Saturday, February 23, 2013

- You Can't Rely On Teachers

There is a problem with this idea of giving teachers electronic panic buttons.

According to liberal logic, you can't have a panic button, without something justifying a panic.

Public school teachers are , for the most part, people who are too irresponsible, stupid, or self aggrandizing to get by in the private sector. They are "useless know it alls" who mostly enjoy the idea of being in an environment where people have no choice but to treat them with deference, even if they probably don't deserve it. The only person in the last 20 years who intentionally and stubbornly continued to condescend to me after it was obvious to everyone in the room that I knew more about the topic than she did, was a public school teacher.

Those people can't do, so instead they teach.

Give them a bunch of panic buttons, and everything to them will seem like a panic. Child raises his voice? Panic. Child refuses to return to their seat with the proper speed or alacrity? Panic. Child adamantly disagrees with the political position of the teacher? Panic. Over time the Marietta Ga. police department will learn not to take the teacher 'panic's so seriously, because the teachers themselves aren't serious.

So instead they'll come up with a bunch of zero tolerance rules that even public school teachers can understand. They will spell out with meticulous precision which circumstances justify a panic and which don't. And the value added of the whole 'panic button' concept will be reduced to zero. Might as well just tell them to carry a cell phone.

The fact is, even with gun free school zone laws ensuring the defenselessness of our children and education employees, school shootings happen very rarely. Far too rarely to justify a 'panic button' system. but the good citizens of Marietta will no doubt figure that out.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You must have had some horrific teachers. Most of them that I know are kind-hearted women who love children and are dedicated to doing the best job they can. While they may not be specialists in any one particular area, most were born with a unique talent to get children to actually enjoy learning. I've yet to meet anyone else who could spend an entire day in a room with twenty-five ten year olds and not come out a total basket case, much less get anything accomplished. By the way, have you got any evidence later than 1994?

Tom said...

Evidence? Evidence of what? My opinion? Opinions aren't supported by evidence. Some of them are supported by facts, and I was actually referring to one of my Child's teachers in the example above. That specific incident was in 2008.

If anything I would say that the quality of teachers has dropped pretty dramatically since 1994. They are more pudding headed now, with fewer requirements to actually educate and more emphasis on multi-culti diversity nonsense and making sure everyone self image is protected.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - when you included the copy of the letter I thought it was to help prove your point, errr, opinion.

As you probably realize, the quality of everything has dropped pretty dramatically since 1994. That's the problem with central control (No Child Left Behind, NJ State Department of Education "standards") - the more local the control of anything, the more efficient and productive people and their institutions become.

Tom said...

Oh you mean the picture. That doesn't really have anything to do with the post. (I didn't even realize it included the date 1994)

I've gotten in the habit of including a graphic item of some kind that illustrates the point of the post in some mildly entertaining or humorous way. That's the goal anyway.

Some efforts are more successful than others, but it doesn't usually have anything directly to do with the post.

ikaika said...

Maybe we should give the students mace and tazers:
This is the product of Glorious NJ Liberalism in Education