Wednesday, February 20, 2013

- A Quick Word On Biden's Self Defense Advice

Joe is a dimwit, this is no secret. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you are going to defend your home from criminals a semi-automatic, or pump action shotgun with a short barrel is probably a top ranked choice.

But he's wrong about what he mistakenly refers to as 'assault weapons'. The AR15 is a weapon specifically designed for the common man. That's what all military weapons are. It's small fast projectile is designed for minimum recoil, and is therefore more likely to be shot well - even by the relatively inexperienced. It's pistol grip (one of the features which makes it evil) is a boon to target acquisition and stable shooting. I doubt we'll ever see a new production rifle design who doesn't have one - ever again.

Liberals know that this effort of theirs in NY, Illinois, Colorado, and NJ won't reduce violence at all. It's not designed to reduce violence at all. It's designed to incrementally disarm their political opponents. They know that law abiding gun owners are not liberals, and they want to do what they can to strip them of what political power they have left. The gun is a political implement. It's a tool of force - of power. It's legal possession empowers the bearer. And the left knows that if they incrementally eat away at the citizens right to arm themselves, they are overwhelmingly punishing their political opponents.

Their supporters, the inner city criminals and their client constituencies, will all simply break the law and posses guns if they need them. And in return the liberals won't prosecute gun crimes.

But stripping honest citizens of their right to keep and bear is critical to them, because those honest citizens are all conservatives. It's all about politics 100%. That's why they're doing this. That's why they rush it in, in the dead of night and why the press is so complicit in letting them do it.

I's all about political power - same as everything else with liberals.


ikaika said...

I have to disagree with crzy joe.
The last thing you want to do is unload two blasts of Buck or bird at an unidentified target.
This is how accidednts happen and for the liberals to even consider this as "common sense" solution proves to me they are too dangerous to be in charge of anything.

Tom said...

Not just that, he's also recommending that you empty your only means of self defense "two blasts from a double barrel shotgun".

So I hope Mrs. Biden is good at reloading.

ikaika said...

Mrs Biden doesn't have to be good at anyything. They have a 24 hour security detail.
This further illustrates teh disconnect between the liberal aristocracy and those they wish to control.
Americans should take notice.