Wednesday, January 30, 2013

- I Go Shooting All The Time

Most of us recall that scene from the Mel Brooks classic "History of the World Part 1" where Mel as the french king, berates Harvey Korman's "count DeMoney":

"These are my people... I am their sovereign... I love them. PULL!"

And at that, a peasant is the fired into the air to be shot at by the king.

This is how we imagine Obama "shooting all the time". In my lifetime we've never had an elected official with more obvious contempt for the people he see's himself as ruling over. Skeet Shooting? We all know it's a bold faced lie. In his view that sort of thing is for the bitter clingers.

In truth, Skeet shooting is probably the most erudite of shooting sports. It takes up a fair amount of space compared to most, and can't really be done properly without a fairly expensive facility. It's an Olympic event. And in the countries whose culture our dear leader most admires, it's an activity more or less reserved for the very wealthy. Peasant Frenchmen don't shoot skeet - just the nobility do.

In my personal case, Skeet is my favorite shooting sport. A few years ago when I had more time and was shooting more regularly, I would hit an average of 95.5 birds out of 100 launched. Now I have less time to devote to it, and like a golfer, my handicap has probably suffered.

The golf parallel goes much further. Everyone has a degree of natural talent for skeet shooting, based on their hand eye coordination, athletic ability, and a few other things like eye dominance and peripheral vision etc. But like golf, anyone can improve with practice.

I read once that that your average 'first time' skeet shooter hits 3 birds out of 25. My experience is that they usually do better than that, but I continue to quote that number to new shooters as a confidence booster. In my experience, the average is more like 6 or 7 for first timers. And just like golf, with just a few hours of practice it's fairly easy for pretty much anyone to improve to the point of hitting 10 or 12 birds of 25, but getting much beyond that requires real talent or real devotion.

I've seen people with a natural talent for wingshooting do very well right out of the gate, and only get better. And I've seen people who are brighter than average, and more fit than average, who couldn't hit the side of a barn. Like golf, it's a 'mostly mental' game. Which is how we really know that President is lying about skeet shooting.

If he were telling the truth, he'd be as engaged in skeet shooting as he is with golf. He'd be talking about barrel lengths and choke sizes. He'd be comparing the weight and balance of Beretta's and Browning's vs Krieghoff's and Perazzi's. He'd be asking questions about 'length of pull' and 'eye dominance'. And every gun manufacturer in the country would be offering to build him a custom fitted 'double barrel' gun for his use, just for the pride of being able to say that the president shoots a _____.

Anyway, I really do Skeet shoot 'all the time'. I'm not a part of the 'gun problem' in America, because I've never broken the law. But the President and the left want to take my guns away anyway. They want to treat me exactly as if I was a criminal and impose huge costs and inconveniences on me for wanting to exercise my rights. Maybe if the President really did go Skeet shooting every once in a while instead of just lying to the public about it, he would understand that most gun owners don't deserve his scorn and derision.


ikaika said...

Die Spammer Scum!

ikaika said...

I examined the photo that the NEw Republic released. I think they should run with it.
Obama is standing somwhere to the fore of the high-tower (pretty dangerous), not wearing any eye or ear protection and dressed in what he calls a golf outfit. The recoil of the mystery shotgun and load seems to have caused him to go dangerously off-balance. Maybe he shoots skeet with low-brass buck shot and shoots from the hip?

No - I'll have to take him and Jay Carney at their word. He does this all of the time but doesn't like to talk about it...
Nope - won't talk about the Bob Allen gloves or the Perazzi Skeet gun that was given to him by the Sultan of Brunei in exchange for sexual favors...
Nope, can't talk about it at all during the first term.

Now I'll ask Peter Griffin to describe the next one:
"Remember the time President Obama invited Kim Rhode to Camp David to shoot "skeet" with him and to promote the shooting sports for women?"

Only a pathological liar would try this one on for size.

I have to give Erin Burnett a hearty golf-clap for this one, however the Secret Service may have a problem with her type of journalism...

Bzod said...

Currently on the wait list for a club (golf) that also has shooting. If I'm in before the season ends, would welcome the chance to have you over. Worth mentioning that it is a dead-heat race between NJ approving my firearms ID and the Board at said club stamping approve on my application, so the invite may extend to December 2013...

Mark said...

HAHA that spam is hilarious.

What do you think the president wears at the range--the mom-jeans/out cycling getup?

Johnny I said...

The wife is setting up a bit of an outing to Thunder Mountain with a bunch of my non-shooter friends for my 41st birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing the "first hit clay faces".