Monday, January 14, 2013

- It's Not "Common Sense"

So it looks like we'll be enacting "common sense" laws against drunk driving, that make possession of car keys a felony. It's a massive inconvenience to millions of sober Americans, all to try and change the behavior of a few people, who aren't going to care about his laws in the first place. Just another example of the words used in Washington not really meaning what the pols say they mean.

I particularly like the bit where he claims that the NRA has an economic motive. The NRA isn't powerful because of a few piddly gun manufacturers. It's powerful because it really is a grass roots organization. And as Ikaika said, the second amendment is not about hunting.

When this finally comes to a head, either Obama suffers his first major policy loss, or the Republican party had better put their head between their knees and start kissing things goodbye. Abandon the NRA and they'll never win another election. We might as well start building the third party now.


ikaika said...

How bout some timing: Harry Reid is being investigated regarding ethics (pretty vague).
If they cake Harry out of the gun debate, the democrats will go full retard.
love him or hate him, Reid is one of the few outspoken pro 2A democrats. He even has a public shooting range in Nevada named after him.
What I predict is Schmucky Schumer will totally cock things-up out of desire to be in front and center.
Feinstein's bill is dead at the draughting table.
Any executive order will apply to DoJ, BATFE, FBI and US Treasury with regard to their roles in firearm enforcement.

Obama will craft a win from a loss.
If gun control gets squashed - he'll blame republicans. If gun limits go through with exemptions and exceptions, he blame republicans.
If he attacks the NRA - he will be making a poorly judged political maneuver. You have nothing to gain from going after an organization of law abiding citizens. it will only make him look like a complete jerk.
I would take Derb's analysis of sectionalism into view.

Tom said...

Just for the record, around here, quoting the Derb is a great way to ingratiate yourself to the guy with his name on the door.

Just sayin.

chess said...

Fomo.fomo.fomo.........Deadbeat nation.....Flatline...Doa....Call it....Time of death ?????