Sunday, June 30, 2013

-Ready for the Apocalypse?

I have to apologize for the hideous image staring back at you. It may as well say: "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" ("In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming...)
Dan Greenfield lampoons the nascent "Hillary for Pres" publicity surge.
It was an interesting week. Obama compared Nelson Mandela to George Washington, which reinforces that Obama has no clue about the history of either man. I could not imagine Martha Washington being accused of murder, but these are strange times.

Are you Ready?  (Chess... I apologize in advance since viewing the image on the bag has a similar effect as Ipecac).
What grotesque object serves as the contents of the pictured bag?
Will the next version of Hillary's bag say "Listo"...?
It is a bag of shame and we should place our heads in it if we allow it to happen.
I am not ready, nor will ever be to prepare myself for the utter shame and embarrassment of a Hillary presidency.
I am not ready to forget Benghazi and all her blunderings that lead to the death of Americans on American soil.
I am not ready to accept that shrill caterwauling that was her response to our elected representatives as to why the Secretary of State did nothing.
The imagery of "Ready" is some nightmare that chills the viewer in the same vein as the discovery of bloody human remains, or threatening looming image of despair. Only Rod Serling could appropriately introduce the ensuing nightmare.
The fact that she is considered a front-running candidate shows where politics in America has come full circle from the Boss Tweed days.
The only appropriate response to Hillary-Ready, is Marlon Brando as Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse now:
"The Horror.... The horror..."

- Life Imitates Comedy

Remember the old joke:

"Why does Michael Jackson like twenty six year olds?"


Because there are twenty of them.

Friday, June 28, 2013

- The Odds Of Florida Violence

Since it's come up in the comments section, here are some tweets from supporters of the race baiters, as brought to you by the Blaze:

If George Zimmerman win I'm gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman I swear lol

The rest are just as colorful.

But like I said in the comments, Florida isn't like New York City where the citizens are all defenseless. If the pride and joy of Florida's black community "wanna go kill em a white boy" they had better remember that in Florida the white boys shoot back. And they've spent more time at the range practicing.

- Behold The Broken Clock

Lord Farquaad, currently the Mayor of New York City, defending the police "Stop and Frisk" plan:

“I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little,” Mr. Bloomberg argued during his Friday morning WOR radio show with John Gambling. “It’s exactly the reverse of what they say. I don’t know where they went to school but they certainly didn’t take a math course. Or a logic course.”

The diminutive Mayor isn't exactly know for his logic either, but as they say, even a vroken clock is right twice a day.

- The (Trayvon) Martin Family Lawyer Speaks Up

I think it's about time I start practicing what I preach when it comes to ridicule.

I have long believed the secret to taking liberals down a peg is public, open ridicule. When they say 'diversity makes us strong', just laugh right in their face. When they say redistributing high taxes leads to prosperity, point straight at them and guffaw. Whenever they say anything ridiculous that is obviously disproved by even a cursory glance at the evidence, we should do all we can to make them feel foolish. And I'm gonna do my part.

This is classic stupidity being passed off as politically correct race baiting. The quote itself is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard:

“It’s not about racial profiling,” Daryl Parks declared. “He was profiled. George Zimmerman profiled him.”

That's good Darryl. "It's not about race... it's about race." Perfect. What was the name of the law school you graduated from again you idiot? I can get that you want to make it about 'profiling' - an obscure, ill defined, vaguely racist thing that most of the other idiots think they're against, but how can you try to pass off that kind of self contradictory nonsense on nationwide TV as a literate argument?

This whole trial is a race baiting circus. When Trayvon's parent speak (through their apparently illiterate lawyer) they make it clear that black culture in America is a culture of failure. It's been a failure for them, a failure for Trayvon's friend precious, and most of all a failure for Trayvon. That's the real tragedy here. When other parents were teaching their kids to resolve conflicts without having to resort to violence, Trayvon was learning about how he needed to get 'the respect' of those around him, with violence if necessary. Cause that's how it's done in the hood.

The worst part though is that they don't understand what's happened to Trayvon. They don't see the role they had in it. It probably still hasn't occurred to them that had they brought Trayvon up differently with a different set of values, he might be alive today. He almost certainly would be. They think this is all about the color of their skin but it isn't. Tragically, it's about the level of their intelligence.

Black America is all about failure. It's a shame that it had to fail Trayvon Martin so directly. Hopefully the next generation of black kids can learn a useful lesson from this. But they probably won't. Because right now there are people all over black America saying that the lesson you should take away from this is to shoot the 'creepy ass cracker' before he shoot you. And the kids who are taking that lesson to heart aren't smart enough to see the falsehood in it.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

- Milburn Home Invasion Suspect

Remember that home invasion post from the other day (video reposted above) where that poor black man hurt his fists and damaged his boot trying to cope with that maniacal white woman who went crazy on him for no good reason? The press has released a more detailed photo of the perpetrator.

Special thanks to GrandJediMasterYoda at FR. Sometimes the Luddites can be funny too.

They Must Be Reading This Blog

Aside from drinking and driving, failure to keep right is perhaps the most hazardous action on roadways, said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth), a co-sponsor of a bill that increases fines for failing to keep right on highways.

“One driver cruising along in the left lane can cause dozens of other drivers to become frustrated, leading to more incidents of aggressive driving and additional, unnecessary lane changes — which, in turn, leads to more accidents,” he said.

Trucks would only be able to use the left lane to prepare for a turn or in the case of “poor visibility, snow, accidents or the presence of emergency vehicles.” Nice! Make sure pickups and SUV's fit the definition of a truck, and the law would be perfect. After all, the passing lane should be for sports cars and sedans only, and not those tall vehicles that have trouble keeping the greasy side toward the ground.

The law requires $50 from each increased violation to go toward signs reminding motorists who enter New Jersey about the state’s stay-right law. I suggest we use something like the above.  Sadly though, it will be only a matter of time before this sign money starts going toward the widows and orphans fund.

- "Precious" Testifies For The Prosecution

I don't tell this story very often, but it explained a lot to me about how black Americans see the world.

