Wednesday, March 6, 2013

- The Reason For The Sequestration Sham

Why hasn't the news media noticed this? Obama is stumbling in his catastrophic descriptions of the effect of the sequestration, mainly because he believes all that guff. Everyone he knows - virtually everyone he's ever met, works for the government. Even the people he knows who have real jobs, are only acquainted with him because they 'also' work for the government in some capacity. So to him, any cut in government would naturally seem catastrophic. It's the opposite of the Pauline Kael issue. Its going to effect absolutely everyone he knows.

But the big hole in the Obama world view and the reason it's turning out to be a total sham is that most of the the things the federal government does don't matter to anyone except the people in the federal government who do them. The only cases where that doesn't apply are the things that Obama thinks we do too much of anyway, like defending the country.

To Obama, the person the rest of us see as the meddling and intrusive bureaucrat is the very center of civil society. Eliminate that 'public servant' who takes it upon themselves to make all the rules for the rest of us, and to him it seems that civilization will unravel before our very eyes. It won't of course, because there are very few points where the Obama worldview actually touches reality. But that's certainly why he thinks the end is nigh.


frithguild said...

As a negotiator, I sense blood in the water because of the way the administration overplayed the effect of sequestration.

Next is the continuing resolution. My advice would be to push spending reductions to the limit, even to an extreme. Let the administration call them extreme. Then deny the reductions are extreme, accuse the administration of being the boy who cried wolf and cite the improving employment report as evidence that spending cuts like those in the sequester are good for Americans looking for jobs.

Instead, we have pantywastes that spike the absolutely hilarious denial of expenditure authorization for Presidential golf for as long as White House tours will not be conducted due to sequestration.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I wish the house would pass a continuing resolution that funds entitlements, some military, and nothing else... Do so insisting that no other funding will be passed until the Dem controlled Senate submits a budget; which they have not done so for years.

ikaika said...

I agree with Frith... Obama has been very silent lately. Not taking an opportunity to denounce Rand Paul's filibuster, not throwing a lifesaver to Holdxer, not even a "my condolences" to the Chavistas...
Good to see Ted Cruz and Rand Paul doing what they are supposed to do. It's about time Repub Senators stood for something