Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thorium Update

The Telegraph has noticed that the Chinese have 140 PhD's working on the very dangerous thorium molten salt reactor. A 250 MW LFTR, like one imagined by Flibe Energy, may be fitted perfectly to power a zero emission steel plant, an application perfect for Chinese industry. One may think smaller still, I am told, with a 1 MW plant being eminently feasible.  All of this looks to work out very well for Chinese masters of bad thorium IP that their $350 million and 40 PhD's will soon develop.

According to the Telegraph, our friend Xu Hongjie has commented that US Energy Department has begun to take a close interest in China's plans and is now seeking "collaboration," the kind I suppose where we give away our patrimony while spending a billion dollars to do it.

The fun part of all this is the China Syndrome movie made activists pant in fear that a meltdown might sink down and harm the Earth's core, where, it seems, a nuclear reaction is already raging. Astrophysicists are even looking at planets with thorium decay heat at their core as having magnetic fields that shield harmful cosmic radiation and as being likely places for water to form.

So thorium decay helps keep the Earth's core hotter that the sun. Mother Earth now freely gives us the secret of her warmth and protection.  It's a nuclear reactor.


ikaika said...

Theyt'll lock you up like Galileo!

ikaika said...

The fear of Nuclear and Atomic Energy is best embodied in my favorite Sci-Fi Genres of the 1950's and 60's.
That's where the reality begins and ends.
Godzilla was the spawn of radioactivity from bomb testing. Giant Ants in the Desert were spawned similarly.
New Technology opened doors, but 50's Sci Fi said "You don't want to see what's lurking beghind the door!"

The left requires a boogie-man to promote their agendae.
Thorium sounds way too scary to be of any good and you'd be Burned Faster than Girodano Bruno at Campo de Fiori if you suggest that such awesome power is not only "natural", but out of our control.

Fruit-loops on the left will blame polltuion being emitted from 200 square miles in the North East USA for any climatic or planetary phenomena.
They will even finance and bestow titles on scientists to disprove what a few centuries of Geology and Physics has demonstrated as indisputible.
Donb't worry - the liberals will prevent the USA from burning their fingers on the hot molten core of advanced energy.
We will be told how proud we should be as China, India, and a handful of other countries zoom past us in the fields we once dominated.

frithguild said...

Waft the formic acid beneath the nose of the catatonic girl found at the disaster scene deep in the Nevada desert...

"Its ... THEM!"

ikaika said...