Monday, January 7, 2013

-Viva El Supremo! Fin de Semana Con Hugo!

There has been some speculation that Chavez is no longer among the living.
I apologize for the rotten photo-shop, but it's close enough to what the Inauguration Ceremony of the President For Life would resemble. My sloppy photo-shop is probably a bit more polished than the transfer of power will be when Hugo is officially muerto.
I honestly believe he's taking a dirt-nap at present and Maduro (on left) is busy shoring-up his military connections to extend the dictatorship.
Our present-day Fielding Mellish, Sean Penn (on Right) will be there to add star-power to the next term.
The weeping masses that we see on Venezuelen State Run TV are shedding tears of sorrow as the former Bus Driver (no, not Ralph Cramden) will make sure to drive Venezuela further down the lost highway of totalitarianism. Bang-Zoom!

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