Thursday, January 24, 2013

- More From "The Derb"

Very often I find John Derbyshire saying (or in many cases writing) things that impress me. He's at it again:

For all the horrors it engendered, and for all that it was a radically false view of human affairs, classical Marxism had some intellectual body to it. It was nonsense, but it was interesting nonsense, and inspired serious people to acts of heroism. My father-in-law, whom I liked and respected, was a lifelong Marxist; and I knew some of the older generation of European Marxists, the Arthur Koestler generation, people who had spent their youth running from city to city in Europe with the Gestapo at their heels. They were wrong, but they were brave and admirable.

Cultural Marxism is also nonsense, but nothing like as interesting. It is really a shallow, infantile and narcissistic set of notions, a way for people to feel themselves important without having to think too much, risk anything, or accept too much responsibility. Cultural Marxists do not put their lives on the line, as Koestler and his comrades did. For the most part, they just strike poses.

What a poetic and elegant moment it is when you realize that the modern American left is unworthy to call itself "Marxist".

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Bzod said...

5 posts in a row: still not sure if I should laugh or cry on any. Congrats?

Anonymous said...

Modern "liberalism" is in hyperdrive, blowing right by Marxism at light speed... The "ism" that best describes the American left is Nihilism.