Thursday, January 17, 2013

- I Once Sold A Gun With No Background Check

Did I ever tell you guys how I sold a gun on the black market? It's true. I was building a shotgun for my wife - on a frame from a 20 gauge Savage arms, side by side. I acquired a high quality stock at a deep (lucky) discount, finished it, and replaced the original stock with it. The results of this work can be seen here.

Anyway, in the process, I had to buy a lot of parts, and I had ordered some online, only to find out that they weren't available after all. Soon after, I found another Savage arms side by side in poor cosmetic but working condition, which I bought to use as a parts gun.

No sooner had I cracked the thing open and removed what I needed, but the parts I'd originally ordered from Numrich showed up on my doorstep. Nothing but a shipping snafu, and they weren't out of stock after all. But now I had a complete 20 gauge gun that was really too ugly to keep for myself, especially compared to my wife's gun.

So I put all the parts together, tested it with 2 rounds at the range, cleaned it carefully, and carted it off to the Valley Forge Gun Show to sell.

I walked up to the first table at the show, told him how I came by the gun, negotiated a price, and sold it to him. No background check, no waiting period, no nothing. As it turns out, he was a gun dealer who is always at that show. But I didn't check his background. I did see the gun I sold him on his table at two subsequent shows. (The last show that Frithguild and I attended together, I couldn't find him or the gun I'd sold him.)

Because he's a dealer, had he sold the gun to me instead of the other way around, he would have had to do a background check on me - gun show, or no gun show. (Here is a really great piece on that very thing from someone who is obviously too objective to have much of a future in journalism.) And since the Valley forge Gun Show is in fact in Valley Forge Pennsylvania, and I wasn't a Pennsylvania resident at the time, he would have had to sell the gun to a dealer in my state of legal residence in order to have them transfer it to me. Thankfully we didn't actually have a universal background check in place.

Liberals fantasize that the only thing standing between criminals and a gun is a background check. Like most things they believe, this isn't just silly it's also a major inconvenience to the law abiding. But even worse, in order to enforce their universal background check system they'll have to register every single firearm in the country. So when you give one to your kids, you'll have to call the FBI first, and file a form with the government to get permission.

As always, if the world worked the way that liberals wish it would, it wouldn't be a big deal. But as I say to my brothers' continual amusement... "The main reason the world doesn't already work the way that liberals wish it would, is that the world doesn't work the way that liberals wish it would."

Here in reality the 'universal background check system' means the federal government intruding into the lives of millions of people, to restrict a few who will simply ignore the law.

Some numbers of the 'background check' story are here.


Tom said...

This doesn't warrant an entire post, but I thought I'd throw it up. I'm considering going to the trouble of getting my MN and FL Non-Resident CCW permit.

I'm in MN 12 to 14 weeks per year, and and Florida another 3 or 4. So it makes sense to me. And since I won't have to break the law to defend myself in those locations (as I would in NJ) rather than the DB9 I'm thinking very hard about the XDs 45.

I love a 45, but mostly I love a single action trigger.

Anyone have input?

ikaika said...

I like my Shield in 9mm. Striker fired, tang safety, 8+1 with the extension and with my Black Widow holster I forget it's there. Comfy.

I can't imagine shooting a subcompact .45 or developing any proficiency with it from the weak side.

the mythology is that 9mm has no stopping power. We are always told about Somalia where the 9mm ball didn't do a damn bit of good.

9mm in a well constructed JHP like a Corbon or Hornady... Lights Out!

Whatever you get, practice with several different loads to see which one your gun shoots best.

And that may require a phone book penetration test rather than punching holes in paper.

You should get your Florida carry.

Tom said...

No JHP in NJ of course - I need to check MN (which is what it's really about).

ikaika said...

You can shoot them at the range.
NJ's screwy law allows them to be sold in the state. YOu can keep them in your home, but you cannot carry the HP's on your person or in your vehicle when you leave your home.

Anonymous said...

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