Monday, February 11, 2013

- Cheering The Fall Of The West... Again

In southern California, a devoted Obama supporter and gun control advocate has allegedly snapped his leash and gone on a killing spree in retaliation for his being fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. They've been looking for him for days but he's managed to elude capture. And the hard left has responded by cheering him on.

Obviously I disagree with that. If he's really killed anyone, then he should be apprehended and made to face the courts. I say "if" only because I haven't been following the story closely. For all I know they have video of him confessing. I have no idea. But at this point in the evolution of America into 'top down' police state, I think a more accurate understanding of who the police are and what they're capable of would be better not worse.

This guy has a lot of problems with the police, and although he's crazy, I don't think he complaints all are. So if this narrative leads to a view of the police being lowered slightly in the public's eyes, then it looks to me like a silver lining. They are not saviors, they're just slightly less intelligent that average guys who are all allowed to shoot people..

I'm not cheering this guy by any means. I don't believe in killing people in retribution for peaceful acts like being fired from a job. I've been fired before and have never killed anyone. Nor has any of the long list of people (I think probably "everybody") who has been fired from a job. It's not a rational reaction, and if he did it then he's not a rational man. But the left is cheering him on anyway - which when you think about it, makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, there are elements of the left (some would say large elements) whose only sentiment toward western civilization is to tear it all down. They think a civilization is built so easily that whatever comes next will be better for them than what they have now. They're wrong, but they can't see it. They don't realize that in the world of the future it would be them wearing the shock collar, and the people they hate holding the switch. They would still end up on the short end of the stick, but the stick would be stiffer, and they would get beat about the head and shoulders with it, every time they didn't wave the fan hard enough.

The people who need western civilization the most, are those very people who want to destroy it the most. Examine the occupy crowd, who I suspect make up the bulk of the Chris Dorner fans, are only able to get by in the world because the people who do the heavy lifting of western civilization have made it so easy for them. They are getting by through the use of politics to scalp someone else's productivity. And if they got their wish and it was all torn down, we would not enter a new paradise of peace and plenty. We would enter a time of restricted liberty and hardship - the brunt of which would be borne by people like them.

So they cheer Chris Dorner, an accused madman who actually started killing people because he seems to feel the same frustration they do. At this point, it looks like Dorner will end up either in prison or dead. Given the LAPD's long history of replacing civil rights with live fire, I'd bet on the latter. And the whole while those who hate America will cheer him even though it would bring on a future for them that wouldn't be appreciably better than that in any measurable way.

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