Wednesday, January 16, 2013

- What A Coincidence

As it turns out, my doctor asks me questions about guns every time I go to see him. Now I guess the situation will be reversed as well.

Remember when we were saying that Obamacare represented "taking over the healthcare industry" and all the liberals said we were nuts? Good times.

(BTW, today it's 10 rounds maximum in a magazine, and tomorrow it will be five, and before you know it, you'll only be able to buy bullets one at a time. Unless your a criminal of course, then do what you like.)


The mythical "gun show loophole" never existed. All business which sell guns are required to do background checks every time they sell one, gun show or no gun show. The people who are not required to do background checks are people who are transferring their personal property, and the gun show has nothing to do with that.

As an example of the kind of thing that team Obama is trying to prevent, I once had a buddy from the gun club give me a rusty old pump gun from the bottom of his duck boat. Shotguns don't leave "ballistic marks" on bullets like you have all seen on Law and order, so even if I were the kind of person to sell something like that to a criminal, it would have never been traced back to him. But he knew me, and knew I wasn't going to use it for anything like that.

Instead what I actually did, was I took the gun, refinished it, replaced a broken spring, and restored it to perfectly safe and usable (if something less than flawless cosmetic) condition. It's now a part of my collection. I loan it out often to shooters who may need to borrow it - and loaned it to my buddy Craig just a few weeks ago when we went pheasant hunting.

But under the new law proposed by Obama and biden, my friend who gave it to me would have been required to engage in a time consuming and expensive process to 'check my background', before he gave me what to him was an otherwise useless piece of ballast. In truth he probably just wouldn't have bothered to help me out.

This idea of 'universal background checks' seems great to the people who imagine that the way guns get into criminals hands is that someone goes and buys them legally, and then sells them to a criminal. If that happened as often as they imagine, it would be easier to track, since the sellers are all 'background checked' themselves. In reality it's just another liberal fantasy.

But since they don't understand how the market for guns works any better than they understand how guns themselves work, it seems like no big deal to them to weaken personal property rights and to intrude into the lives of law abiding citizens to achieve their goal. They try to take guns from the hands of criminals, but in reality they just inconvenience a bunch of people who were never going to break the law in the first place.


John said...

Well, now in NY I can only put 7 rounds in my 10 round magazines. I'm sure criminals will be deterred by this rule. But it doesn't matter anyway, since I can no longer buy ammo on the internet and I don't know of any place to buy ammo in Westchester. If I drive up to Dutchess I might find a Walmarts that sells ammo (at 2x the price I currently pay), but that's not assured. So I am basically left with being able to throw my guns at people to defend myself once my current ammo supply runs out. In NY "Shall not infringe" apparently means "Virtually ban".

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

On the guns part, I usually answer, "I have a phased plasma rifle with a 40 watt range"

Tom said...

There is a Walmart in Peekskill on Rt 6 that sells ammo - just a bit west of the Taconic.

Not convenient, but reachable. I used to buy all my ammo there.

ikaika said...

If your guns accept 10 round magazines, those firearms are banned as assault weapons.
You must surrender them immediately and report to the nearest re-education facility.
Sorry, that's how NY State rolls...

Tom said...

Pssst... remind him that Florida is closed....

ikaika said...

Yes - it's true Florida is Closed!
en espanol: Florida está cerrado!

We gave our last vacancies to a few Canadians and at least one guy from Monmouth County.

At least you can move to NJ.

The take-away from NYS and Obama 23 flavors of fascism is that Chris Christie can look like an enlightened - magnanimous a-hole by keeping NJ's laws unchanged.

He wins without doing anything - the worm sort-of turns.

Tom said...

Yeah imagine that huh? I moved from Westchester NY to New Jersey to lower my property taxes a decade and change ago. Who knew I'd be setting a trend.

New Jersey may be the East Germany of America, but it's not the Siberia for Liberty that NY is about to become.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


In order to track every private transaction, guns would have to be registered like we title cars.

A number of countries have done this route, ie: UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. The countries cited registration eventually lead to confiscation.

Tom said...

Hmm... well I'm sure that's not what they mean to do here right?

You heard what Obama and Bloomberg said... they "care" about the second amendment.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Has anyone heard from Chess? I noticed he hasn't posted in a while.

Back on topic:

Anthony Cumia was interviewed on The Blaze. He had some pretty good comments and insights about having a CCW in the state of NY.

Tom said...

Chess's last comment was at 7:04 AM this morning on the human shields post. He's around. Just holding back a bit.

Anonymous said...

how DO criminals get their guns, actually?

Tom said...

In most cases they steal them.

ikaika said...

How do criminals get their guns?
1. Steal them
2. buy them from other criminals
3. buy them from corruptt LE and Politicians (yes they do)
4. get them from Eric Holder
5. Firearms traffic across our border from Mexico, after all, the Coyotes that traffic human beings and the people that run drugs don't do this unarmed.

and by the way - Bob Schieffer owes ALL OF US an Apology.

chess said...

Im here Hell.. Had some shouder surgery. Makes my shitty typing even worse with 1 hand pecking.
None of what has happened surpises me just like none of what is being done will change the kill rate in this country., When the idiot first opened his mouth i ordered sleeves for the shotguns to hold 5 mote on the gun. took the plugs out.Now have 3x the ammo I had before massacre. Im set.

In reality Marc Steyn and I are still so pissed we cant talk.

ikaika said...

Tom BrokenJaw owes America an Apology.
That buffoon equates the defense of 2A to being a segregationist.

They are swinging for the fences in the top of the first.

Tom said...

Oh come on dude - you aren't a man in NJ till some infantile lefty calls you a Nazi.

ikaika said...

Reminds me of a trading desk story.
Heated argument about 9/11.
Liberal guy was Bush Bashing and saying how we shouldn't go into Afghanistan and how Bush was going after people of color etc...
Conservative guy says, you have to respond or else things will get worse. Says that regardless of whomever was in office we were at of detaining and deporting etc..
Ultimately, Liberal Guy ran out of spittle and called him a Nazi.

More than a few people heard it and the silence was palpable.

Conservative guy says: "I'm a Nazi? - I'm Jewish and my grandfather survived a concentration camp...
I'm not gonna call HR, but I'll let everyone here savor your outburst"