Thursday, January 17, 2013

- Making The NRA Case

Andrew Cuomo's new gun law turns virtually every policemen in the state into a criminal:

The ban on having high-capacity magazines, as it's written, would also include law enforcement officers.

Magazines with more than seven rounds will be illegal under the new law when that part takes effect in March.

As the statute is currently written, it does not exempt law enforcement officers.

Nearly every law enforcement agency in the state carries hand guns that have a 15 round capacity.

A spokesman for the governor's office called Eyewitness News to say, "We are still working out some details of the law and the exemption will be included, currently no police officer is in violation."

The Patrolman's Benevolent Association President released a statement saying, "The PBA is actively working to enact changes to this law that will provide the appropriate exemptions from the law for active and retired law enforcement officers."

State Senator Eric Adams, a former NYPD Captain, told us he's going to push for an amendment next week to exempt police officers from the high-capacity magazine ban. In his words, "You can't give more ammo to the criminals"

I thought the way the law was written, giving the criminals more ammo was a foregone conclusion. But with the way the cops in New York sprayed the crowd with live fire at the Empire State Building last year, the people of New York might be considerably safer if they left the law the way it is.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

When it comes to the right of self defense, some people are more equal than others.

JD said...

The cops are safe just like in DC I'm sure the Prosecutor will use their 'discretion'.