Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gunning for the Budget

I posted a comment a few days ago here that I thought Obama administration really overplayed its hand regarding sequester. I also wrote that Republicans should propose deep cuts as the continuing resolution comes to the fore and call Obama the boy that called wolf. The right setup for success in the debate was to  frame the argument as budget cuts and strong economic news coming at the same time showed we were on the right track as a country. I knew that would never happen.

Instead, on a dime, the focus of the national debate turned to the an old reliable debate.  The focus of the news yesterday, picked up here, was that Ryan was going soft on Second Amendment. Today, the conservative base is dispirited. To appeal to the low information mushy middle, yesterday there suddenly appears an avowed liberal who says, “We can regulate better.” Suddenly, the left can claim they are intelligent and nuanced in their approach, unlike the fearful intransigent right.

Why did the news come shaped this way? Paul Ryan published his proposed budget this morning to a dispirited base and a mushy middle that sees the right as fearful and intransigent. They, whoever they may be, have framed the debate.  The debate is not, as we should have worked to make it, whether the markets are telling us that budget cuts are good for the economy. There are no coincidences.


Tom said...

"Dispirited" is certainly no lie. For myself I'm still coming to terms with my role as a "future criminal".

But in this case I think there is a coincidence. The right wing sights talking about Ryan going soft are not exactly the mainstream media. Ryan made his statement for the first time a few weeks ago where it bubbled up to the print media and died.

He's a hunter and firearm owner, so the case for being dispirited I think is valid.

Scuse me. Gotta go get back to my "CAD" software tutorial.

frithguild said...

In politics, sometimes you put out a pile of dog poop, knowing that your opponent will likely step in it. The fun is watching just how it happens.