Back when I was a kid, I took one of those jobs working the Christmas rush at a large department store. The store I worked at was a higher end retailer that got few male applicants so we were highly regarded by management. I was assigned to work in Women's outerwear - winter coats. The things get heavy when you try to carry 40 of them, so a little extra strength was a plus. I was the only man in the department, and I would often go an entire shift without seeing another possessor of a Y chromosome - which given my age and temperament was considered a mild plus.

So my job was to help lift and tote and answer the "where can I find _________." class of questions, as well as occasionally run the cash register. There was no commission so no incentive to push women at one product or another. I simply saw myself as trying to make their shopping experience as pleasant and otherwise aggravation free as possible. I'd say that in a given 6 or 7 hour shift, I'd probably ask "Can I help you with anything?" 30 or 40 times. And the only customers who ever got any more attention from me than any of the others were the attractive women close to my age, who weren't wearing wedding rings.

But there was one class of customer I had particular sympathy for, the men who were being dragged by around by their wives. I had an ex-girlfriend who did that to me fairly often and I hated it, so if I saw a man waiting anywhere in our department, I'd make a point of going over to say hello and trying to commiserate a little.

One day I saw a black man about 40 standing alone outside the changing rooms waiting for ... someone. He had the look of a middle manager - not wealthy, but obviously a modest man who took some care and respected himself. I went over to him and explained to him that there were chairs just out of his line of sight where he can sit and wait without moving further from his perch near the changing room. I then joked with him a little about something or other and told him that sometimes (though not usually) it was good to have at least one other man in the area,... that sort of thing. We made benign small talk etc for a few minutes and I related a few past stories of the 'put upon' men I'd seen over the last week or two, and we laughed a little. In my mind I was just doing my job and trying to make his experience in the store something less than a huge pain.

In the end, his wife came out, shook her head and pointed to the next department. The man rose from his seat and nodded in response. Then he looked me in the eye, shook my hand and said "Thank you... you know... you're a real credit to your race." Being the same artful level of conversationalist then as I am now, my response was "HUH?!" In explanation he said, "You didn't judge me or think I was stealing something or anything, you just made me comfortable with being here, even though I'm black." At that point I began to get the picture and I came up with a cogent response.

"Well what should that have to do with anything? You were obviously just waiting for a woman, why would I assume you were trying to steal?!" the man smiled at me and said "Exactly!" and walked away.

From that point on I made a point of noticing the reactions people had to my "Can I help you with anything?" questions. And I noticed that virtually everyone who was black took great offense to my approach. They saw my effort at being helpful as an accusation. They assumed that whatever I actually said, what I really meant was "What do you think you're doing here?!" It was the furthest thing from my mind of course. I've never felt that way about anyone. But if you had asked any of those people how they were treated in the store, they would tell you that everything was fine except for that OBVIOUS RACISTS in the women's coats department.

So... the point.

I was listening to this 'star witness' for the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial and thinking that she is the last person in the world that I would ever trust to draw conclusions about what was actually happening the night Trayvon Martin was killed. She's a 19 year old high school senior who seemed barely capable of speaking clearly. At one point she claimed to "hear wet grass".

More than anything else she reminded me of the character Precious, so brilliantly played by Gabourey Sidibe in the film of the same name. That character was a pregnant overweight, learning disabled Harlem teen who was HIV positive as the result of a sexual assault by a much older man. It's not just this woman's appearance to precious that strikes me. It's the fact that she seems almost completely incapable of forming a complete sentence, and seems to be mentally disabled in some way also. If this was the best that the prosecution could do, then George Zimmerman really might go free.

The physical evidence is all on the defense side - so much so, that the police originally thought the case so obvious that Zimmerman wasn't even charged with a crime. It was only after the political classes got involved and the journalists began to doctor the recordings to make it seem like a mystical 'white on black violent crime' than the case was ever treated as anything except a tragic case of self defense. But the key to a political lynching of an innocent man is to make it seem reasonable. Witnesses like this fail to meet that standard.

This woman thinks it's all about being black. So too does Zimmerman's black neighbor who said that she saw the "big guy in dark clothing on top of the other one" and came to the conclusion it was Zimmerman on top. ( at the time of the shooting Trayvon was taller than Zimmerman, heavier than Zimmerman, was wearing his now famous dark hoodie, while the smaller Zimmerman was wearing a bright red jacket.) It would never occur to either of these witnesses that it couldn't be about race.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

- Williamson For Mayor... Please!

As some of you know, National Review's Kevin Williamson recently pushed back against the type of rudeness one see's far too often in New York. After fruitlessly trying to persuade a fellow theater goer to stop talking on their cell phone, he grabbed it and tossed it into the street. For his trouble, he was ejected from the theater, and widely hailed in the media as a hero (even MSNBC cheered). On the strength of that act, he was even given an endorsement to run for Mayor of New York City. I have it on good authority that Kevin was flattered, but has still publicly elected not to take up the challenge.

Obviously a gun toting Ex-Texan like Kevin would be a vast, V A S T improvement over lord Farquaad, the current Mayor of New York. Turns out he's likely to be a big improvement on the next mayor too. Given that Anthony Wiener is now leading the Mayoral race, I think we should not only draft Kevin, but should drag him in chains to his swearing in if necessary. Don't get me wrong, Kevin is a friend. But I'd even push a friend into a thankless job he doesn't want if it was the only way to save New york City from itself.

