Saturday, August 31, 2013

- Gang Raping For Trayvon

Police say two women, ages 32 and 24, were reportedly attacked and sexually assaulted by a group of 10 to 12 black male juveniles in Kosciuszko Park at about 6:54 p.m. Thursday. According to police, the suspects, who range in age from 12 to 17-years-old, remain on the loose.

Thank god the women were disarmed thanks to Delaware's highly restrictive firearm laws, or we might have had a 'civil rights' issue on our hands.  Oh how horrible that might have been.

I guess a few gang rapes here and there are just part of the cost when you're willing to subvert your entire legal system in the quest for racial justice.   The article says nothing about the race of the women.  My thinking is that they were probably not white or CBS Philadelphia would have neglected to report it at all.

-Woke up this Morning and it was yesterday again

A nightmare? A prank? A Practical Joke?
(the following post has several poignant links)
No... I endured a strange list of rationale for Syrian intervention from the same people - 10 years ago, that said they were anti-war at all cost.
We have an American President that ran on an anti-war platform, a Secretary of State that Fabricated a tale of terror and horror in order to vilify not only the government that gave him the uniform, but the brave men that served and died while in combat in Vietnam. 
Yesterday afternoon was stomach churning. While I am tuned to CNBC because of the office, I am entreated to the Hawkish rhetoric of the left and there transmogrified media pets that claimed the anti-war high ground ten years ago. John Harwood, a psychotic defender of the administration, was breathless in his demand that America see something in the nothing that was about to happen.
We had praises heaped upon John Kerry for sounding like Churchill by that moron Sullivan at CNBC. I've read more than enough histories and biographies to hold my tongue. I won't serve bullsh!t, nor will I willingly eat it and pretend it's foie gras
We all know that lobbing a missile into Syria to make a political point is not going to happen. If it does, to borrow a phrase, like poking a hornet's nest with a stick! The Obama Administration painted itself into a corner. They supplied the paint, the brushes and the corner, however we will pay for the real estate, the materials and the shoddy workmanship.
We already endured the creeping failure of Obama's Middle East policy and are still reaping the returns on Hillary Clinton's awful furtherance of regional destabilization.  
Ten years ago, there were anti-war marches all over the civilized world, but not a peep. International Answer's own website shows that they have been quiet as a churchmouse since 2005. Not a peep.
In Bizarro World over at the NY Times, you can read the comments applauding and aligning with our new adventures in old Syria. Its different now because its their guys waving the saber. It didn't take long, but some old hippies crawled out of the bongwater to rue the day. At least there is some consistency. One cheeky fellow even goes as far as comparing Kerry's speech to Colin Powell's to justify his support!
Yesterday, a young co-worker that proudly said he voted for Obama twice demanded that I share his opinion that we should lob a missile into Syria. I asked why he voted for Obama in the first place. He said that I was not going to get him to admit that he fell for the anti-war candidate
In a strange backpedal, he said that it was Bush's fault for destabilizing the region and that we are still paying for it. Frightening butchery of logic. Another co-worker remarked that both Kerry and Obama were great orators and that was his reason for voting for Obama. I reminded them that Mussolini was a tremendous orator and convinced the impoverished masses of Italy to invade Ethiopia. I sould know  because my father was one of the poor slobs sent to North Africa by that "gifted orator".
GASP! How dare you compare a fascist war-monger to a liberating pacifist!!!
I assume we will hear more of the same in days leading up to nothing.  I'm sure the anti-war movement is gearing up to respond.

Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Keys to Get to My Data

Once I made the wild association that President Obama and the Russians are feuding over Edward Snowden, I tracked some of the stories about NSA leaking. Maybe sometime I will put some of my crazy observations on a timeline. I look at leaked stories like these, and reactions to them, as the point and riposte of high level ongoing "discussions." The contents of the stories are far less important than who is saying what when.

Soon after I saw a Kommersant article as the Russians walking back their involvement with Mr. Snowden, Fidel Castro came out of retirement to call it a lie and libel.  Thatsa big gun there.  The lie that Castro felt compelled to deny was that U.S. pressure, exerted as Mr. Snowden was about to board a flight from Moscow to Havana, made Cuba revoke his travel plan authorization.  After all, Presidente Castro relates that Kommersant is a well known “counter-revolutionary” and “mercenary” newspaper. So maybe the Russian oligarchs and not the revolutionaries are behind taking Snowden in?

