Saturday, March 16, 2013

- Playing Dress Up And Pretend

OK this is probably unfair. (For you non-gun readers, his $500+ red dot scope is on backwards making it useless, and he obviously doesn't know it.) He's just one guy, not typical of all policemen. But the article does raise some more serious question.

I know I've made this argument before but this is pushing it to the extreme I think, so let me make a few other things clear. I think cops (for the most part) are right headed people and good guys. They are not Nobel laureates most of them, but that isn't really a job requirement. What this shows us is not that they are stupid. Anyone could make a mistake like this. What it shows us is that, like the rest of us, they too are limited.

Non-gun people learn about firearms from Bruce Willis movies. They imagine themselves diving from the car window as it careens off the embankment, while pointing their pistol and shooting the gun out of the hand of the guy 3/4 of a mile a way on the top of the bell tower. That's how they think it works, and is why they keep thinking that the scary looking guns are the most dangerous. It always works that way in the movies.

All this photo really tells us is, cops go to the movies too. They see themselves as the stoic bad-asses who defend the innocent from the predators of the world with little but their determination and their courage. They see themselves as part of seal team 6 in Zero Dark Thirty. But that's not really their job. Even if they train for it like this "Upstate Swat Team" (what the hell is that about... who needs a swat team in some sleepy upstate town?) They are still cops not soldiers. And there is a BIG difference between the two.

Actors play dress up and pretend for a living. In our culture they aren't the only ones. Personally I think it's an argument from bringing back the old Andy Griffith show on reruns, where Barney fife was allowed to carry a gun but he could only have 1 bullet, and he had to keep that in his pocket.

But I think the most accurate cop show in my lifetime wasn't The Wire, CSI (in my house we call that the 'dead hooker' show) or some other late night drama. It was Barney Miller. That was a mid-70's comedy about a bunch of NYC detectives who barely ever left their office. They spent most of their time eating donuts, complaining about paperwork, and pondering which coast of Florida they would retire to.

But what really galls me most about this photo is that according to the liberal views of east coast society, the guy in this photo is responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm, and I am not. This guy was obviously not trained at all, or at the very least, trained incorrectly. If the "upstate swat team" wants to correct that, I'll be happy to teach a class in AR15 basics for them, free of charge. That is assuming the state hasn't confiscated all my weapons by then. Since in their opinion, a mere 'citizen' is too irresponsible to own them.


chess said...

You nailed it. Stoic badasses!! Since 9/11 theyve been called heroes everyday of their lives and they now beleive it. You cant touch their pay package or benefits because theyra "heroes".
A few may be but to the rest its a job.My mom was a hero. Working her ass off and raising 2 boys alone.
As a trauma center we had to train the paramedics on how to intubate a patient so they would be better at it out in the "field". Some were very humble but as the years progressed they developed real attittude as if they were there just to get their 5 "tubes" and go home.Yea. 5! I did 5 in a morning...Most were terrible and yet they had got their 5.
That these over-hyped heroes can legally carry is frightening.
Americans need to turn off the tv.

Oleg Volk said...

Why interrupt your foes when they make mistakes? These people aren't our friends or allies and may be out for our blood if their bosses tell them to do so.