No wonder the Democrats don't think those people are fit for self government. Electing Anthony Wiener should be seen as evidence that they may really have a point.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

-Liberal Super Heroes

Years ago it was easy to identify heroes. I recall Neil Armstrong was my first hero and I had astronaut action figures and books about space flight. GI Joe (without the "Kung-fu grip") allowed normal boys to do normal things and role play or dream about becoming a hero either military or whatever. After a certain age, you start to believe in yourself, but liberals can't believe in themselves.
Eventually you realize that your dad or your grandfather or even your mom or your grandmother fit the hero bill. Not Matt Damon or Erin Brokovich. Liberals probably - at their core - hate their parents and the concept of parenthood. It would explain a lot. It would also explain why they are cheering for their own demise like a doomsday cult.
Liberals can't identify with common heroes since liberal anti-values are constructed on disposable beliefs and paranoia. Liberals' toy with the idea of creating heroes, but they can't justify it or "sell it" as normal. You could say Mao and Che Gueverra are liberal heroes, but that is an extreme example.
Woodward & Bernstein were liberal heroes, but Woodward was cast out from lib Valhalla for doing what he knows how to do. The toppling of the Nixon Administration or elevating a scandal on a Republican is the stuff that gets you into the liberal justice league. These heroes don't last long in the pantheon, especially if they are alive and talking.
Bill Clinton is a lib hero, but it doesn't translate into the JFK mythos. As a result, liberals will then elevate the victim or appoint a victim to the hero status as in the case of Hillary Clinton, who really belongs behind bars for her cowardice and incompetence. She will be rewarded with the 2016 nomination barring the emergence of some liberal hero of multiple victim status on the horizon.
The Kryptonite of every liberal political hero is their own exposure to the public. If the liberal political hero remains exposed for too long, the liberal followers will be hard pressed to ignore the foul stench and obvious incompetence. Chuck Schumer is not a hero, and that is why he is not affected by lib-kryptonite. Pelosi had a brief moment of liberal heroism when she was the Speaker of the House, but she was a victim of her own press and her own mouth. She recently got booed at a Net-Roots event because of the Snowden Curve Ball that is seperating the hippies from the commies in liberal imagination-land.
Liberals have constantly changing rules, because they often paint themselves into the corner with their rule-making. Howard Dean, same thing. Its not easy enough to say "this guy physically resembles a buffoon"... no, you have to suffer the buffoonery at the behest of the liberals that elevate these clowns to their pantheon of ambiguity.
Instead, liberals construct pseudo-religions. It prevents them from having to consider any one person as their champion. Sultan Knish does a fine job in two articles regarding the anti-religion and the unsung true heroes of a movement that is eating itself; The Angry White Liberal Men.
Liberals will always point to a topic or a point that was angrily spewed by some crazy white dude, or some crazy white gal that looks like a dude. Doesn't matter if they don't make sense, all that matters is that people perceive them as angry about something or angry on behalf of someone. That is the extent of liberal super-powers. They get angry and self-immolate.
But Liberal Heroes also have uniforms. No not military fatigues or police riot gear. You'll catch a glimpse of liberal exhibitionism or "cos-play" on your favorite news programs. 60 minutes will usually have their "journalists" wear specific clothing depending on the theme of the story or the magnitude of  bullshit they are trying to sell. Scott Pelley will wear a denim looking shirt if the story has a "blue collar" under pinning. Leslie Stahl will wear a lab coat and shop-glasses if its about science or medicine. Steve Kroft will wear a safari shirt if its about animals. Liberals change their outfits to coordinate with the varying shades of deception.
Beyond that liberals cannot be satisfied with public games of dress-up. They've elevated the role of the liberal news propagandist as a mythical dragon slayer. They've even created the mythology and the dragon out of thin air. The unwatchable fictional drama "The Newsroom" is a means to pound an unfounded reinterpretation of history into numbskulls until they embrace the plastic and absurdly fictitious "story" as the truth and the central character as their hero. It explains the mouth-foaming insanity that serves as programming on MSNBC. I'm sure there is scientific term for this psychosis, but it doesn't matter.  The folk-hero of the 21st Century liberal has reached a crossroads courtesy of a president and a cavalcade of endless scandals that begs for the liberal hero: the Investigative Reporter, to do his job.
Unfortunately, the Super Liberal Journalist is faced with a dilemma. If they try to do what they are supposed to be good at, it might just harm the very people or propaganda they promote. If they ignore it and it doesn't go away :they will be called on their BS.
By the way, the ability to ignore the obvious and hope it goes away is the other liberal super power.
No, it's like a fireman walking away from a burning orphanage to rescue a cat  stuck in a tree.
Maybe Ed Snowden is the next Liberal Hero? Many years ago, he would have been hailed as a champion of liberal virtue, at least until the next news cycle.
I find it amusing that John Kerry has to beg the Russians and the ChiComs to get Snowden back in the USA.
One thing for sure: you can't turn this mug into a household name. Does this image of Hillary look like pop-art from hell or what? Good luck and good riddance!

- Young Mother Attacked In Millburn Home Invasion

Boy, it's a good thing NJ's gun laws are so strict isn't it? Just imagine what might have happened to that fine upstanding gentleman if the mother had been able to defend herself. What a tragedy that would have been.

I think we need to find the root cause of the man's obvious anger. Maybe he's upset at how she laid there and bled all over his boots. That would upset anyone. Maybe he was understandably upset over the status of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Or maybe he's finally just had enough and decided to kick truth to power by bravely beating an unarmed woman in front of her toddler, and throwing her down the basement stairs.

Oh if only America hadn't been such a vile and cruel place - then this whole mess might have been avoided.

If they find out who this is and he gets out on parole, I know a few guys who would like to show him what if feels like to be kicked in the face and thrown down the stairs... for starters.

- The Brit Press Defending Trayvon

I enjoy the British press a bit more than the American equivalent these days. The brits will be critical of Obama on the rare occasion when as we all know, the US press NEVER will. So in some respects that makes them seem less biased in their reporting. But man oh man... the topic of guns really gets their skirts pulled up over their head! And when they're frightened all their bias comes out, just like US journalists.

The George Zimmerman trial is an excellent example. In some cases the bias is obvious. The DailyMail won't care if there is a race riot in Florida in fact, it would just be another story for them to cover regarding the 'barbaric' Americans. So they seem to be all in favor of that, reporting the race baiter's lines again and again, even though they have nothing to do with the facts of the case, or the law. The 'racial profiling' and 'stand your ground' soundbites are great examples. Neither has anything to do with this case but they anger the mob, so they both get repeated endlessly.

But it's not just bias, it's also typical journalistic idiocy. For instance, the following photo and caption are listed today:

The gun used by George Zimmerman to shoot Trayvon Martin: Don West explained how his client used the revolver in the proper way

Revolver. Anyone can plainly see that it's no revolver.

