Monday, March 11, 2013

-Simpatía por El Diablo...

With the passing of another jack-ass dictator, one would have expected to hear and see a collective "Good Riddence!" from the South Florida refugees of various Banana Socialist Republics.
While the Cuban community has been waiting patiently for Fidel to keel-over, the talk is always - "Calle Ocho will be crazy when that happens!".
Calle Ocho Day was yesterday and nothing beyond the usual festivities exulted over into Adios Chavez.
Someone did get shot in the ass, but maybe that's not uncommon.
The day after "the reported death" of El Bastardo was quiet.
I spoke with a few Venezuelan Ex-Pats and the impression I gleaned was "don't celebrate too loud, because the Chavez apparatus is very much alive".
A lot of Ex-Venezuelans still travel to and from and I'm sure there are Chavistas that want to rise up in the ranks by pointing out a traitor in their midst. Like the farmers that saluted the fascists in Mussolini's Italy in an effort to curry favor before the livestock was seized. Sure - they gave him a black uniform a badge and a whistle as a reward for his obedience to the cause.
"Just keep ratting on your neighbors and we'll be good to you."
But what of the non-Venezuelans? I asked various citizens of Latin or Hispanic origin if they applauded the demise of a thug.
The overwhelming response was "Chavez did a lot of good for the poor."

I asked: "What exactly did he do for the poor?"
This was a response tantamount to Italians saying Mussolini made the trains run on time.
I pressed and then was told that there was no difference from Chavez than any other US leader.
I soon realized that these were either Obama supporters (the "tell" was the forlorn and somber look and the lack of knowledge of US History) or that Miami-Dade has started infusing lead into the drinking water.
To maintain my church-mouse reputation, I proceeded to cross-examine these scholars in an effort to ascertain what were the benefits of the Chavez regime to the poor or anyone for that matter.

Complete waste of time trying to ask someone why astronomic inflation and order through terror are not the building blocks of a stable society for rich or for poor.
A frightening trend in South Florida is also the Liberalization of the children of the refugee class. While they will probably fail Spanish as a primary language, they are certainly not getting a minimal dose of Constitution 101. Including The Constitution in our system of education is about as outdated as treating indigestion with Castor oil.
Now the 2nd and 3rd generation anti-Castro offspring have developed sympathy for dictators. They have waning respect for their abuelos and what their ancestors (not too distant) had endured in becoming US Citizens.
These punks (yes they are ignorant punks) speed around in hopped-up jap-cars with punctured mufflers (if they can't go fast, they claim they sound fast). They enjoy the fruits of capitalism, but I wonder if this generation would fight for their measly 200 square feet of Capitalism? Probably not. They would gladly trade liberty for shiny things as we learned in the last election.
I believe there is a point in the development of the human brain where if you ignore strengthening the faculties to learn and comprehend in the formative years, the human mind retards or can no longer develop. I don't believe this would be limited to language, but logical or analytical reasoning.
That's the theory, at least based on the history of feral children becoming or attempting to become civilized.
Time and time again, as we were told last week, that teenagers are graduating high school with the deductive abilities of a low-grade moron. This is particularly prevalent in the liberalized city public schools.
It is a lost generation. It is not just "low-information" it is extremely dangerous low aptitude for the basal concept of liberty. 
One truly cannot embrace and nurture liberty if you cannot comprehend the reason behind it.
We are heading into a dark age of willful regenerative ignorance and sloth. There is no desire to improve the mind. Not education per se, but the quest for the truth is too much trouble for educators and this has been passe to those in their charge.
This is the generation that believes all the Internet hoaxes and wilfully opens the spam email that unleashes the worm or virus that knocks out the mainframe of the business that was stupid enough or guilted into hiring them.
This will continue to compromise the foundations of liberty within this country. The "curves" and "quotas" will continue to apply. The Victim Classes will expand and blur.
...and one day an opinion of a Supreme Court Justice may be riddled with colloquialisms and slogans courtesy of the USA embracing a less than third world system of learning. I've seen one room schoolhouses in remote villages in Africa where the student's have a better grasp of learning.
Chavez may be dead, but he didn't lose. This is the legacy accepting of the third world dictator in your backyard or in your State Assembly.

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