Friday, February 1, 2013

- Fat Chance

The WeeklyStandard is entertaining the fantasy that Robert Menendez , the hispanic Mini-me to Frank Lautenber's Dr. Evil in the Senate, will not only be forced from office by this hooker scandal, but may end up in prison. When I saw it, I had to laugh.

This is New Jersey. Land of the governor who excused his bribery scandal by claiming to be a gay American. Land of Jon (put it all on Red) Corzine. The list of minor players with un-prosecuted legal trouble and scandal is too long to list. Nobody as dug in with the Democrat political machine as Robert Menendez is going to jail for sleeping with a couple of 16 year old prostitutes.

This isn't to say I'm not horrified by it or that I think it should be passed off as nothing. I just understand that the concept of equality under the law has long since gone the way of the dodo in NJ, and there are limits on what our legal system is willing to take on. Menendez, for all his weasely manner, is a serious power player in NJ politics. And that means he's effectively above the law.

The "dead girl or live boy" standard doesn't even apply here anymore. When the FBI was ready to call out the swat team to surround the governor's mansion, Jim McGreevey pulled a naked gay Israeli model out from under his bed and declared himself gay to distract things. Jon Corzine stole hundreds of millions of investor capital more brazenly than Bernie Madoff ever imagined doing, and never even got investigated. What's a 16 year old Dominican girl compared to that?

If he even has to leave office, folks in NJ will consider it a win. This is the 'East Germany" of the United States. We aren't ruled by the consent of the governed. Why they even still bother with elections is kind of a mystery to me.


ikaika said...

This story has been getting a lot of coverage in South Florida. You have a "used-to-be" conservative latin community here. They enjoy good sport and drama.
I've been listening to the spanish talk-radio stations to see if they have the Cajones to discuss Menendez since the centert right hispano-merican commentators are already aghast at the lack of main-stream coverage.
One spanish station had mentioned it and even played the recording of the Daily Caller reporter getting shafted by Menendez and staffer.

One thing about the US Senate, I don't expect many to willingly push their own under the bus.
Rubio will probably make a statement alluding to this, but the Doctor at the center of the scandal is a huge Democrat donor (read Clinton Donor).

If it continues to get traction on Spanish talk radio, it will soon hit the spanish tabloids - once that happens, it's over Bobby.

Tom said...

Define "Over". At worst he's pushed out to a lobbyist's job. He'll never see the inside of a jail cell. A democrat elected office on your CV is literally a license to steal in NJ. At that point you are effectively above the law.

frithguild said...

I campaigned door to door once. The focus of my campaign was that the former mayor was awaiting sentencing for bribery and extortion and his fellow office holders were running for re-election.

I was absolutely dumbfounded the first time I got the reaction, "So? Isn't that what they all do?"

The first one that gave me that response had moved within the past 5 years from Hudson County - Menendez country.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Supposedly the tabloid press in the D.R. has been covering Menendez's escapades for years. The MSM conveniently never picked up on it.

Frankly, I really don't care if he uses prostitutes (that are adults). I am partial to how Nevada handles the world's oldest profession.

I am more interested in who was/is paying for these trips and what they got from Menendez in return.

ikaika said...

Human trafficking and exploitation are the core issues to the latin community. they are usually wrapped-up in the panacea of citizenship.
The issue is so toxic here that the Leftists from latin america won't even run interference.
The Leftists will however wait for Menendez to descend further into media scrutiny.
The fact that Spanish Am stations are even mentioning it is a bad sign for Menendez.
You are probably right though - he, like Corzine and every corrupt NJ Dem before him will probably develop an illness that will force him to retire, or that the evidence seized in the FBI raid will mysteriously be destroyed.

There is something undeniable and eternally damning about the charge of being a pederast. It's not like a run of the mill corruption scandal. It's dirty and lower than filth.
It's patently unforgiveable. Ask any Criminal defense attorney, they'd rather defend a mass murderer than a pederast.

Tom said...

I don't think trafficking comes into play here. He was in the Dominican public, and the girls involved were local.

I don't mean to nitpick or to be viewed as trying to excuse his activity. But I just don't think it will be seen as such a huge deal - not by the voters and not by the media. Apart from the 'excuse all Democrats' thing, Latin America has a long history of forgiving sins of the flesh. Even when it's a 16 year old is involved. If there is any uproar in Florida's Latin community, it's probably just politics couched in false outrage. The kind of thing you object to, because you know your wife is listening. If they were really upset about it, it would be harder to hire a 16 year old hooker in the Dominican Republic.

As for NJ, no one will care. In NJ (as you well know) rules are only for the peasants.

ikaika said...

If they were really upset about it, it would be harder to hire a 16 year old hooker in the Dominican Republic.
People are upset about it in the USA, but it doesn't mean it will go away.
My sister is a big part of the child welfare community - and she's liberal kook, but even she and her colleagues finds the behavior of menedez reprehensible and unforgiveable.
Its pretty ugly stuff and entirely indefensible.
Client 9 was governor of NY.
Menendez didn't go to a madam or have a "paid affair" with someone of atleast legal age...
He went on more than one trip for the purpose of boffing teenage girls, because he believed he could get away with it as long as it was third world.
He is now the sex-tourist, pederast senator.
a Pox on his house.

ikaika said...

Oh Tom,
You may want to "update" this post with this blast from the past.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO.. and Mendez signed all those bills. I used to check out all the chavas when I worked in Washington Heights and they are smoke'n!