Apart from the idiocy though, most of the bias is between the lines. For instance, I'll bet there are people in the UK who think they saw a photo of Trayvon Martin's face all bruised and beaten he was shot by George Zimmerman. In reality it was Zimmerman's face and he was beaten by Trayvon, but the press does all they can to make that as unclear to the casual low information reader as they can.

I'll bet they also believe that Zimmerman was "ordered' not to follow Trayvon but followed him anyway. (actual testimony said the exact opposite - he was specifically NOT ordered not to follow.) And as usual, there will be a rash of people that think that 'racial profiling' had something to do with this case which it obviously doesn't.

Read the piece, but be cynical. You know how terrified the brits are of guns.

Monday, June 24, 2013

- Corruption Documented In NJ

In NJ, no one cares.

The link below is actually a very good story filled with detail, that shows exactly how 'pay to play' in NJ corrupts the political process, and cost the taxpayers billions. And In NJ no one cares.

Birdsall Services Group had employees write small personal checks to hundreds of political organizations and election campaigns to advance it's desire to get government contracts. They spread the cash around to both parties (there had to be a few Republicans or the Star Ledger would have just buried the story), and skirted the law while doing so. They are just one example of NJ's totally corrupt political process:

Records show $110,000 went to politicians and political groups in Barnegat, $96,025 in Ocean County, $87,020 in Brick, $66,035 in Monmouth County and $35,500 in Lakewood. The company earned approximately $2.45 million from Barnegat during the same period for engineering work according to disclosure reports, $1.45 million from Ocean County, $4.9 million from Brick, $4.2 million from Monmouth County and $1.2 million from Lakewood.

Some (actually most) in Trenton probably think that spreading this cash around is the whole purpose of government. Making sure everyone get's their 'fair share' is what it's all about. Taxing the winners, and giving to the Birdsall Services Group (or their like minded brethren) is the very meaning of government in NJ. Everyone knows it.

For all it's wealth, NJ is a small state. We all know the government is as corrupt as it can manage on every level. We all have friends or acquaintances who perform these small 'bag man' style tasks for their firms. We no longer imagine the house getting cleaned by anyone.

How do you know a NJ politician is corrupt? His heart is beating. They're all like that - 100%. Some, like the double dipping, openly bribe soliciting Democrats of Essex and Hudson counties, are obvious and blatant about it, others, like the genteel Somerset and Morris country Republicans, are more discreet. But they all have their hand out. We all know it. And we don't care.

We're past caring - those of us who see it for what it is. There are just too many people in NJ whose greatest concern is whether or not Kanye West's baby is really named 'North'. How are you ever going to get someone that infantile to take their responsibilities as a citizen seriously? It might be a different story if there were good guys and bad guys, but it's been ages. There are no good guys in NJ... and hasn't been for a long time. The line isn't between innocent and guilty, it's between caught and not yet caught.

For every Birdsall Services Group who is out of the busi9ness of corruption, there are 5,000 other companies who are still in it, and a thousand journalists who look the other way. No one here has clean hands.

- Rehashing Bad Ideas At The NYTimes

The New York Times continues to do what harm it can to the principle of accountability. This time it's banging its sippy cup against it's high chair to once again demand that gun manufacturers be held accountable for acts they had nothing to do with. What's more, they don't just do it once today, but twice.

To almost anyone, both of these arguments seem childish. They are the product of minds which have abandoned the principle of rule of law. But two poorly argued pieces of rehashed 70's clap trap in just 1 day? Even for the NYTimes that's a little bit much. I think I detect the grubby little mitts of America's favorite little Billionaire bully in this editorial decision. I wonder what the little man is doing today?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

- Zimmerman Found Not Guilty!!!

At this trial anyway, or at least it's equivalent. His 6 person jury is 5 white women and 1 minority woman. That may be a little premature - but had his jury come down with 3 or more black members, we all know how it would have ended. At least now there is a chance the facts will matter, and I think the evidence is overwhelmingly in his favor.

The next few trials could still go either way. And it is the motto of the race baiters that if at first you don't succeed, move it to federal court. And let's not forget the riots that will almost certainly ensue. You know that's just a matter of time now. So the excitement isn't quite over yet, but this is about as encouraging a sign as George could get.

- Hey Baby....

- James Gandolfini Dead At Age 51

Sopranos Star and NJ native, dead of a heart attack at too early an age. I personally found him to be a surprisingly good actor in spite of his cartoon like role in the Sopranos.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Never Ending Agricultural Crisis

This morning I took note of a post by Veronique de Rugy over at the Corner, The Insanity Of U.S. Farm Policies. Actually, our farm policies are not insane at all. They are the rational result of economic regulation.

Let's go back to the beginning. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 declared that, “An economic emergency has arisen, due to disparity between the prices of agricultural and other commodities,” and that Congress was empowered “To establish and maintain such balance between the production and consumption of agricultural commodities,” by limiting production of any basic agricultural commodity, and by granting licenses to agricultural commodity processors. This concept serves as the basis for the present statutory regime. So if they want to, the U.S. Department of Agriculture can pay a farmer to plow under his crops, because the federal government knows best how to balance supply and demand.

The power to balance supply and demand began on January 6, 1936, when the Supreme Court looked at Article I, Section 8 of the constitution, and, throwing out the intent of the framers as expressed in the Federalist Papers, found that general welfare language, “confers a power separate and distinct from those later enumerated, is not restricted in meaning by the grant of them, and Congress consequently has a substantive power to tax and to appropriate, limited only by the requirement that it shall be exercised to provide for the general welfare of the United States.”  That day, the court gave Congress the power to decide whether plowing under crops promoted the general welfare of the nation.

Farm policy is now becoming mature. Ms. de Rugy cites that subsidies to ensure sugar growers post a profit rather than default on federally guaranteed loans puts a $1.3 billion deadweight loss for the U.S. economy. It is not all deal weight. Sugar growers transfer part of that wealth into campaign war chests, which is the most important part of the economy. This ensures that if you run for office speaking out against sugar subsidies, your opponent will have a very well funded campaign, complete with information about you supplied courtesy of the IRS. Congress ensures its own sugar is in ample supply.

