Friday, January 4, 2013

- Talking To Liberals: Part VI

Obama and the progressive left, as a general rule, think the American people will believe what they're told to believe. We on the right talk about his political tin ear because he genuinely doesn't understand how we think. But in 21st century America, he doesn't have to. We are an irrelevant demographic to him.

But that's not the end of it. He doesn't really care what the people who support him think either, because he doesn't have to. The best evidence of this that I've seen since the election was his TV appearance just before the new year, when he announced that a 'fiscal cliff' deal was in the making. I wasn't paying close attention until I heard a rousing cheer go up from the crowd.

"Where is he speaking" I wondered to myself, "Georgetown Law School or something? Who are his supporters that are cheering like that? He just won an election... what can he possibly be campaigning for now?"

But he wasn't campaigning. The loud cheer came from his supporters... his supporters in the press.

What Obama has figured out is that you don't have to care what the people think if you understand what the press who speak to them think. That's who his real constituency is. For him, the information flow is all one way. He says things couched in precisely the kind of terms that the press like, and that corresponds to their self important biases. They then report it in as favorable terms as they can. That's what happened with the fiscal cliff deal. It was poor legislation, that barely addressed our fiscal issues. But you'll never hear that from the press because it punished the people they want to punish.

To say this complicates the job of conservatives in trying to speak to Snooki-Americans, is no understatement. Our ideas are not popular with the press because they generally reward things like merit, and results. The press would prefer we reward words and ideas since that's all they ever produce. To them rewarding actual achievement is declasse - it's an indicator of base motives linked to things like profit and greed.

Even more, the press doesn't argue like you and I argue. They genuinely believe that "the truth" is defined by how well you wield your semantic knife. As far as they're concerned, the person with the best 'sound bite' must be speaking the truth. That's the limit of their depth. And they always believe that its they who have the best sound bite, so they should be the ones to decide policy.

When it comes to the first amendment, they are absolutists. Even further, they believe that to be a journalist gives them special rights. They believe that it means they can break the law with impunity so long as it server a broader journalistic goal. David Gregory's firearms scoff law and Dan Rather's career ending forgery incident are just two of the best known examples. To them "journalist" is a special class of anointed elite, designated by the universe to be the grand arbiter of the truth.

They are absolutists about the second amendment as well. Since the second amendment directly empowers the citizen and speaks directly to the use of force, they see it as weakening the first amendment and the broader power of words, and indirectly ... them. That's why the consensus that the second amendment should be shattered is so strong among journalists.

But that's who the real opposition to American conservatism is. These shallow, vain, dim, thoughtless, insecure people. If Snooki-American are as mindless as a herd of cattle, these are the cowboys who herd them. It's certainly how they see themselves at any rate. I don't know if it's possible for the conservative movement to speak to them in terms that they'll represent fairly. Milton Friedman did it, but he took them by surprise, and they've since hardened their semantic arguments to his kind of rationality. But if the republic is to survive, I believe we need to figure out a way.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

The 'Snookies' may not be even open to even listening to the Conservative point of view until:

1. The EBT cards, Section 8 Vouchers, Medicade, WIC, Food stamps, etc. run out (or inflated away to irrelevancy) leading to wide spread turmoil and violence.

2. The end of reliable and affordable energy allowing the lights, TV, heat, and A/C to remain on.

3. An overall massive reduction in living standards as we hurdle towards third world status and living conditions.

However, after watching the Greeks and other Euros riot and scream to keep their benefits, it is apparent that many people after years of being coddled, still will not grow up and face reality, no matter what is thrown at them.

The only way some societies get fixed is through the brutal hand of Social Darwinism.

ikaika said...

Slate should change the name of the publication to Baloney

Tom said...

I saw that. the truth is the AR15 is PERFECT for for all kinds of hunting, the 5.56 just isn't so great for hunting Deer.

the firearm design has been used to set long range accuracy records in various formats. It's a brilliant piece of engineering.

But what do you expect someone on Slate to say? There's no pretense of objectivity. The goal of eliminating guns is where they start, then backtrack to find supporting arguments.

Tom said...

BTW, HILN, sorry to get it out of order.

I think it's entirely possible (you allude to this) that the Snooki-Americans can NEVER appreciate a conservative argument. Self Reliance? Independent initiative? To quote the hero of canton: "Where does that get fun?"

Give them a decision early enough and they would never leave the womb. We need to do a societal reboot. they need to learn what works and what doesn't in the real world.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


No problem... I don't expect replies anyway. This blog, among others is much a place for me to vent as it is to read and learn.

As for a 'societal reboot', the closest modern example I can think of (in a positive sense) were the Jews of Europe. In WWII, they went (mostly.. certain uprisings exempted) meekly to the gas chambers. The next generation fought like pitbulls on crack against very unfavorable odds in the 60's and 70's against an enemy that wanted them exterminated.

