Sunday, April 7, 2013

- I hope You Didn't Miss This

In the tradition of our man Derb, last week his buddy Steve Sailer published one of the most important gun control pieces I've ever read. It speaks frankly and honestly about the real causes of 'gun violence', about why our politicians tend to ignore it, and why they absolutely shouldn't. Here is a brief excerpt that should give you the gist:

Initially, the Obama Administration dealt with the difficulty that blacks were committing murder so much more often than whites by not updating the Homicide Trends website. For years, BJS’ Web page was stuck on 2005.


But that didn’t stop troublesome Internet commenters from quoting the 2005 statistic.

Recently, however, the Administration has come up with a much better solution.

No, the White House didn’t actually figure out how to stop blacks from committing such an outsized fraction of all murders.


No, rather than solve the problem of blacks committing a disparate number of murders, the Obama Administration has instead deleted the offending Web page. Now, when you type into your browser, you get “This webpage is not available.”

To the readers here, all I suspect fans of the Derb, it's no secret that one must avoid public discussion of the truth about Black Culture in America at all cost, or be prepared to face the wrath of those who make their living preventing this truth from being widely recognized. If you profess your utter blindness, then they will be along shortly to pluck out your eyes.

To that Steve seems to be offering a great big middle fingered salute, and good for him. As a member of the NRA and a deep believer in the "Say whatever the hell you want about me asshole!" school of negotiating, I'm always thrilled to see this. Steve's post is filled to the brim with charts which explain in tragically obvious detail why liberals don't want to disarm criminals, only law abiding republicans.

And I continue to maintain that all hope is not yet lost. My own daughter, a shy, sensitive 13 year old girl who is trapped in the indoctrination center that is a NJ public middle school, is TOTALLY unaffected by political correctness. When her English teacher expressed her anti-gun sentiments, my daughter suggested that we buy her an anonymous membership in the NRA. When they implemented a 'no touching' policy she surreptitiously stood in the hallway during a break with a 'free hugs' sign that she held up to the hysterical laughter of her friends. She sees the circus that is modern progressivism, and instead of being berated into acceptance of it all, she laughs in their faces for being such obvious imbeciles.

She and he friends think an accusation of racism is hysterical. They know it's always baseless and they've decided to poke fun at it instead. She calls me a racist every time I put creamer in my coffee. And she and all her friends are completely unwilling to "un-know" what they must to believe the liberal story line of modern America. They put up with it all because they're kids and basically have no choice. But they will not pretend that it's real. And so long as she feels that way, then there is still hope that America might one day awaken from it's delusional stupor with regard to race.


JD said...

Sounds like you raised her right despite the public schooling. Good for you both.

ikaika said...

I covered a portion of this. Good article by Steve Sailer