Monday, March 4, 2013

- I'm Glad to See the MSM Has been Diligent Covering Menendez...

That was sarcasm.
Menendez basically called a preponderance of circumstantial evidence nothing more than racism, and the diligent mainstream media got "the all clear" to drop the story.
But instead of underage prostitutes and $50k trips to the DR, we are seeing more "nothing to see here" appear in smaller or less than Mainstream news outlets.
Menendez' bill could have aided donor's investment
... ya don't say?!?!
Sen. Robert Menendez sponsored legislation with incentives for natural gas vehicle conversions that would benefit the biggest political donor to his re-election, the same eye doctor whose private jet Menendez used for two personal trips to the Dominican Republic, an Associated Press investigation found.
While the bill was under consideration between 2009 and 2011, the former consultant for GFS spent $220,000 lobbying Menendez's staff and other congressional and federal officials on the act's provisions as well as other regulatory issues, according to interviews and Senate records.
There is no evidence that Menendez offered direct help or intervened on behalf of the company or Melgen. Instead, the connection between the two men's interests in natural gas is the latest example of the close symmetry between the senator - who recently rose to become chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - and his millionaire backer. It illustrates the way Menendez's political clout has at times overlapped with Melgen's financial investments.
...Move along now, nothing to see here but "symmetry".


A Dominican lawyer on Monday released an affidavit from a 23-year-old woman saying she fabricated a story about Menendez paying her for sex.
"I've always said that these are false, they're smears," Menendez, D-N.J., told reporters at the Capitol, referring to published reports that he paid prostitutes for sex in the Dominican Republic. "And, so, I look forward to seeing whatever the Dominican courts have that prove what I've said all along."
Vincio Castillo Seman, a Dominican lawyer, told reporters at a news conference Monday in the Dominican Republic that a woman identified as Nexis de los Santos now claims both that she "never went to bed with" Menendez and never actually met him.
Castillo, the son of a Dominican presidential adviser and the brother of a member of the country's Congress, has been entwined in the scandal himself, accused of hosting outings on his yacht in which Menendez used the services of prostitutes.

What happens in DR, stays in DR.
But none of this should detract from investigating whether there was graft or influence peddling going on. It shouldn't but Menedez is not a Republican, therefore case closed... and what will the press dig-up on Rand Paul?

The year of the serpent indeed...


Statement from The Daily Caller:
The Washington Post falsely reported a story yesterday claiming our source had recanted her statement, without contacting The Daily Caller for comment before posting. In reality, the prostitute in the Post’s story does not appear to be one of the women we interviewed in 2012. Details provided by the prostitute identified as Ms. Santana in the Post story conflict with the taped interviews The Daily Caller posted on November 1, including the mention of a person whose name would not come to light for months afterward. In addition, Melanio Figueroa, the attorney for TheDC’s sources, has said the Post’s allegations are fabricated and that the affidavit is false. The Post would not provide TheDC with a copy of the affidavit, despite our request. We stand by our reporting.


Tom said...

Its amazing isn't it? As soon as someone found a hooker who said she didn't sleep with Menendez NBC managed to find that part of the story, but missed the part about corruption, and all the other allegations.

This is one of those things I hate being right about, and for a few minutes there it seemed like they might have been pushing him out. but I guess there is no activity so shameful and disgusting that it's too much for the NJ Democrat party.

I'd say its Jim McGreevey's fault, but the truth is that he's really just a symptom too.

ikaika said...

It's not so much the NJ Democrats as it is the National Dems. Corzine was almost too much for them and they dodged that bullet.