But seriously, Mr. Snowden is a bad man. All you need to do is read that paragon of journalistic integrity and guru on National security matters, the Washington Post to know that. "U.S. spy agencies have built an intelligence-gathering "colossus" (The Forbin Project?) since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 ..." So there is a $56.2 billion black budget.  Big deal.

After pages of breathless panting while describing the growth of the CIA, the Post comes the money discussion about signals intelligence.  This years budget promises a renewed “focus . . . on safeguarding classified networks” and a strict “review of high-risk, high-gain applicants and contractors.” Also, the “NSA will initiate a minimum of 4,000 periodic reinvestigations of potential insider compromise of sensitive information” and will scan its systems for “anomalies and alerts.” So we have a leaky boat, but don't think you Russians will get away with it again!

NSANet keeps an "air gap" between it and the outside world. To manage the network, system administrators like Snowden had to use portable media. Now think for a minute about Lois Lehrner, who visited the White House 118 times, while her agency gathered information from organizations like True the Vote. Thanks to Mr. Snowden, NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander disclosed plans to reduce the number of system administrators on NSA networks by 90 percent. He has also talked about the NSA moving to a two-key system for data access and transfer that requires human intervention

Who could argue against such a two key access to all "private data" that the feds hold? For petulant one on Pennsylvania Ave., that's real pain.  I think I am jealous of Mr. Snowden, with all those Russian women around him.

- The ATF Is Back In Business

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  Actually that's true.  The Senate has confirmed former 'interim' director of the ATF B. Todd Jones as the 'actual' boss.  And liberals are all excited about it.

Why are they worked up?  Because they see the ATF as a major part of their war on private firearm ownership, and they feel like they've been missing one leg of their three leg stool.  Their gun strategy amounts to this:

Part 1: They attack the most law abiding members of the firearm community. At both the state (where possible) and the Federal level there are constant attempts to pass more laws making it more difficult for someone to own a firearm legally.  Study after study (including this new one from Harvard no less) has determined that this doesn't reduce violence, but that's not the point.

Liberals know that you can't order around an armed population, so they do what they can to make sure fewer and fewer people are willing to go to the trouble to be armed.  This includes personal restrictions including things like medical requirements, and the imposition of new taxes to make actually owning a firearm more expensive.  Law abiding citizens don't put up nearly as much resistance as gang members who are actually killing people, so that's where cowardly liberals attack.

Part 2:  Liberals use the minutiae of firearm engineering to try to restrict access to specific firearm types.  The ridiculous "assault weapons ban" was an example of this, where you could only have so many 'evil features' on a gun.  Andrew Cuomo's "seven bullets to kill a deer" is another example.  California's attempt to ban lead ammunition on environmental grounds is a third.  In some places (NJ) they have gone so far as to mandate technology which doesn't actually exist - like so called 'smart gun' technology where only the certified user can fire a weapon, or the functionality can be remotely disabled by the government if it feels the need.

Part 3:  The Third leg is the bureaucratic attack on the sellers, which the left thinks has been missing lately.  It was the ATF which was being used in this way.  By requiring that no i be left undotted nor T uncrossed on any of the paperwork anywhere, and that the paperwork itself be stored in climate controlled environment for 12 gazillion years, the ATF can be used to shut down gun dealers almost at will.

No matter how devoted a business is to doing things legally, if the paperwork requirements are broad enough and confusing enough, well intentioned errors will occur.  And if they don't, even things which wouldn't be considered errors can be treated as such (like in the link above).

Liberals love that kind of option because it's a 'back door' where you take out one individual business at a time.  And 'underfunded' as the agency might be, it's tough for a single citizen or business to stand up to it.  This makes the ATF attack on firearm ownership a path of least resistance.

 Most recently it was the ATF who managed the "Fast and Furious" gunrunning program which became a scandal when guns were illegally sold by the agency to Mexican gun runners, who then used the firearms to kill US law enforcement officials.  Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for intentionally stonewalling the investigation of this issue and was eventually protected from offering testimony by the president claiming executive privileged.

But for liberals, a few deaths are a small price to pay if it means making guns harder for law abiding citizens to own.  And since "Fast and Furious" has been flushed down the memory hole by the media, they feel its time to get the ATF back out there closing gun dealers wherever they can.

There are lots of ways you can run a bureaucracy.  It can be used to make things run smoothly and safely, or it can be used to obstruct commerce at every turn.  The left would like to see the ATF performing function number 2, in fact, they'd call anything else a failure.  According to them, law abiding citizens are THE ONLY people the ATF shouldn't sell guns too.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

CBS Chicago tells us the story of the horribly exploited yet noble laborer Tyree Johnson who claims to have worked at McDonalds for 21 years, but is still working for minimum wage.

