Wednesday, January 30, 2013

- Menendez Scandal: What A Shocker! (not)

I think this "Menendez Sex Scandal" was probably leaked from "Disco" Frank Lautenberg's office.

As we know, the young, popular, and photogenic Mayor of Newark, Corey Booker, is pondering a run for the Senate. In a situation like that the Democrat machine would probably push Frank back into retirement. He's two and a half decades past his expiration date already, and has been struggling mightily to keep NJ perched on the forefront of 1970's thinking, in spite of his obviously increasing dementia, and need for mid-day naps.

But as we know, Frank loves nothing quite as much as being a professional buttinsky. He loves being paid to run the lives of others that he feels aren't enlightened enough to run them them on their own. So he don't Wanna go. And that means Bob Menendez has to.

This is no big deal really. It's not like anyone will be surprised that Menendez has some sort of skeleton in his closet. It's pretty much a known quantity. But it makes him look bad in the press so the machine can have an excuse to force him to 'step down' to some 500K per year consulting gig or 'water department' job.

While I'm unsurprised about Menendez, I do hope the voters notice that ABC didn't mention this scandal in their interview with him last week, and the 'objective' (cough) news media still isn't covering it. If it were someone like Mitt Romney - even if it were someone who only worked for Mitt Romney, this would be above the fold front page news. But it isn't. It's a liberal Democrat Senator from a blue state, and must therefore be shown every consideration. If it wasn't for the fact that they all ignored it, you could easily make the argument that a coverup was in place.

You "journalists" really are the lowest pieces of scum in America. I have at least as much contempt for all of you that you have for the rest of us.

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ikaika said...

I doesn't conjure up the image of Senator Geary blubbering around the corpse of the prostitute:
"I can fix this, I can fix this..."

The Press is like Tom Hagen for the Democrats.

"Sen. Menendez, how could you have been at one of theose DR parties since you were a house-guest of Jay-Z and Beyonce at the time of the alleged incidence"

They may as well start ripping pages from the Godfather.