Friday, January 18, 2013

- I'm Tired Of Being Slandered

Another day, another slurry of libelous anti-gun propaganda from the New York Times. You know what I'd like to know? How is it the same people that call the occupy movement "grass roots" when at its peak the largest estimates for its membership were in the hundreds of thousands (apparently there is a careful online effort to obscure the actual number) , can look at something like the NRA and say that it only represents gun manufacturers.

The NRA gained more members in the last 30 days than many people figure the occupy movement ever had, and yet the media calls "occupiers" grassroots and the NRA the handmaidens of big business. That alone should tell you how disingenuous their broader claims are.

Here in the real world, there are roughly 4.5 million members of the NRA. It's growing so fast it's tough to keep up with the totals. And to paraphrase Charles CW Cooke from a few days ago, we are 4.5 million HIGHLY motivated, politically unified people with guns.

We are under constant libelous attack in every major media outlet in the country and by virtually every member of the mainstream press. The law abiding members of the NRA have been compared to Nazi's, to Klansmen, and accused of perpetrating murder, mayhem and all manner of villainy. But instead of picking up our guns and corralling our enemies into re-education camps we discuss it with them. We don't respond with the same kind of hyperbole and rampant fanaticism that our enemies do. We focus on the facts. We focus on what we honestly believe will make Americans safer.

One liberal fantasy about guns is that the US military can put down any domestic uprising. "What can a few guys with deer rifles do against tanks and F16's?" they ask. I find this particular liberal claim more ridiculous than normal because if it were 4.5 million Chinese or 4.5 million Nigerians, they would be the first to tell us that our Army is powerless. And in that regard they'd be right.

No military commander would ever imagine that they could put down an active rebellion that included 4.5 million people - especially when their soldiers on the ground are highly sympathetic to the rebel's cause. At least, not without weakening his own Army by so much that further rule afterward would be impossible.

A liberal commenter a few days ago suggested I work out the game theory on that conflict - as if I hadn't done it years ago. He said that it's an un-winnable conflict for the NRA. He's right, but the NRA doesn't have to win anything. We just have to endure. It's the federal government who would have to win, and win so decisively that they still had enough troops left afterward to maintain law and order.

And it will take a lot of troops to maintain that order because at that point they will have spent significant time and energy killing US citizens who were just defending their constitutional rights. The concept of 'rule of law' and 'consent of the governed' will have gone out the window long before that point.

If current trends can be trusted, Texas, Wyoming, and much of the west and midwest will have seceded by that point. It's tough to have nationalized healthcare when you no longer have a nation. You can't support a big bloated welfare state if your tax collectors keep getting shot.

The NRA may be highly irregular, and not organized for combat. But it is in fact, the world's largest private Army. What's more it's a 100% volunteer army. It's an army that is unified in its vision. It's an Army that to a man is highly motivated, and only gets more motivated every time another media maven slanders us.

And just to put a sense of scale on it, you liberals do not have 4.5 million available jail cells. If we decided to break your laws there isn't really a whole lot you could do about it. You should be damned grateful we aren't really how you depict us, or the NYTimes building would be in flames right now, and the on air staff at MSNBC would be fleeing for their lives.

So maybe you 'gentlemen and ladies of the press' should quit the hyperbole and constant propaganda stream, and start talking to us in the same civilized voice that we use when we talk to you. You will not berate us into giving up our guns. We will not bend to public opinion no matter how much you distort it. No mob of angry liberal upper west sider's will ever persuade us. No lie that you tell about us will change that. Rally your "Hey Hey, Ho Ho" catch phrase crowd all you like. Our catch phrase will still be "Molon Labe".

So why don't you quit treating us like enemies of America , before we start to believe you and begin acting like it?


ikaika said...


I am almost ready to join into a class-action suit against the NY Times, SeeBS, and NBC.

The level of defamation, slander and libel has reached actionable levels.

At what point will the media instruct people to target individuals with NRA stickers on their Homes, Vehicles and Businesses?

This is where this is heading. It won't be on air or in an editorial, but it will be some pompous jack-wagon that makes an impromptu comment at the ACLU clown of the year gala or some other liberal event.

Tom said...

Since Newtown this has pretty much become an exclusive gun blog.

It's written by a trial lawyer and two finance guys, but it's a gun blog. I can't remember the last time I even mentioned the economy or the market.

And this piece is the reason why. I'm the NRA. And it's tough to hear people tell constant lies about who you are and what you represent. I've really felt like I had no choice to at least shout back at the TV a little.

I apologize if this has failed to meet the expectations of the readers - but I really couldn't help myself. I hope you'll forgive this few weeks of self indulgence and understand where I'm coming from.

ikaika said...

It's become a Civil Rights blog

Anonymous said...

No apologies, please

Baron Scepter said...

We had a little nookyoular energy thrown in.

Steven P. Beaver said...


Unfortunately this is the biggest news story, and more important than discussing things we have already discussed. Do I need a refresher that the debt ceiling is a political tool, used by the opposition party to extract concessions from the majority party? Or that the majority party invokes the threat of not posting social security? No. I need encouraged that there are others out there willing to stand up for our natural rights; That I'm not the only curmudgeon (and I'm only 34) fighting the filth of today's entertainment industry.

I have directed more friends here as readers than I ever could have when this was an economics blog. My wife has aquiesced her lifelong opposition to firearms by reading and understanding why we feel the way we feel.

All three if you keep up the good work. I don't read everyday, like I used to (new job), but I catch up at least weekly.

Finally, whatever happened to galvez?

Tom said...

Galvez is still around but he's had a change in his employment contract which makes his 'published material' not his own. Admittedly there is probably a valid issue if he were to claim that this doesn't actually qualify as 'published', but in this economic climate, better to not rock the boat.

JD said...

Rope, tree, Journalist, some assembly required.