I get that this speaks precisely to liberal fantasies about how the private sector works and the need for government intervention in the free market, but it's an obvious lie.  In fact, if this story is true, I'll run the New York Marathon in a pair of leather chaps, an "I Love Obama" T-shirt with the big rainbow O symbol, and nothing else.

My Johnson is worthy of way more attention than the Johnson the ridiculous left is showing us in this story. 

He Lived to Fight Another Day

This Syria war story has been funny to watch. To set the table a little bit, let's go back to February of 2013, when the President said, “What’s important to understand is that not everyone will feel the pain of these cuts right away, the pain, though, will be real.” A few weeks later, there was a March 13, 2013 photo showing the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) all in a line at NS Norfolk. Something about planning ahead seems askew ...

If we play "Where Are They Now?" a little bit, the Nimitz and the Truman are in the Arabian Sea. The Truman passed Gibraltar heading out on August 3, 2013. The Washington and the Vinson are in port. That leaves no big sticks in the Mediterranean, only a couple of cruisers.

With Syria, Obama has done the equivalent of poking the bees nest with a little stick. The Chinese fire drill ensues, with the Russians evacuating non-essential personnel because the U.S. was acting like a monkey with a hand grenade. The Russians, I think, gave great comfort to their people with the hand grenade part of this brilliant turn of a phrase. They have endured far worse. Take cover for a little bit, until the U.S. is distracted by something else. Don't bother with the nuclear attack preparations.

Now, Obama backs away from an immediate strike for whatever reason. It doesn't matter. You can put a list of reasons on a wheel and spin it. But in the meantime, the Russians are sending a "large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet" and a "Rocket cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet" into the Mediterranean. The rocket cruiser is the Moscova, a Slava-class cruiser that is built around the the P-500 Bazalt missile. This is a liquid fueled supersonic missile with a 550 km range and a payload of 1,000 kg, which allows it to carry a 350 kt nuclear or a 950 kg semi-armor-piercing high explosive warhead.

Then the obligatory statement that the redeployment of Russian Naval vessels in the Mediterranean Sea is part of a planned rotation. This of course has nothing to do with making the deployment a carrier battle group in the Mediterranean far more difficult, and dare I say costly. That is real pain.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

- Vacation's End

The smell of Gator crap is very specific and memorable.  Once you know the smell it sticks with you, and can be easily identified forever.  It's really nothing like the natural smell of the southern swamps, which has more in common with the smell of a greenhouse than... well.. than gator crap. Once you know that smell, you brain files it in a section that doesn't ever let it go.  You could no more mistake the smell of coffee with the smell of peaches.  It's very unique.

So the punchline to this olfactory missive is that as I was running around the bayou to keep up with my Marathon training, it was very easy for me to identify every place that hosted a gator whether I could see the thing or not.  In the end this was more of a problem this time than a blessing. 

When you run down south, you really want to get finished before the sun clears the top of the trees.  The difference between the temperature in the shade and the temperature in the sun is often 20 degrees in the summertime.  And if you're trotting along next to a sandy riverbank with easy reptilian access, and smelling that familiar gator crap smell, and you know you are traveling at way less than gator sprinting speed, you will really not want to be coping with the effects of heat stroke if you can avoid it.

Yes, that's what happened to me.  It's no big deal.  I was fine of course.  The gators took no notice of me.  And although I was nervous about it, all it amounted to was (shamefully) slowing down to a walk until my peripheral vision returned.  I was on mile 8 of my 11 mile training run which started tragically late.  And even with 1/3 of a mile of walking I still finished it at roughly 9 minutes 40 seconds per mile.  I blame it entirely on the vision of having to fight off an ambitious reptile if I looked so infirmed that I had to stop.

This was my first vacation from the blog... really ever.  Thanks very much to Frith and Ika for picking up the slack.  I actually tried to post something while on vacation but I was confronted with an annoying phenomenon.  Google, the company that hosts all the blogspot blogs, saw that I was logging in from a different location than normal and decided not to let me in until I gave them my cell phone number.

This of course was a scam by Google.  If I were some hacker, there would be no reason I couldn't just give them a different cell phone number and respond accordingly to the text they would send.  What it really was, was an attempt by Google to get their hands on my cell phone number, which they currently do not posses. Cell phone numbers , and your subsequent location, is the territory that Google has staked out in their effort to conquer the world.  And being the obnoxious type I am, I have decided to deny them mine.

