Friday, January 25, 2013

- Following Liberal Logic

I found this piece interesting. (I was directed there by the folks at VDARE, where our man Derb writes a column.) It sorts of makes the same argument that my dinner companion from the other day makes, albeit more explicitly and less apologetically.

Personally I have a problem with disarming any group of people en masse. Call me sentimental, but that whole idea of individual liberty and individual accountability is pretty strong in my world view. And I keep picturing my buddy Wayne - an intelligent, educated, soft spoken, extremely cerebral black man, being prohibited from owning a firearm because of his skin color. That's just ridiculous.

I have on occasion even taken the opposing position. Even if there is a lot of criminal behavior in the black community, it certainly isn't universal. Let's train and arm the law abiding portion of the black community and cut down on the criminal population by attrition if nothing else. Admittedly, it was not a particularly popular plan with anyone.

On my desk right now is a signed copy of Colin Flaherty's book "White Girl Bleed Alot". I don't contest the idea that black Americans are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime and violence. Flaherty's book documents it's rise pretty well. I don't dispute that black America retains an irrational hatred for white America or that it very often manifests itself criminally. As I said, based on my reading I think that's a documented fact.

But if you are going to spout off about individual liberty as often as I do, then I think you need to accept the downsides of that argument as well. If it means that an illegally armed criminal population (that also happens to be disproportionately black) is going to the abuse the liberty they're given under our system, then I'm going to live with the consequences of that in order to maintain my own liberty.

I think they make a good point. We don't really need to disarm everyone, and I don't think the folks at VDARE were seriously suggesting any other alternative - just offering an opposing view. But for my part, I'm not ready to throw any group under the federal bus just to protect my own rights.

Tommy don't play that.

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ikaika said...

The caption in the photo uses the SCOTUS opinion to identify that the right exists for people of all persuasion, but it also defines what it is meant to "keep and bear" arms.
to carry a firearm whenever and wherever they want.