Wednesday, March 13, 2013

- Nothing More Pathetic Than a Celebrity Expediting their Own Irrelevance

Welcome to the Quicksand of your own Obsolescence, Mr. Moore.
You poured the components of the trap and now you are wallowing away in a feeble attempt to attract the attention that you once trademarked.
It's even sadder when only (what you would consider) "right-wing" sites are covering your own special spin on tragedy.
Your movies (your legacy) are only shown on Current which is now owned by Al Jazeera.
Sure, your pals at HBO will show "Canadian Bacon" once a month to try to illustrate that you had a slight sense of humor.
One day maybe you'll be invited on one of those "I Used To Be A Celebrity" TV Shows.
Good luck on your new career, whatever that may be...


chess said...

Well said Ikaika...Hes the poster child for the decline of this country...I see him and wonder how his left main coronary artery hasnt clogged up.

ikaika said...

He keeps his glycerin pills in a pez dispenser.

Keith said...

If I got paid for administering anesthesia by the pound, I would have my daighters' college paid for. Americans want mommy care and zero responsibility. Moore is a fool.