Thursday, July 18, 2013

Be White

I was in the office till about 9 last night, listening carefully to what some ordinary people were saying.  As I was driving near to home, I was still looking closely at how people people behave in certain situations and listening carefully to what they say. So I just wanted to relate a little of what I saw and heard of the national discussion about race as it took place among the those that are our future.  

I went down Springwood Ave. in Asbury Park, which up until the 1960's had jazz clubs, grocery stores, restaurants and parades. The Asbury Park High School had one of the most powerful brass sections you could imagine. The entire world has heard echos of that sound with the Miami Horns that back up Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and Bruce and the E Street Band.  It makes me sad that sound and that place is gone.

I was on the south side last night, waiting to make a right turn from old Springwood Ave. (They changed the name to Lake Ave. after the riots) onto Main, when a group of about 8 or 9 12 or 13 year old girls crossed the 4 lanes of main, heading toward the west side of the tracks. They took their time crossing the 4 lanes. Someone blew a horn. Upon hearing the horn, the slowest walking girl slowed even more, straightened her back and scowled.  She was ready to confront whoever.

About 3 minutes later, I parked near the Great Auditorium at home. There was a group of 8 or 9 kids, 12 or 13 years old near the ice cream store. A girl walked out onto the street and the driver of an oncoming car reacted. A boy in the group said, "Hey there was a car coming ... Be white."



Disturber said...

I grew up in New Jersey but live in California. I graduated from high school in 1960, Montclair High. Our class and our schools generally were integrated. While there wasn't much interracial dating, there was plenty of interracial socializing. I have gone back for high school reunions and have welcomed and been welcomed by my African American classmates who attend the reunions in the same proportions and with the same enthusiasm as the rest of us. Among my classmates are doctors, lawyers, professionals of all sorts, engineers, you name it, Black and White. If there was racism in those days, it was minimal. I can't recall a single incident over the thirteen years of being in the Montclair school system where race was an issue. I visited the homes of Black classmates on many occasions and vice versa. They were families just like mine and we were barely making it in those days.

Fast forward to today. Things are terrible. I have never experienced such racial polarization, hostility and hopelessness than exists at present.

I am not going to try to diagnose all this, but I will say that my greatest disappointment with the present occupants of the White House is their complete and utter failure to lead on this issue. Sadly, Black ethnic culture has some dysfunctional elements most obvious of which are the family breakdown, the preponderance of fatherless homes and lack of male parental responsibility. The celebration of a thug culture and the tolerance of criminal behavior. The lack of respect for education. Overlaid on these elements are the race hustlers including Jackson and Sharpton.

Instead of forcing kids to eat broccoli in school lunches - an effort that however well intentioned has failed, could not our first lady have spoken out about unwed parenting? Could she not have urged Black girls to stay in school and to do well? Could not our President have urged Black boys and young men along the same ways? Had they done so, their legacy would have been fixed in stone and celebrated for decades. But these are hard issues and to act as suggested would have required courage and commitment. Didn't happen and ain't going to happen.


phillyfanatic-finalrac said...

I am an old Cape May guy. Graduated from HS in 1956. Live in the soviet republic of Ca. We are in a nation of liberal activists who though out numbered have allowed PC baloney to rule the day in edu, social issues, our economy, and even in our military and border and energy policies. Race is just one item that libs love to exploit. They have never dealt with the black unemployment level, the horrid parenting of many families, out of wedlock kids, 40% incarcertion rate of young black men, gangs, drugs, guns et al. Never. Blame whitey has been their playbook. That has to stop. When blacks face up to those community facts, I think many whites will be willing to pitch in and aid those communities. IF not, then much of America will simply ignore them.

Sam Sewell said...

Fellowship of Minds publishes my article "No Matter What Color You Are"

Hello Sam, I sent your article to Dr. Eowyn at Fellowship of minds blog spot. She gets visitors from all over the world including from Vatican City.
She posted it today.