Thursday, January 3, 2013

- Military Style Weapons

This piece by the WSJ was a good read. It's all things you already know about the Westchester Journal News outing gun owners to embarrass them, and then hiring armed security themselves. Fun read.

One thing that got me though was the liberal insistence that we should all be prohibited from owning "Military Style" weapons. They seem to feel that the scarier or more dangerous weapons are those designed for use by the military, and it's the new hip "journalistic" way of saying "assault weapon" without opening themselves up to the now standard challenges of the firearm literate community.

So let me clue you liberal journalists in to something else. Virtually every firearm in existence was originally designed for military use. They are ALL military style weapons - virtually 100% of them. The only exception I can think of are double barreled guns, which never really caught on.

Your grandfather's bolt action deer rifle (that you wouldn't dare attack in print) is either based on the 1903 Springfield design which armed the US Army in WWI, or the now much more popular Mauser rifle which armed the entire German Army in WWII. I also own a bolt action Moisin Nagant rifle as a collectors item which was carried in WWII by the Russians.

Your shotguns? Well it's a bit of a stretch, but at their core they are fashioned from the original smooth bore muskets that fired buck and ball loads at the armies of the 1700's - including the redcoats. We had rifle companies in the revolution, but most militiamen carried smooth bores. Even so, every US Army has been armed with shotguns since the "trench broom" pump action shotguns of WWI. These days they usually carry a semi-auto just like mine when it suits their defensive purposes.

The semi auto Pistol? By far the most popular and successful design in that genre was the Browning 1911, the standard issue sidearm of the US Army until it was replaced with ... the M9 model Beretta, another large capacity semi auto. Both are still produced with a broad selection of options for the US civilian market.

In point of fact, the guns you all are so scared of, the civilian model AR15, and all the civilian model AK47 style guns, all have far more in common with the small arms from 75 years ago than they do with modern weapons. In WWII the US Army was armed with the Garand Rifle, a Semi-automatic rifle that functioned very similarly to the civilian AR15 and AK look alike rifles of today. The main difference was that the Garand fired a cartridge which was much MORE powerful than either the standard AK or AR15 rounds.

Meanwhile the kind of fully automatic weapons in use for modern armies aren't legal* for civilians in the US, and havent' been since 1938.

So learn something about firearms before you shoot your mouth off. You people are far too smart to keep coming off as stupid as you do.



* A civilian can own fully automatic weapons in the US, but it requires the possession of a Class III "dealers" license, which is expensive, intrusive, and very difficult to obtain. It comes with a long list of inconveniences and restrictions not the least of which being that you surrender you right to refuse search, and must be willing to open your "place of storage" (either your home or place of business) for inspection by the ATF, any time the ATF sees fit to inspect it. On a statistical basis, virtually no one has one. (And to all you know it all's who are the reason I have to write all this business to silence your pointless criticism... go F*** yourselves.)


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