Thursday, April 18, 2013

- Selfish And Shortsighted

Mika Brzezinski, the dumbest woman on television, thinks it's selfish and shortsighted to value the liberty of free citizens over the emotional benefit lo liberals of passing ineffective laws that do little except infringe on citizens rights, and garner even more power for politicians.

Personally I think it's selfish and shortsighted of her to place her feelings on this issue over the well being of all those Americans, but que sera sera. That whole 'Constitution" is passe anyway right Mika?

What a buffoon she is.

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chess said...

I end up watching CNBC struggle to do everyday financial crap an now they struggle to act like news reporters...

However my main thought this am is that in Boston you have something like a 1000 police officers with guns drawn and very itchy fingers. They are for more dangerous than the 1 dude on the run...One last thought that this is the poster event for having a gun in your lap behind a locked door.