Monday, January 28, 2013

- Who Is Breaking The Law Exactly?

The NRA and the 4.5 Million law abiding, non violent gun owners they represent, all claim that they are not breaking the law when the exercise their right to 'keep and bear arms'. The Obama administration, liberals in Congress, Mike Bloomberg and the State of New York would like to treat them "as if" they've broken the law anyway. Meanwhile the government, who already has a bunch of guns that they say US citizens cannot be trusted to own, is claiming they they need even more. (Actually, the government is buying actual "automatic" weapons, which are more or less illegal for mere citizens anyway)

This is the big debate. The government says gun owners should be treated like criminals, and gun owners say it's the government who is probably breaking the law. But any observer can obviously see that the only reason there is any debate about it is the fact that the citizens are already armed. But for that, the government would command the citizen, and the citizen would have no alternative but to shut up and obey.

Right now everyone is playing nice. But if the government continues to insist that its "arguably illegal" actions are legal, then it's going to get ugly fast.

If the comments section can be believed liberals are truly horrified that an individual can decide for themselves that an act by the government is no longer legal. In the liberal mind those decisions can only be made by 'experts' or by consensus of the mob. It doesn't occur to them that in the end, everyone decides such things for themselves.

What also doesn't occur to them is that this particular decision IS being made by a mob. It's the "Pauline Kael" moment for non gun owners. They don't know any gun owners, so they don't know what they're thinking. But just because it's not the kind of urbane metro-sexual "hey hey , ho ho" chanting crowd they approve of, doesn't mean it isn't still a huge crowd. Even more, it's (arguably) the group best prepared to force it's will on the government, rather than the other way around.

Who exactly is trying to break the law here, is by no means a settled question.

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