Veronique sums up the debate perfectly, "The bottom line is that, rather than find new ways to restrict sugar supply and artificially prop up sugar prices, we should put an end to these policies." The debate is what it has to be, because the Supreme Court stole our liberty. Under the Constitution, there is no power to subsidize sugar growers.  The Supreme Court made it up out of whole cloth.  The debate about whether to subsidize sugar and the $1.3 billion deadweight loss to the economy should not even exist.

- The Next Fed Chief

A few weeks ago UBS ran a survey among institutional money managers regarding who was likely to be the next Fed Chief. I don't recall who led the survey because I don't think it matters. This Whitehouse only decides things one way - politically.

Whoever the next Fed Chief is, they will support MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE QE. If they could figure out how to print money and give it just to poor minorities and illegal aliens they'd do that too. But the ultimate solution for them would be give newly printed cash directly to the voters that support them. In Obamaworld EVERYTHING is about politics, and they don't really care who knows it.

It's an outside shot, but I would be unsurprised if Obama nominated an economic illiterate as the next Fed chief if it were one of his political insiders. If the pattern holds true, maybe he'll nominate someone who has been embarrassed or disgraced in another position. Maybe Eric Holder will be the next Fed chief.

Who knows.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

- Selling All The Winners

There is much fretting in my world about how after a few years earnings growth, corporate numbers seem to finally be stalling. The growth expectations for next quarter are being down shifted by almost everyone. Which makes this story particularly ironic.

In the face of vast and numerous efforts of the liberal left to force public pensions and other government influenced investors to divest themselves of all gun companies, Smith And Wesson is showing record gains. the other gun companies that the lefties have insisted on selling are all doing likewise. Given the unprecedented growth in gun sales, this is hardly a surprise. And it's also no surprise that the left has picked this very moment to argue divestiture.

For years I've been saying that public pensions are on an unsustainable track, and with the default of Detroit, the bill for their foolishness is finally beginning to come due. So ordering them to divest themselves of what is arguably their best chance at investment profit at this particular time is not only a bad idea in general, it's also spectacularly poor timing.

No one could ever hope to do this badly by chance. Only the 'up is down', 'good is bad', 'right is wrong' moral inversion of America's liberal left could ever hope to get any issue so perfectly, 100% wrong. What's worse is that there was abundant evidence that this earning boon was coming. EVERYONE knew it. So they not only had to be monumentally stupid to get this issue so wrong, they had to ignore some of the most obvious leading indicators in the history of the public financial markets.

Absolutely breathtaking imbecility.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Glad I Am Not Good Eats.

Over the past few years, with the water quality of the Hudson slowly improving, we have seen a return of some sea critters.  Just like anything, where the getting gets good, you get party crashers that want to sample the local cuisine.  That's why I wrote in a post last summer that I don't swim near fishermen.

There is a news report here with video taken by a fisherman a few miles south of my beach.  It is worth the look, just to see the fisherman's t-shirt.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

- Who Is The Racist Again?!

How is it exactly that Barbara Liston at Reuters can be the one mentioning skin color, but it's people like me who ignore skin color who are depicted as the racists?!

How does the color of his skin matter exactly Barbara?

- Why National Review Is Wrong... Again

This title is a little hyperbolic. A more accurate way to say what I mean would be to say that in this particular case I think Andy McCarthy is wrong. And not just a little - I think he's spectacularly wrong in a 'first principles' way.

I've never met Mr. McCarthy, but we have several common acquaintances both in publishing and in NJ politics. Beyond that he's a central New Jersey Irishman, a breed of animal I think I understand better than most. And the thing that typifies that particular breed in my opinion is two things, their combativeness, and their laziness.

I don't mean they're particularly lazy intellectually or that they shy away from work. By all accounts I could find Mr. McCarthy is an industrious fellow. What I mean is that they would rather argue to make things easier for themselves than cope with things being difficult - even if they probably should be.

This piece is a perfect example. Mr. McCarthy has been in Law enforcement (I think) his whole life. And in that piece he's arguing, in essence, that law enforcement should be easy, and that Rand Paul would make it harder. But making law enforcement easy has other side effects to. Make it too easy, and the negative side effects far outweigh the benefits.

It's a core principle that being a free people comes with a cost and that Franklin quote about trading security for liberty is so common it's become a cliché. But rather than accept that maybe a certain degree of threat is going to have to be lived with, Mr. McCarthy would have us all make that trade. And in reading his piece I don't believe he makes it thoughtfully on a first principles basis, I think he does it because he wants law enforcement to be easier.

I'm a law and order guy. I'm generally pleased when harsh justice is dealt out. I think riots should be put down with live ammunition for god's sake. And I also believe that we have become an immoral people and law enforcement may be the only thing left between us and the savages. But I don't think it should be easy.

Most people in Law enforcement aren't very smart. And if you don't keep constant check on them then there will be abuses. Making things easy for them will only make those abuses more common. And then guys like Andy McCarthy will only have to spend more time trying to justify them like he has.

Sit me and Andy McCarthy down in a NJ Irish bar like "the Newsroom" in Somerville NJ, and the biggest disagreement we're likely to have is the virtues of the Whisky selection. I have to believe the man who put away the blind sheik and I will almost always be on the same side politically. But in this case I think he's dead wrong. He mistakenly attributes his own virtue to everyone in law enforcement, and I think that's a big mistake. Make me choose, and I think Rand Paul has got this one right.

I no longer believe the State is operating to our benefit. And if restraining it means I have to live with risks, I think it's a small price to pay. I don't think Andy McCarthy is arguing for what's best for America, I think he's arguing for what's best for America's policemen and prosecutors. And I don't think those interests are as perfectly aligned as he imagines.

- The Bloomberg Purge

Any act by a far left liberal Democrat that get's the NYTimes this upset, can't be bad for the country. To save you the trouble of reading the link, Mike Bloomberg is urging the wealthy east coast donors whose cash keeps the Democrat party alive, to close their wallets to the 4 Democrat Senators who voted against the recent gun control law. Apparently Bloomberg wants the non-believers purged from the Democrat ranks so that their places can be taken by more reliable Democrats.

