Monday, March 11, 2013

- The "Gun Guys"


Tom said...

There are lot sof things we can do to enhance all our safety. But to do any of them, we have to have an interest in actually making people safer instead of forcibly disarming our political opponents because of some sophomoric delusion about class struggle, and 80's campus radicalism.

ikaika said...

Screw Dan Baum. He's a duplicitous ahole trying to sell a fiction.
He should title the book "Why I want more people to blame the NRA".

Tom said...

Is he? I haven't read the book but he didn't say anything in the interview that didn't strike true with me.

ikaika said...

I linked this article in the RFNJ article I wrote.
Read :

Tom said...

Knee jerk notwithstanding, I don't really know if this is a guy like us trying to sound good to the liberal media or a guy who really thinks we need to bend our knee. I think there is support for both cases.

On Fox News he said that Democrats and their institutionalized fear of guns is the problem. I wont' vote for him based on that, but I think he's worth listening a little more to.

ikaika said...

He's not running for office, but he is trying to capitalize on the moment.
It's a prime example of why liberals will never be able to sit at the grown up table.
In the WSJ Article, He leas with The Shrieking NRA...?
And he mentions how most real "gun guys" are not NRA members...
He tailored his message for FOX for Generic Democrat mention rather than ID'ing the Brady group or code pinko.

He is what he is: A liberal

Matt H said...

You can never really trust a Democrat on guns. They'll never really get it. One of my shooting buddies is a flaming liberal. He likes using and owning guns. He even got a concealed handgun permit. But he never bought himself a decent holster and at home he keeps ALL his guns unloaded and in the locks they came with. Now, I don't object to keeping most of one's guns in such a state, but ONE should be either worn loaded as a sidearm or kept in a quick-release GunVault style strong box.

I wrote my Democrat senator, Mark Warner, who at last check had an "A" rating with the NRA, to urge him to vote against AWB, mag caps, and universal registration. When he wrote back, he mentioned his support of hunting. Now, I have no problem with hunters. I might even like to give hunting a try sometime, but it has almost nothing to do with the 2A as far as I'm concerned. When a politician mentions it in a 2A context, I immediately see it as pandering.

The bottom line is, liberals do not believe in consensual government, granted enumerated powers by we the people. They believe that we belong to the state, and it's the state's prerogative to say how much of our wages we may take home, and what property we may keep.

That said, I believe it's useful for us to read and discuss people like Dan Baum, Sam Harris, and Megan McArdle. They speak the language of the fence-sitters. I have a feeling the NRA could be more effective if it modified its style while compromising nothing of substance.