Over the holidays, I got Shanghaied to a New Year's Eve party. VERY high IQ crowd (white collar medical and IT types). I was disheartened with my conversations with the men there (politics, guns, self-defense, coming economic problems, etc.). Very meek attitudes, open hostility to to the idea of self defense with "I live in the suburbs, I am forever safe.. the government will protect me" type statements. These were American men with very European attitudes.

If things do go horribly pear-shaped in the not-to-distant future (think Argentina), will I have any allies to mutually help watch each others back? The guys I keep running into I envision hiding in the closet, desperately dialing 911, and hoping to finally get a dispatcher and not a busy signal.

Tom said...

First, excellent example. Shame it hasn't rubbed off on American jews. One of life's great mysteries I'm afraid.

Second, I'm with you. I don't understand how that attitude of "someone will save me" can be so pervasive.

A small example.
I have a brook behind my house which is fed by a small spring, but is really mostly runoff from the rainwater drains around the neighborhood. Thanks to Sandy, one of the feeder pipes which extends between me any my neighbor, had gotten clogged up with sticks and branches, which then caused a smallish flood in the street. The water at it's height was maybe a foot deep. I was working and never noticed it.

When my neighbor noticed it, he called to let me know, and instructed me that he had called the town offices and asked them to send someone to fix things, but they said they wouldn't be able to get here for hours.

I hung up the phone, put on my boots, grabbed a garden hoe, and went and cleared the pipe. 3 minutes... problem solved. It would have never occurred to me that there is someone out there to do something like that for me.

ikaika said...

Actually the 5.56 isn't bad for deer sized game.
With good bullet construction and proper placement you are good to go.
Having hunted in Africa after years of hunting deer, I laugh when I think of the minimum accepted caliber for deer in NJ is .61 cal (20 ga slug) or .45 cal in a sabot (muzzleloader).

I've hunted feral hogs with .22 mag and .25-06. They are a lot harder to kill (resilient) than White-tail.

It is highly doubtful that the author of the Baloney Magazine piece has even a slight grasp of hunting or home defense.

It is an immediate "tell" when an author begins a piece by spouting their allegiance to 2A and then immediately applying "hunting" as the basis to the Right.


ikaika said...

My friends in Rumson and Fair Haven were witness to similar latent ferminine tendencies of their "new neighbors".

"Who do we call to get this fixed?"

Grown men (that get manicures) bragging about the virtues of Lacrosse suddenly confronted with the menial task of removing debris with their bare hands!!!

The four wheel drive vehicle is not to get you across a wooded lot or over branches or to winch a large tree limb out of the road. They wouldn't even have the rope or resource to get it done. Nope - that shiny $80k SUV is their to look good.

To think - My dad (a surgeon) used his Cadillac Fleetwood like George Peppard in Damnation Alley.

a dying breed.

ikaika said...

There's that scene in Talladaga Nights where Ricky Bobby sees the two guys Kiss...
"all this gayness is makin the rtoom spin..."

Tom said...

LOL .. George Peppard... awesome image.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


I spent the 1st 19 years of my life living in Fair Haven. My Dad turned our 3/4 acre bit of land into a minor farm, complete with beehives. Our neighbors "loved him" every time the bees swarmed.

Dad didn't own a Caddy.. but he did use the Ford Pinto to haul manure, much to the chagrin of my Mother. To my dying day I will remember riding in that overloaded car (guess who got to shovel it), as the rear bumper hit the pavement with every pothole. For some reason, the man refused to spend money on a pickup truck until after he retired.

ikaika said...

Don't knock the Pinto

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I have to knock that car a bit. It did catch on fire while my Mom was driving it. It was a surreal situation to suddenly have smoke pour though the vents.

Mom stayed pretty calm as she pulled off the road. Some guy pulled over behind us and offered the services of a fire extinguisher.

Anonymous said...

Fight the press with their own tactics I think is best. Seeing the Journal News (or whoever they are) hire armed guards is a gain for the conservative movement. They tried to intimidate the citizenry and go bit back. Exposing the private lives of journalists (school records, arrest records, drug use, affairs, etc.) who dig through the trash of conservatives is a development I hope and expect to see.

JimInTx said...

Ah .. the Ford Pinto.

Got mine as a hand-me-down from my sister after a rear-end collision by a Corvette totaled it (before that whole fire explosion thing became public). Used it 3 years driving I-80 NJ - Chicago to college, including through some pretty nasty blizzards.

One summer in Pensacola was enough even for me: dark green, black vinyl seats, no a/c, leaky muffler. For some reason it wasn't a chick magnet.

Good times.