Monday, January 28, 2013

-To Gun & Ammo Manufacturers: Boycott Chicago and New York

Hey - It's Rahm Emmanuel in his more flamboyant days...
I can't take him serious, but he is as serious as cancer in his quest to disarm the law abiding citizens of Chicago and elsewhere.
Which leads me to believe that Chicago Law Enforcement doesn't have a contract with either manufacturer.
I propose that every firearm manufacturer and every ammunition maker and related distributors immediately stop doing business with the city of Chicago until Rahm Emmanuel retracts his statement.
I have great respect for Law Enforcement, but my right to purchase and possess a firearm of my choosing in no way impacts the safety of cops and government security. On the contrary, it enhances the ability for the good guys to work more efficiently.
Ultimately, by handcuffing the ordinary citizen, Rahm is sending a message to criminals of Chicago that self defense will not be tolerated and you may rape and pillage at will.
Vaffanculo Rahm!
When the the Leftists get their wish and the Second Amendment is effectively null and void, at least the Elected Classes will continue to respect our First Amendment Rights....
Won't they?
Based on this video, Mayor Bloomberg is not only against the Second Amendment, but the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments as well.
The person in the video is just as much a "journalist" as anyone on MSNBC.
(I like how he asks Bloomy if he wanted a "sip of my soda" - haha!)


Anonymous said...

Shame on Emanuel. He lived in Israel. He is the son of an Irgun fighter. He more than anyone should be able to appreciate the necessity of an armed citizenry.

Anonymous said...

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