Wednesday, March 13, 2013

- He's No Barak Obama

Someone should let Leroy Duncan of North Minneapolis know that he's no Barry Obama. The empty platitudes he spouts are as just as empty and illogical, but only someone as practiced as Obama can actually pull that off:

"This bill mistakenly misplaces the issue of gun violence on our communities, while failing to even attempt ... to create safer communities in our state,"

The bill in question imposes mandatory minimum sentences for those in possession of a gun that they are not allowed to own. Leroy's response:

"instead of making more people criminals Minnesota should close the loophole on background checks. "

A change to the law on background checks would make something legal into something illegal, creating more criminals while imposing minimum sentences will make criminals with guns into 'convicts'. Leroy's idea of how to handle this isn't just 180 degrees wrong, it's 180 degrees contrary to what he says we should do.

Maybe Barry can get away with this kind of nonsense, but Leroy certainly can't.

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ikaika said...

Typical Libs: enforcing existing laws is never the answer they seek.
Force strictures on law abiding citizens and allow criminals to get a pass.