Thursday, February 28, 2013

- Time To Kick It Up A Notch

Given the readership of this blog, I'm sure you all know how public pensions are being pressured by their blue state masters to divest themselves of firearm manufacturers. With the way firearms sales have been going, they are only hurting themselves.

And I mentioned a few weeks ago that the firearms industry has begun shooting back. A number of companies have joined the Firearms equality movement, where they are refusing business from states and municipalities in states that are infringing upon the rights of it's citizens. Liberals will complain about this terminology because any law they like is automatically considered a good law, but there are no liberal involved so they can go hang. These companies all agree that there is infringement going on. So they are refusing sales to states and all town in CA, NJ, MA, IL, and most of all NY.

This is mostly smaller tactical and special purpose firearm builders so far. But I think it's time for us to take it one step further. I think it's time for us, the gun purchasing community, to call on the big gun manufacturers to join the movement. The big Ones are Glock, Sig Sauer, Ruger, and Smith and Wesson. And I think we should all commit to only purchasing products from the companies on this list that have made it clear that they support the constitutional rights of their customers.

At this point I would write a whole bunch of stuff explaining why a boycott would work to get them on board, but thanks to another belligerent blogger I don't have to. Sean Sorrentino at the NCGunBlog has very fluently done it all for me, and has also fielded many of the questions planted by liberal trolls who are trying to undermine the movement. Sean makes it kind of personal against Mike Bloomberg. I've met Bloomberg, so that seems perfectly OK with me.

The liberals in government are trying to use their power as investors to pressure companies into not doing something that is legal but that the liberals don't like. I think it's only reasonable that the grass roots side of this debate use it's power as consumers to not support companies that don't support us. Let's see who packs more weight.


Ikaika said...

Magpul threatened Colorado tat they will relocate to another state if this bs continues.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. Barrett's refusal to deal with CA some time ago had an almost debilitating effect on CA agencies and their officers' collective ego. I was there for that one and saw it first hand.
A problem for Sig, Glock and esp. H&K is that those manufacturers are, in my opinion, "Statists" and their fortunes depend on state contracts.
I will not give my money to H&K and H&K doesn't give a damn, they are nothing more than an extension of the German industrial complex. I was talking to some H&K reps at SHOT show a few years ago, as an industry rep myself, and they were pretty dismissive of none-gvernmental contract bids. My opinion.
Sig and Glock have done a much better job of staying in tune with private sales and the concerns of the private gun buyer. Sig, I'm sure, is probably the single largest sidearm supplier to USG civilian agencies and increasingly military units i.e. USAF, USN, but have remained friendly to 2A issues.
Glock would be, by my guestimate, the largest supplier of firearms to local and state agencies in the US. Can't see either of these manufactures giving up that caveat so this initiative is probably not going anywhere.
Smaller specialized companies (and often privately owned) have a lot of sway in this area but are also highly dependent on agency contracts for survival. The best bet would be for USG suppliers with enormous military contracts and citizen virtue (Trijicon comes to mind) to initiate state boycotts. GG&G, LWRC, Eotech and Knight's Armament are all good candidates.
As was discussed here a few weeks ago, the cops and investigators who would be tasked with enforcing any such ban have it within their power to defy orders which are unconstitutional and/or inherently detrimental to civil rights.
I have every confidence that the legislators and politicians who support further firearm restrictions and controls, being "liberals", are cowards, to a man and woman. But are our LEO's, subservient to these political elites, brave enough to put their feet down and say, Enough. Probably not in New Jersey but in many other jurisdictions, the answer is likely a resounding, "Yes". Especially rural SO's.

Tom said...

Go read Sean's post. Your numbers are dead wrong. There are only about 1 million law enforcement officials out there, so the contracts from law enforcement represent only a tiny portion of those firms' total business.

The private market is where they make money.

What those big manufacturers need to realize is that liberals have already declared war on them. The public pension divestiture orders are profoundly stupid, but liberals think it's an attempt to stab them in the heart.

The big manufacturers need to realize that the best they can hope for from liberals is to be the last company eaten by the crocodile. There will be no 'special case' for them.

They believe they can avoid getting "mixed up in the political debate" but they're wrong. they're in the political debate whether they like it or not.

At this point the only option is for them to win or lose. And signing on with law enforcement in 'infringement' states is a losing tactic.

ikaika said...

HK has a sliver of the US LE Demand, let alone civillian demand.

I would suggest Beretta has more LE and Govt contracts than HK as well as a far broader reach into the civillian & sporting market.

The componant co's like Magpul Trijicon, LMT etc... also have a huge impact. I applaud Magpul's threat to leave Colorado.

Smith & Wesson has developed increased business among LE and Govt although they did get in trouble a few years back when it was believed that they bribed armed forces or Military procurers in order to receive favorable selection.

The fact that the M&P 15 has recently been adopted as a LE platform owes credit to the millions of M&P 15's previously sold to civillians as a low cost entry level platform.

I am unaware of Ruger having some if any LE aor Govt contracts, but they make the firearms that would fit the bill.