Thursday, February 28, 2013

- Mad Max: 170 Million Jobs Lost!!!

This woman is too stupid to be in Congress. I know, I's Congress, what should you expect. But she's even too stupid for that. What a shamelessly pandering useless corrupt hack she is. She makes me ashamed to have the same passport she does.

Honestly, how can you not be offended by this woman?


ikaika said...

We should have a giant monument, similar to Mt Rushmore, withe the bas relief likenesses of Really Dumb, but multi-termed US politicians.

Most if not all of them will be democrats because when republicans say stupid things they either resign or get removed.

We could carve this 'relief' into the Arthur Kill Landfill.
It will be seen from space as the footprint of the decline of the US.

Don't worry, Rachel Maddow or some other dope on MSLSD will consider this misstatement a brilliant or savant look into the potential future of the USA.

chess said...

If dems win in 2014 she will be the chairwoman of the finance comm. Even Rostenkowski is rolling in his grave.. My new toast has now become PATHETIC.... I know toast is a certainty but to have to get there this way is inhumane..