Monday, February 4, 2013

-Chris Hansen to Interview Sen. Bob Menendez

Boy, don't we all wish we could read that headline...

While the mainstream press won't touch the story, The Daily Caller has added more details.
Unfortunately, the veracity of the claim won't be enough to raise an eyebrow... c'mon, it's New Jersey!
But the story has gained enough interest that Geraldo Rivera considers running for Senate. I guess all the lurid tales of yachts, money and women brings 'em in like moths to a high beam. 
Rock Stars probably say: "man, he parties like a US Senator!".

But America, like Rome before it, has become numb to the antics of their elected aristocracy. The desensitization is promoted by the folks on the left and their cheerleaders in the media.
Whenever a Republican was caught doing something less than worthy of "family values" the media jumped on it.

As Tom pointed out in "Fat Chance", Democrats use their own depravity and lack of morals almost as a crutch or ultimately as an expected condition.
If you express the slightest outrage about a public official taking gifts, or acting on their perversions, our intelligentsia degli sinistra demand that we accept it as long as the political task is being accomplished, or that the facts regarding the lewd accusations are unclear. 

But what does a US Senator do that fulfills the office? It's unknown, but some baboon on TV will tell us that Menendez has served admirably. The liberals will point to the victim-value-index and anoint Menendez as the leader of all Spanish speaking Americans be they current or kinetic. He may have done something that would be worth pointing to as evidence of his Senatorial fulfillment, but as of yet, I am unaware of it, nor should I ask his defenders as I would be derided as less than intelligent. I'm sure they would place emphasis on his last name as if that alone conjures up an accomplished mission towards defending the rights of kinetic Americans. Honestly - I haven't the foggiest.

Back to dreaming:
It would be "must see TV" to have Chris Hansen unexpectedly show up and ask NJ's version of Senator Geary to "take a seat over there..."

Unfortunately for NJ, at the end of the interview when Hansen says "you are free to leave", there will be no cops or special crimes unit to intercept Senator Pervert.

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