So Mike Bloomberg, lilliputian Mayor of America's biggest city - the obnoxious megalomaniac dwarf with an outsized ego - the billionaire in a country being taught to despise wealth, thinks he's going to be able to persuade 4 more Senators to go anti-gun. Where will these Senators be from? Arkansas, Alaska, Montana, and North Dakota. Four states which as we all know, are the secret heart of anti-gun sentiment in America. I'll pause here so you can collect yourself.

They say the worst thing you can do for a man is give him everything he's ever wanted. I think Mikey proves that point. He's a short, unattractive, obnoxious little man. But because he's a billionaire, he's surrounded night and day by obsequious lick spittle's who tell him how his every idea is wonderful and inspired. He honestly believes that the only thing standing between him and the gun free America he imagines, is the 4 most unlikely Democrat Senators in Washington.

So let him stamp his feet and bang on his high chair. But when he bumps off those Senators (if he actually manages it) what he's most likely to get is 4 more Republicans. Let's see how that works for him.

These purges are never helpful on either side. And for my part it's big fun to see Mike Bloomberg do on the left, what Freerepublic tries so hard to do on the right.

- Playing The Fools

Here's the thing about all these secret 'off the record' briefings the Obama White House seems to love so much. (Yes, there was another one yesterday.) The reporters go away from them thinking that they know 'the truth' about the President's feelings, but they can't repeat anything they heard. Still, since they believe they know 'the truth', they will let that color all their other reporting. It turns them into neutered water carriers who tell the President's favored version of events without holding him accountable for having said anything.

They can't possibly see what fools they're being made of. They don't see that Obama is doing more to damage the public view of the press than their hyperbolic (and often ridiculous) attacks on the Bush Whitehouse ever did. It's not just the illusion of their impartiality that's going up in flames, no one serious ever believed that. It's the belief that they are able to do their jobs at all - even in a slanted way.

The Washington Press Corps really is nothing more than the bureau of disinformation these days. They are bought and paid for fools, and thanks to them, Obama is the unaccountable President.

Monday, June 10, 2013

- It's Not About Racial Profiling!

Do you know what racial profiling is and why it's against the law? Oh wait... sorry... little mental gap there. For a moment I had slipped into that alternate reality where America's college professors and journalists all live. I'm back now. And you know how I can tell? Because in this world "Racial profiling" by a private citizen isn't actually against the law at all. In fact there was time when a private citizen would call that, 'avoiding trouble'.

There are a few states like Connecticut which have passed laws prohibiting their police and other law enforcement officials from something called 'racial profiling', but there is no state in the country that prohibits private citizens from doing so. And the states that have prohibited it are all extremely vague about what it actually is. This is just a silly vacuous attempt of the race lobby to depict George Zimmerman as a wanton racist, and to hope that public outrage alone will be enough to get a conviction absent evidence.

But you still see the journalists all saying that's what it's about. I saw Kimberly Guilfoyle (whose supposed to be a lawyer) saying it's what it was about on "The Five" this afternoon. And if you can't even count on the Fox News lawyers to get this right, there really is something wrong. Unbelievably lazy.

I don't know what racial profiling is, but I know that whatever it is, it isn't illegal for me to do it in Florida. And since it isn't illegal for me - a private citizen, it wasn't illegal for George Zimmerman either. Even if they can prove it (which will be even tougher without defining it first) there is no reason it will mean George Zimmerman should do time in jail.

So long as you're a private citizen you can still legally defend yourself against being bludgeoned, no matter what race your assailant is.

- Jury Of His Peers?!

You want to hear a news program that is absolutely RIFE with racial code language? Try listing to any of the networks (any of them) talking about jury selection in the George Zimmerman trial. They are absolutely falling all over themselves trying to tell us all what we all probably already know - that the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman will hang almost entirely on the racial makeup of his jury.

There will be 6 jurors. If three or more are black, then George is going to jail. The redeemer himself could testify on George's behalf and it wouldn't matter. They could show video of Trayvon going into a wild rage and chasing George for blocks and blocks before leaping on him, while all George did was run for his life, and George Zimmerman is still going to jail. They could introduce new evidence that George actually took the gun away from Trayvon, and it still wouldn't matter. Three or more black jurors, and George Zimmerman is going to be found guilty.

We all know this. We all know the most racist Americans are black Americans. And after all this buildup by the race baiters and the media, we all know that no black American could ever vote to acquit George Zimmerman of anything. They'll convict him of assassinating Lincoln if it's all they've got. One way or the other, they'll send him to jail.

So this begs the question... what exactly is a jury of George Zimmerman's peers? Are there enough 'white latinos' in that area to fill an entire jury pool?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

- Where Is Your Limit?

I don't know the law. but from a moral standpoint, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are not the same. Bradley Manning was a serving US soldier, and what he did is therefore a betrayal of his oath. He deserves the full weight of the law on his head. To me, his act seems a betrayal.

Edward Snowden on the other hand, is a private citizen. I don't know if what he did was illegal. My guess would be yes, and if so, then he should be held to account too. But as a private citizen, I have much less of a moral problem with his acts.

