Tuesday, February 19, 2013

- How the West Gave Up : Colorado 2013

We're getting a lot of reactionary news and legislation percolating from the halls of the Colorado Legislature.

Ultimately, the Colorado Legislature requires their citizens to just give up. Colorado House approves new gun-control measures despite strong resistance

Limits on the size of ammunition magazines and universal background checks passed the Colorado House on Monday, during a second day of emotional debates that has drawn attention from the White House as lawmakers try to address recent mass shootings.The bills were among four that the Democratic-controlled House passed amid strong resistance from Republicans, who were joined by a few Democrats to make some of the votes close.The proposed ammunition restrictions limit magazines to 15 rounds for firearms, and eight for shotguns. Three Democrats joined all Republicans voting no on the bill, but the proposal passed 34-31.

The House also approved a bill requiring background checks on all gun purchases, including those between private sellers and firearms bought online.

Other proposals would ban concealed firearms at colleges and stadiums, and another requires that gun purchasers pay for their own background checks. Democrats eked out the closest vote on the background check measure, which passed on a 33-32 vote.

Democratic Rep. Ed Vigil, who represents rural southern Colorado, voted against the four bills, saying his decision was rooted in the state's rugged history.

"This is part of our heritage. This is part of what it took to settle this land. I cannot turn my back on that," he said.

Bravo Ed Vigil (Appropriately named!)

But wait, there's more:

Democratic lawmaker apologizes for suggesting women afraid of rape can’t be trusted with guns

Salazar, arguing in favor of disarming college students, 

said Friday on the Colorado House floor that women fearing rape may

suddenly and haphazardly ”pop a round at somebody.”

“It’s why we have call boxes; it’s why we have safe zones; it’s why we have the whistles — because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop a round at somebody,” Salazar said.

Despite Salazar’s support for giving women “the whistles,” his comment that women are more likely to shoot and kill people because they fear being raped has already sparked controversy in his home state.

Republican state Rep. Polly Lawrence, for example, responded with umbrage to Salazar’s assertion “that women don’t know when we’re going to be raped, that [women] can’t recognize when there’s an inherent danger.”

Really, you can't make this stuff up. But I'm sure there are plenty of sheep out there that think Salazar is a genius.

Finally -  the soiled white underwear of surrender: Colorado College Advises Vomiting Or Urinating To Stop Rapists After Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Bills

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Department of Public Safety has updated an online statement advising female students to consider a variety of unusual actions if they are attacked, including vomiting, urinating and claiming that they are menstruating.

"Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating," and "Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone."

... and people say the NRA has extreme ideas!

In one sentence they tell you that you are protected by plastic whistles and call boxes. In the next sentence they go Tex Antoine on you. It seems that the liberal remedy to all of life's ills is to just give up. I wish they'd give up their hair-brained attempt at destroying the Constitution.

We'll round it out with the blithering idiocy of David Frum

So many gun accidents occur because guns almost never indicate whether a bullet is present in the chamber. A gun owner might remove the gun’s magazine and believe the gun unloaded, when in fact it still contains one potentially deadly shot. Why not require guns to be equipped with indicator lights?

Is this guy for real? Indicator lights? Hey Dave, the first rule of Gun Safety: Treat all Guns as if they are loaded!

Why not require that guns be designed so that they will not fire if dropped?

Yes folks - David Frum is a blithering idiot.

Tom, our gracious host, has stated time and again that the "gun conversation" is completely one-sided. We need to be the adults in the conversation because people like Frum steer the talks right into churlish doltsville!

I will close with another immature ass-hat (shame on you WSJ!) ... here is hysterical nonsense from self-avowed liberal Democrat and "gun-guy" Dan Baum:

Believe it or not, what's missing from the current shout-fest over guns and gun control is the voice of gun owners.

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but the NRA doesn't speak for the country's 100 million gun owners. If it did, it wouldn't have just four million members. Some "gun guys" (as I like to call them) probably support the NRA without joining, but if only 4% are signing up, it's safe to say a large majority of them want nothing to do with the NRA's angry extremism.

Who are these people? Screaming its head off? Sorry but even Wayne LaPierre has been remarkably composed and accommodating in tone when confronted by both the Kooks (Code Pink) and the Fake Gun Guys. Dan Baum should have quit writing this fiction after the first sentence. Again - Shame on You WSJ!

This drone has done nothing but repeat the specious talking points of the people that want to take away our rights! Take a deep breath Danny Boy, the only shrill screeching I've heard has come from the children's table, where you will have to reside for now. What upsets me most: I was sipping a delicious Bombay w/ Orange peel on the rocks with a lovely Cortez Cigar when I decided to read this dreck. Thank God for iBooks (and Derbtown for that matter).


Everyone's favorite uncle can't seem to get enough (or give enough) Gun talk.

This is a guy that has round the clock security, sharpshooters, security guards etc...

He's probably had either private (yeah, right!) or Tax Payer Funded security ever since he first ran for President.

So Crazy Joe Biden hefting that thar Double Barrel Shotgun out the window doesn't seem like it has ever happened (maybe he plagerized an episode of Beverly Hillbillies?)...

It's his stock answer - "Get a Shotgun!" ... and then Joe says you just blindly and stupidly set-off both barrels and that'll scare the perps away!

Yeah - He's off his rocker.

Warning: the guy asking Crazy Joe the questions has a voice that would probably be more effective than two shotgun blasts.



Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

and yet the Batman Movie shooter deliberately went out of his way to target a theater that disallowed concealed carry...

So the Dems in Colorado answer is to a psychotic killer is make it even harder for people to defend themselves.


Tom said...

It's all literally a 'power grab'. They know none of this will help stop violence. The damned Obama justice department even says so. they're doing it because they know that it will incrementally disarm their political opponents.

That's the only reason. Like everything else with them, it's all about political power.

ikaika said...

The Biden video was courtosy of the Liberal Talking Points Memo.
Uncle Joe goes out of his way to give more than enough bad and dangerous advice.

The liberals consider Joe: Common Sense.

Anonymous said...

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