Wednesday, February 27, 2013

- The Courts Defend Gun Owners Too

In the dead of night, Andy Cuomo, Mike Bloomberg and a bunch of the guys they bought in Albany rushed through a bunch of new gun laws that were of ... debatable legality, that were designed not to prevent violence, but to disarm their political opposition. It was all rushed through before anyone could do anything about it. Now the NY State Supreme Court is asking why:

State Supreme Court wants NYS to show good cause that gun law is constitutional.

The laws impose an effective ban on almost all full sized semi automatic handguns, the most common weapon in the country used for self defense. These are not some special 'assault' style super scary guns. They are not "fully automatic" guns capable of spraying a crowd of minority children with hot lead. The bullets don't explode, they don't shoot down airplanes, they don't do any of the things that the liberals have told you they need to save you from. They are plain old ordinary handguns, just like the ones that roughly 100 million Americans own.

I'm not a lawyer, but by my read of Heller that makes it unconstitutional. Hopefully that's the way it plays out. I also personally hope that the most arrogant man in America (Bloomberg) and arguably the biggest jerk in America (Cuomo) both get taught a lesson in humility, but I won't be holding my breath.


chess said...

I see Moe,Larry and a third idiot...Constitutional? As if they care

Anonymous said...

I still think (for the naive liberals, who think they are pushing something "good," though I also think the same can be said of the progressive politicians who want to disarm political opponents) that a lot of "gun control" proponents have no idea what "semi-automatic" means whe it comes to fireamrs. They know "automatic" equals "bad," therefore, they reason (without bothering to investigate) that "semi-automatic" means "somewhat bad." I suspect they think those burst shot things (I am only slightly less ignorant than thay are, but I believe in the 2nd Amendment) are "semi" automatic.

Anonymous said...

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