Sunday, January 20, 2013

- Meanwhile Back In America...

Do you know what the largest protest march in Washington DC is? For years now it's been the annual march for life - the march put together by pro life groups to protest the killing of children through abortion. Hundreds of thousands of people every year and the media always refuses to cover it. As far as they're concerned it never happened, no matter how many times it happens. But get 5 "code pink" idiots in a basement together yelling "hey hey, ho ho" and the media treats it like the landing of MacArthur.

The British press has all the Anti-American bias that the American press does, but I get the impression they don't imagine themselves so "in control" of the discussion. So they will cover things that our media would prefer gets flushed immediately down the memory hole. This weekend's "pro second amendment" protests were an excellent example.

They were arranged in several state capitals, and were hastily thrown together by some kid on Facebook. Like most "genuine" grassroots efforts they weren't so stupendously organized, and were therefore probably smaller than the next batch of more organized protests will be. But they were large enough to be meaningful. At least the British press thinks so.

The story and many more pictures can be found here:


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Applying to purchase a handgun for the first time in many years. Question:

If you already have a valid shotgun/rifle purchase permit, do you just need to fill out the State of NJ Application form? Or do you have to re-submit all the forms for the fingerprint background check, the local police firearms applicant's questionnaire, mental health record search form, etc.?

Tom said...

Some past notes on the legal process.