Wednesday, March 13, 2013

- "Just For The Sake Of Balance"

As we know, nothing causes an economy to grown like more taxes. It's even more helpful when you collect those taxes from the most productive portions of society and give the money to people who do absolutely nothing to contribute to economic growth.

Look, if you're a Democrat because you want free dope, a free cell phone or someone else to pay your bills for you, I don't have any argument for you. If you voted for Obama because you've always voted Democrat, or because your gay and would hate yourself to vote Republican, or if you voted for him explicitly because he's black, I don't have an argument for you.

But if you believe his infantile economic view then you are not just economically illiterate, you are dangerously deranged. Even he doesn't believe this nonsense. It's OBVIOUS that he's lying to all of us and has no idea how to grow the economy. I would even argue that based on his policies he doesn't really want to. All he wants is power. The same as every other politician. The same as all the Republicans that you hate for it.

And because you people vote for him for such silly and shallow reasons, he's able to do all sorts of things to this country that will turn out to be deeply destructive in the long run. When we hit rock bottom (and that day is out there somewhere) he will be remembered as our favorite dealer or bartender. He gave us tons of the things we said we wanted that all things considered, we definitely shouldn't have had.


Anonymous said...
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ikaika said...

Why is Henry Blodgeett relevant?

chess said...

Toast.. I tried pathetic but that is what is taking us to the end. The end still has to be TOAST.
4 years of this crap on our plate and the Drudge says a dream tx of Hiliary and Michelle.??? Hiliary wouldnt piss on her to put Michelle out if she was on fire..
A week or so ago we had 4 space rocks pass by and say "hi". We might as ell get a big one and strt over.
Tom in the past week I have had to open you up to the gnome. BHO,and Harry...It makes me want to play Russiqn Roulette with a 15 round clip.