Thursday, February 28, 2013

- A "Kangaroo Court" He Says

Over at Ammoland, Joe Alessandrini has been following the debate about NJ's new gun restrictions closely, and has a quote from the good governor from his weekly radio address:

“Are there things that you like being talked about now? Things that we can do, things that we can’t do or do you agree with some members of the Republican caucus that this is a knee-jerk reaction and not well thought out?” Scott asked of Christie.

Christie responded, “…I’m not going to comment on legislation that is pending until it gets to my desk and I make a decision. But, I do find it fascinating, of course, that they can move 22 bills through in one day, yet they can’t pass the user fee cap, they can’t pass zero means zero on sick leave abuse, they can’t pass a shared services agreement, down in the assembly, they can’t pass a tax cut for the people of New Jersey, but man let me tell you something when they think they did something that can play to their political advantage they can move like Grease Lightening. And that’s why people are so cynical about government, Eric, this is why, this kind of stuff. Now, I am not gonna go at this in a way that’s not that’s not thoughtful, I’m sorry. I have my NJ SAFE task force out there holding public hearings, meeting with experts, they are going to come back to me with some recommendations. I know that the State Attorney General’s office has a lot of opinions on this as well. Attorney General Chiesa is working with folks in the legislature to give his view and the view of his law enforcement professionals on what the best way to approach this is. I am not going to comment on the merit of any of the particular bills the assembly passed. But I will say that I find the process to have been like a laughable kangaroo court.”

If you read his piece Joe seems to think that this means Christie is leaning against the bills.

Now there is no doubt about it, Joe is one of the good guys, so I don't want to make this sound too critical. But I think if we trust Christie on this issue we're nuts. Christie is a liberal Republican. Don't believe for a minute that he has embraced a small government outlook and individual rights just because he's lucid enough to know that Unicorns aren't real. NJ is an anti-gun state, and Christie is anti-gun. He'll run for president as a Democrat before he grants NJ citizens their full right of self defense.

That's my bet.


ikaika said...

He's also a politician that understands "the third rail" of politics didn't go away, it got a littler hotter.

I'll take your bet. I won't bet against the liberal part, but I'll bet on Christie shying from the rail.

Tom said...

Easy to say from down there in the 'free' part of America.

Kind of like pointing and laughing over the top of the Berlin wall.

ikaika said...

"Ha-Ha" Nelson Munz