The government is going overboard. Eventually anyone who stands up to that in any way will be called a criminal, at least by them. That's the choice we each make in the end. Just remember Benjamin Franklin's great quote which I paraphrase here: "Revolutions are always illegal in the third person such as 'their revolution', but they are never illegal in the first person such as 'our revolution'." I guess Edward Snowden just hit his limit. It's not the same as my limit I think, but I understand where he's coming from.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

-What is the Law? When Progressives Eat Their Own

I was compelled to watch the insipid, childishly annoying 'Real Time' on HBO, only because the great Kevin Williamson was one of the guest panelists. While refreshing to see how a Real Conservative remains composed during the tired repetitive schtick of the host (all conservatives are the devil of some sort and are easy to offend) I choose not to link the show or the host, because they don't need my help. 
What became immediately apparent is that "damage control" across multiple media outlets has been readily deployed. The 'buffone' that HBO has appointed as some sort of righteous vanguard of liberalism had stuck to the narrative that moral equivalence is the rule of the day, law and history be damned. 
The "progressives" of the sixties and seventies that claimed the moral high-ground when confronted with the bumbling of the Nixon administration and repeat it again at the time of the Reagan infractions, are now confronted with something more insidious and of their own design. 
As the left continues to look for distractions on the right, they realize the juicy marrow that the new media wantonly seeks is within their bones. 
Bob Dole? Seriously, that's how the left wants to proceed? The tired mantra that Republicans are too conservative (who? when? and How?) and that Ronald Reagan was the anti-christ will continue to percolate from state run media outlets for the duration of June. The leftist media shills point to a recent interview with Dole where he said that Reagan would not succeed within the current Republican party. Reagan is long dead, and Bob Dole hasn't had political relevance since he lost to Clinton.
That's all they have. Sure, some Republican from some lesser known precinct may make a stupid statement any day now, but it really isn't enough to distract people away from the blatant lawlessness and offensive behavior of the current administration. Its really becoming quite a spectacle.
Even the New York Times was finally shamed into admitting the administration is now untrustworthy, although they have since reverted to typical liberal cowardice.
HBO, being the last faulty tower of progressivism has taken to remember the passing of Reagan as a reminder of how evil he was. Don't look at the current administration mining and harvesting data of 10's of millions of citizens, or establishing kill lists or how our people were left to die in Benghazi, no, the time is ripe to exhume the corpse of Reagan, desecrate it, defecate on it and parade it around.
I went back to Iran Contra; it is minuscule by comparison to what is currently being perpetrated on the American people.
Howling pundits proudly thump their pigeon chests and pronounce that "Reagan Broke The Law!"
Reagan admitted it, and apologized and we moved on. Reagan wanted those American hostages unharmed and returned home. The left reminds us that it doesn't matter, because The President must obey the law.
I ask the same people: "What Law did Obama observe when he left those men to die in Libya?"
"What Law is Obama observing when the rights of all Americans are being trampled?"
To them, it is inconsequential and a fact of life. Obama is protecting us. He, like the paternal images of Papa Joe Stalin, is not our President, but our protector. Laws can be broken by him to keep us safe from our selves, after all it was Nixon, Reagan and W that established the precedent.
The other revision by the left is in response to the "Nixon" accusations.
As Maher said : "Well everything Nixon did is legal nowadays" where Kevin Williamson quickly replied : "Breaking and Entering is legal?"
Get used to it. The new tact from the left is the Fourth Amendment has long been invalidated, Nixon was wrong but now Obama is right. Why let the Constitution stand in the way of safety. Liberty is meaningless without security.
I did hear one of the guests on the program actually turn Ben Franklin on his head: to paraphrase, we enjoy too much freedom therefore we have become less secure. 
This is what is considered "modern progressive thought"? 
Soon enough though, the proponents of modern progressive thought will be confronted by the mutants that have willfully ingested their pablum during the last half dozen years. 
Now, they can't show a Reagan Documentary to them and demand obedience. Nor can they discuss All the Presidents Men any longer with a straight face.
They have eaten their legacy, and now the mob of "progressive things" (Part Man, Part Failed Ideology) will rise-up and and demand a bit more than an explanation. 
I have faith in the crowd. It is not so much a herd of sheep being lead to a sheering, but a mixture of hybrids that can only be lead around so much before they revert to unruly behavior. The same animal behavior that the "progressive thinkers" were initially attracted to.
The lesson of Dr. Moreau's final moments is being acted out by the modern followers of liberalism.
I wonder if Obama will throw Hillary into the crowd to escape the wrath, or are the two joined at the hip?
Maybe Hillary recants her Benghazi role and dumps on Dear Leader? This gives her back the liberal high ground, because right now, she's about as attractive as a pair of old shoes.
Joe Biden will walk away from this unscathed. 
Advice to conservatives and republicans: sit back, choose your words carefully, but stay out of the way of the unruly mob.

- The Guardian Is No Lapdog

The guardian is totally trashing the NYTimes and the esteemed 'network news' organizations. And in the process they are tearing Obama a new one. Day, after day, after day, after day, it's one revelation after another about how team Obama has been abusing its authority, and violating the trust of the American voter and taxpayer. At this point it's not a one two punch, it's more like a one, two three, four, five punch. And then a kick in the side for good measure. Every day it's a new scandal revealed and a new controversy raised.

Fox news has been saying things like this for ages, but everyone knows that when you are as hated in government as fox news is, you aren't going to get this kind of access. So the guardian seems to be doing all the work that the US news reporters have been refusing to do. How horribly embarrassing for them. To be shown to be a bunch of useless, bought off yes men by a British newspaper. To have their lack of credibility so blatantly displayed for the whole world to see. How horrid that must be.

Friday, June 7, 2013

- Making Liberals A Little Sadder

Somewhere there is a liberal throwing a tantrum right now. I forget what actually got me on the kick, but a while back I decided to make one of my black rifles, a little blacker.

As many of you know, I have an AK47 (Romanian Semiautomatic WASR) and in its original form it had the Beech stock that is the traditional look for the third world's favorite gun. It more or less looked like it was ripped from the mitts of a 15 year old west African child soldier, or a member of the jihadi faithful. But then I did this to it:

I pulled all the wooden parts and replaced them with polymer furniture from Tapco, then added a BP-02 low rise side rail, and a Chinese knockoff of an Aimpoint Red dot scope. Not only do these changes not affect the workings of the firearm at all, they also don't push any closer to violating the monumentally idiotic NJ "Assault Weapons" ban. But they do make the gun look much more frightening for a liberal - which I confess I find entertaining.

The gun shoots no differently. It's just as reliable, just as accurate (or inaccurate depending on your perspective) and fires the same cartridge it always did. the red dot scope is an interesting feature. It's nowhere near the quality of the Aimpoint scope it's designed to copy, but it's also nowhere near the price. And I'm not going into combat, I'm just going to the rifle range every once in a while. The Chinese quality is more than enough for me.