I'm under no illusions about it.  I'm a middle aged suburban white guy.   I break no laws, I plot no overthrows, I don't even have a mistress.  There is nothing inherently important or embarrassing about my personal data that I feel I need to deny them for it's own sake.  And if they had it all already (and maybe they do), it would almost certainly bore them out of their minds.  So to be perfectly frank about it, the only reason I insist on denying it to them, is because they want it so badly.  Chalk it up to being Irish.

Anyway that's why you haven't heard from me for so long.  I sent Frith a text explaining the situation, and he leapt in take my place for a while.  How ironic that the guy with the huge 'big data' concern had to fill in while I tried to evade 'big data'.  To his credit, not once did he say "I told you so."

There is much ado in the world and of course I'll have things to say about it.  My favorite bit of media irony today comes from it being the anniversary of the famous "I have a Dream" MLK speech.  In memorial to the 'content of their character' bit, murder suspect Demtruis Glenn decided to commemorate it by slandering his 88 year old WWII vet victim by claiming that when he and his compatriots were beating him to death, it was because they were buying crack cocaine from him

I think that pretty much shows the content of his character huh?  In fact, given the effect that 40 years of welfare, affirmative action, and the 'war on poverty' has had on the character of most American black men, maybe they should go back to being judged by their color of their skin instead.  Seems like there is nothing there but upside to me.  Maybe we could ask one of their baby-mamas, their parole officer or the guy who cashes their unemployment checks to act as a reference.

  Content of their character sounds fine on paper, but what if your character is awful?  What then?  I guess they really want to be judged on the quality of their victim-hood or something.  And since that's determined by the color of their skin, the grievance industry, the media and the left seem to have gotten it 100% wrong...again.

On the upside for them though, victimhood seems to remain strong no matter how many helpless geriatrics, or visiting baseball players get killed "for the fun of it".  Someone somewhere is saying that's the fault of latent racism on the part of the dead guy.

Also, I wonder how much these kids look like Barak Obama son?  Much do you think?  Would Obama have been beating 88 year old white guys to death if he were 16 today, or would he have stuck to smashing latino's heads into the concrete?

And thank god none of the dead guys had a gun huh?  Just think of the tragedy that might have befallen the world if they had 'stood their ground!'  At least they had the good manners to simply let themselves be shot and beaten to death.  I'm sure the folks at the news networks are all very relieved.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Dish Served Cold

I feel a great deal of kindred spirit with the Russians. I am not sure why. Of all the locations in the world, I studied theirs more intensively than any other, save for England. Their women may well be the most beautiful in the world. Maybe that's it!

I will give the Russians a wider berth by far than any other identity out there. A culture that knows silent contempt for authority emerged from the dictatorship of the proletariat. They stalk their quarry with extraordinary intelligence. There is no need to publish affirmation before executing a decision. What is the point, if your adversary will never be convinced that you should have what you want? Russians endured unthinkable privation, before they achieved success. They strike when their action will achieve the greatest impact.

Russian action does not seem brutal when it is done well. Setting Somali pirates adrift in a leaky boat is a good example.  The Russians cited “the absence of a legal base to carry out prosecution procedures against pirates” as justification.  This is a totally accurate statement under the law of the sea applied to the enemies of humanity (Hostis humani generis).  Russian shipping was harassed no more.

After studying history, I believe that we mistakenly perceive governments and nations as being larger than they are. Their decisions are no bigger than the people make them. Those people are a flawed as you and I.  Presently, we have a Secretary of State that is pathologically incapable of accurately assessing a complex situation. Our President moves to action when he has been disrespected. He is petty and petulant.

To me, it seems obvious that Assad knows how to retain power.  Baathists learned all they know from Stalin.  The Syrian "rebels" are desperate.  Their cause has assumed little to no real estate location in the mainstream media.  The gas attacks on their own little more than a Haditha on steroids.

But, the response of the United States is different this time.  The President now uses cover from a Secretary of State who has power of discernment of an Easter Island statute.  What high Obama priority did the Russians disrespect?

Now comes a report in Kommersant, that walks back the Russian involvement with Edward Snowden. “His choice of itinerary and his request for help were an absolute surprise for us. We did not invite him,” a Russian official told the newspaper.

In the meantime, Russian military operations must react to the "evolving" situation in Syria. At great expense, which is Obama's object of this exercise.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyone Loves Hikes!

An Eclectic, Leaderless Network

Cory Booker will not release his tax returns. Instead, he joined the national conversation about race: "You drink deeply from the wells of liberty and freedom that you did not dig." He is a smiling fresh face, new on the scene.

