Monday, March 25, 2013

- When Culture's Collide

I'm not going to rave about Mike Bloomberg anymore. I can see when someone is acting as his own worst enemy.

But on a similar topic this story reminded me of an incident in my daughter's school.

Actor, entrepreneur, and writer Joseph C. Phillips, best known for his roles as Martin Kendall on “The Cosby Show” and Justus Ward on “General Hospital,” says his son’s school threatened police action after the student showed his friends a picture of his new BB gun. They also reportedly questioned his “mental state.”

My daughter had a friend in one of her classes point a gun shaped finger at another friend only to have the teacher 'wig out' on the kid. She apparently is a devoted liberal and anti-gun advocate. I suggested we should buy her an anonymous membership in the NRA (complete with the complementary subscription to American rifleman that comes with it), but I was persuaded against it for legal reasons.

My point is, those unionized public school teachers are the tip of the spear for liberalism. They are the people who confront 'traditional America' and are charged with the task of dismantling it's traditional institutions. Family, church, community, must all be opposed and replaced by 'the state', and it's the teachers who do the dismantling.

They are in effect ... Mike Bloomberg's foot soldiers. (no that's it... really.)

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