That is a win. Now to get these idiot politicians and their constituents to understand that. A federal, uniformed, LEO I detailed with in Jersey several years ago, as I have written prior in this forum, was afraid to carry off duty. He is not a gun guy but I could feel the fear (of getting into an off-duty shoot) while I was out there. I think the host Tom has written that each bullet fired is about 10K in legal costs, at least. I also observed how in the greater NYC area, esp. Jersey, everyone has twenty decal and metal badges jammed in their windshields, windows and bumpers proclaiming their friendship/support of the PBA, police or what have you. It felt, to me, like a police state. People anticipate being pulled over and are ready for it. That's a pretty sad state of affairs but don't get me started on life on the east cost. I live in the West now and I would never go back. Ever. God bless you guys for holding on and fighting the good fight. Thanks.

Tom said...

NJ is the east Germany of the United states. Relatively rich, relatively efficient, relatively productive, minimally free.

Very police-state like.

Since the election, my only window sticker say NRA on it.

Anonymous said...


frithguild said...

NJ - High population density, high politician density and high criminal density. Perfect together.