So somewhere a liberal thinks I've put a child in greater danger even though nothing but the look of things is changed.

- They Have Frith's Number After All!

... and his phone calls, his web searches, his various clothing and shoe sizes, his REAL golf handicap, and on and on and on.

I still argue that government is far too incompetent to do anything either useful or evil with it, but score one for the mildly paranoid guy from the beach. He definitely called it.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Deal in Asbury Park

I thought I would post a quick thought about the Governor Christie's decision to call a special election for the Senate. The talk is that the Governor will appoint David Samson as a placeholder. This will make the Governor look decisive, while at the same time appearing neutral.

By the way things are shaping up today, only Steve Lonegan has declared unequivocally that he will run for the Senate as a Republican. The centrist candidates will complain that they did not have enough time to put together a campaign, but I think none of them wants to risk a major election loss against the formidable Cory Booker. Candidates will need to have their petitions with 1,000 signatures filed by June 10.

I like Lonegan a lot, but Booker will cream him. Once this happens, the right of the Republican party will be weakened, which will permit Christie to claim more of the center, without declaring his stance on any particular issue. It is a brilliant strategy.

I would also not count out that calling for a special election was part of a deal that brought the President to Convention Hall. Senator Lautenberg had not been well for some time. Booker is a rising star.  A run against Lonegan keeps Booker on the trajectory that Democrats want.

For conservatives, Asbury Park rips the bones from your back.  For Lonegan, it may be a last chance power drive.

%%%%% Update %%%%%%%

Chiesa is the placeholder and Booker is circulating petitions.  Whether Pallone goes quietly will be interesting.  If he does not, he may be the next victim of the Google Purge.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IRS Meets with "Communications" Pit Bull, Stephanie Cutter

I picked the 2 legged cat as the symbol for my first May 15, 2013 post about news reports that the IRS targeted certain organizations for special treatment. We were told it was all because of a few rogue agents in Cincinnatti. I felt then that, like the 2 legged cat, there was, "more to this IRS story than we are now seeing." Later, on May 23, 2013, I speculated that the Obama campaign harvested information from the IRS to incorporate into its campaign software. I then looked closely at IRS questionnaires, which laser-ed in on the Facebook presence for the tax exemption applicant.

It tuns out that Google Street View did not capture the 2 legged cat image. It's a fraud. What a perfect choice of the image of this IRS story!

Politico has talked about an Obama rotating crisis management team that includes current and former staffers Dan Pfeiffer, David Plouffe Jennifer Palmieri, David Axelrod, Jim Messina, Stephanie Cutter, Robert Gibbs, Anita Dunn and Eric Schultz. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Cutter served as one of Michelle Obama's key aides, and later became spokesperson for Barack Obama's transition team.  Into 2011, she "coordinated communications regarding health care reform."  From there she launched into a Deputy Campaign manager position for the President's re-election campaign that we all know ran an extraordinarily powerful ground game through social media.

Now, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House 118 times in 2010 and 2011. These visits were a perfect time to turn over thumb drives containing the information that the Obama campaign, I speculate, used to take "deep dives into exactly where each demographic and regional group was trending at any given moment."

Who else do we now know attended some of these meetings? Stephanie Cutter: "... many of those meetings were for health care implementation. I was in them with him. So there is nothing nefarious going on."


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

- Dick Armey Is Spot On

-Karen Kenney vs the IRS

"We're the San Fernando Patriots... Not Occupy Oakland."
Must watch.

Monday, June 3, 2013

- Why Is It Always NJ?!

New Jersey Man Who Named Son After Adolf Hitler Shows Up For Family Court Hearing Wearing Full Nazi Uniform

This certainly pushes the limit of what NJ is prepared to put up with (which as a rule I view as a good thing) but could you think of a way for this guy to be any less sympathy inducing?!

The New Jersey man who is fighting to regain custody of his young children--one of whom he named Adolf Hitler Campbell--showed up today for a Family Court hearing wearing a full Nazi uniform and a Hitler mustache.

Heath Campbell, founder of the Hitler’s Order hate group, appeared this morning at a Flemington, New Jersey courthouse for a closed hearing on his request for visitation with his youngest child, a two-year-old boy.


- Frank Lautenberg Dead At 89

No jokes, no insults. This isn't the time for such things.

A longtime NJ Senator has died.

I dissaproved of virtually his every public act and he may have been the most anti-gun Senator in Washington. But that's no reason to speak ill.

When Barack has Your Back, it Looks Like Ocean Grove.

"Seven months ago, I promised you that your country would have your back."
"Part of the reason I wanted to come back here was not just to send a message to New Jersey, but send a message to folks in Oklahoma: When we make a commitment that we’ve got your back, we mean it."

May 28, 2013, Barak Obama in Asbury Park, N.J.

After having funded boardwalk repairs to Asbury Park to the north of Ocean Grove and to Bardley Beach to the south of Ocean Grove, on May 31, 2013, FEMA denied the second appeal of Ocean Grove for funds to rebuild its boardwalk.  A FEMA spokesman declined to comment.

- Where (I Wonder) Did Lisa Jackson Learn This?!

Lisa Jackson, Obama hack, ex EPA-head and now Apple 'government relations' staffer, used a pseudonym extensively while at the EPA, and it's resulted in a mini-scandal of sorts. It allowed her to obscure her communications and various administrative acts, and to make "the most transparent administration in history" seem perfectly transparent while being anything but.

But as we in NJ know, before she went to Washington, Ms Jackson was the woman in charge of the NJ DEP. Her leadership was most famous for the way that even her division's staff biologists made fun of her 'rainbows and unicorns' style of policy making, and the way the courts had to step in to keep her from mandating an environmental disaster.

And when I saw this piece is the Washington Times, it got me thinking. I wonder where she learned all this 'fake email' nonsense. I wonder if it's a common practice of all the NJ staffers. It seems the kind of thing that the gaggle of union thugs and criminal minded types that work in Trenton would do. I'll bet if the NJ media were a little more interested in revealing the truth than carrying politician's water, they'd find a bunch of people in Trenton doing the same.

Maybe someone ought to look into it.