Tuesday, March 12, 2013

- When They Criminalize Firearm Ownership

With the last of the Republican holdouts in the house crumbling before the stacked polls of low information voters, it's beginning to look like the forces of tyranny may slip a few new national gun regs in after all. I'd have bet Republican survival skills would have kicked in ahead of actually passing anything, but that argument is looking pretty weak. So apart from taking down names to remember come the elections in November, it's time to start talking about real alternatives.

The point of the suite of new gun regs to come from people like Barak Obama and Andrew Cuomo is not to provide safety to Americans, it's to strip political authority from their opponents. A firearm is a political instrument, and it's mere possession by citizens is a political act that constrains those who would rule them. This is the real reason it's so desperately important for the Democrats to disarm them. And while the low information voter is no more aware of that than they are anything else, a great many of us are aware. The kid in the video above is very much aware.

For the moment, nothing that they're doing at DEFCAD.COM is illegal. Hopefully the technology can outrun the sclerotic bureaucracy that's chasing it. If we all do what we can to spread it, that can only help.

These 'printed firearms' are not without their technical problems. For now, his 'lower receiver" is of limited use, (fewer than 1,000 round lifespan) and it only barely skirts around the law because the lower receiver of an AR15 is the legal 'firearm' part of the rifle. All it does is hold the trigger mechanism and magazine, and doesn't have to cope with the high temperatures and pressures of the firing chamber. Those parts still require a fair amount of modern metallurgy, so it's still not possible to print an entire working firearm from scratch. But solving technical problems is what we do in America - or what we used to do. And hopefully a few of we 'future criminals' still do.

You can still buy all those gun parts that require metallurgy legally without a license. The lower receiver is the only thing that requires one. So as the law stands today, you could theoretically have access to a working firearm without a license. From what I understand, assembling it would be illegal, and in a place like NJ, so would possession of the rifle you assemble. But if they're going to make all firearm owners into criminals, we have to start thinking like criminals - and we should know our illegal options as well as our legal ones.

Giving him money probably puts you on some list in the homeland security department (if you weren't on one already). But I think you should anyway. It's an act of civil disobedience performed at a time when disobedience of any kind can still sometimes be considered 'civil'. I think we had all better realize quickly that behaving like a citizen instead of a subject is becoming an act of subversion in itself. So eventually we'll all be on that list. And in this case I'd rather be an early adopter.


Here is a 3D printer for your home that you can buy for about the cost of a single lower receiver. I'm sure an enterprising man could set himself up as a 'lower receiver manufacturer' for a discreet clientele in some of those places where they have recently become illegal. (Not that I'm advocating that sort of thing.)

Here's a more in depth interview so you can see what's driving his thinking:


Bzod said...

Appreciate the clarity of thought and sanity check in the post this AM. The drip, drip, drip impact of these regs and the Rs cowardice is really starting to wear (as intended).

Laughingdog said...

Federal law doesn't prohibit making a firearm, as long as you can legally own that kind of firearm.

Granted, I'm pretty sure it's a felony to make a receiver/frame for any type of firearm in places like NJ, MA, and IL. But federally, you're good.

Just be VERY careful if you decide to sell that gun. The rules get a lot more complicated there, as I understand it, even if it's just a single one.