Tuesday, February 5, 2013

-How to Saw a Liberal in Half

Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large of Breitbart.com uses a few "debunking magic" analogies and other "how to" in deconstructing and defeating the liberal non-argument.


Tom said...

Very persuasive. This should get a lot of air time.

Smart kid.

Tom said...

Do my eyes deceive me or is he wearing a yarmulke? If so, then I think that would mean he's an orthodox Jew. (A group whose political leaning within the Jewish community are far to the right.)

I like him better already.

ikaika said...

the Q&A at the end is also worth a listen.
I was going to link the Piers Morgan video, but that idiot doesn't need the free advertisement

ikaika said...

his analysis of why Romney Lost is spot on.