The news for the opposition, as it comes up in my past 24 hours news search, is that he Steve Lonegan Sides With Rand Paul In Chris Christie Feud, Says Sandy Aid Was 'Over The Top'. If you follow the link, it is a blog that re-posted a huffpo piece. It commands the first page real estate for the "Steve Lonegan" search query on my home machine.

This will be a repeating theme. Lonegan will pound his head into a brick wall over and over. The media will link him to "extreme conservatives" like Rand Paul and the Tea Party. It matters not that Governor Christie endorsed Lonegan.  Likeweise, you might never know that Lonegan distanced himself from the Tea Party, in a great turn of a phrase, when he called it an, "eclectic, leaderless network." I thought I would put that up in the title, because you really need to dig to to learn he said that.

Booker will not respond to anything Lonegan says. This is out of the Christie playbook. As long as Christie was ahead of Corzine in the polls, we would say nothing about policy. There is no reason to risk saying anything when you are ahead. Only if Lonegan draws blood by showing a tightening in the polls will Booker say anything. If he does, the first move will be to shore up the base.

In the meantime, the media will widely carry Booker's quote, which is a classic glittering generality. You show your connection to something that everybody understands, like here "liberty" and "freedom."  Then Booker's campaign employs the Styrofoam column counterbalance, "that you did not dig."

I am sure that the focus groups put pretty high marks abut how they "felt" after hearing Booker's statement. As far as substance, he has said nothing. The Booker campaign is moving brilliantly.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How Not to Be Seen with Corzine

Yes, the Booker campaign really did this.

Double Down If You Stole One

I found the chart above I first saw at Zero Hedge.  So far only MisterMiss Manning and Edward Snowden have come out and said they gathered and removed data from the deep dark dirty dangerous NSA data waters.  At the bottom row of the graphic sits an analyst using a query program "to spot links or patterns in piles of data."  Do you really think that campaign analysts seeking to fine tune Presidential campaign messages didn't tap that gold mine?  

Now comes the rear guard action. The Obama blue ribbon panel appointed to examine to review NSA counter terrorism surveillance programs include a cast of the usual suspects.

Among them is Cass Sunstein, a former administrator of the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, having left that position in 2012. Sunstein “propos[ed] that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites — as well as other activist groups — which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government.”

With the White House Office of Information on your resume, who could say you're not qualified?  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

-When Regulation Creates a Flawed Condition, Create a New Reg to Fix It!

In a Slow News Week Something Hot!

Spanning the globe here at RFNJ, we bring you news that formerly No. 1 ranked Wang Shixian survived an early exit from the 2013 BWF World Championship by beating Hsiao Ma Pai 21-17, 21-23, 21-11 in 84 gruelling minutes of badminton. It was a hot match quite apparently.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Paranoia File

Now that I have mentioned the good old Google Purges, I thought I would add something to the paranoia file. The owner of Edward Snowden's secure email provider, Lavabit has put this statement up on their website:

I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I have decided to suspend operations. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot. I feel you deserve to know what’s going on--the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this. Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise.

Groklaw followed suit by shutting down its collaborative legal reporting operations that relied upon email, reasoning that, you don't expect a stranger to read your private communications to a friend. And once you know they can, what is there to say?

So how does this effect you? Just don't web search for "pressure cooker bombs” and “backpacks," because somewhere, somebody may run a search using NSA's XKeyscore program. You know, that's the tool that looks an awful lot like Facebook's Graph Search.

Would somebody in a political campaign use tools such as these to optimize their message delivery and keep that a secret? Who would think of such a thing! I guess a paranoiafile like me.

Now just so that the circle is complete here, I want to emphasize to anybody from the NSA that reads this to know that I like hand guns and very dangerous nuclear energy.  Have at it boys and girls.

Where Are They Now?

In law school my criminal law professor did a short "where are they now" presentation. Most of the defendants were dead or in jail from subsequent busts.

 In the past, I have talked on this blog about Fast & Furious and the role some key main Justice luminaries played. Lanny "Deep in the Cheese" Breuer, second only to Eric Holder in the DOJ, has taken on the a Vice Chair at Covington & Burling.  He he acts as a liaison between its clients and government officials.

Jason Weinstein is at Steptoe & Johnson.  He concentrates on white-collar criminal defense and privacy and data security matters by leveraging his DOJ experience in overseeing the "most significant cybercrime, data breach, intellectual property theft, and transnational organized crime investigations in the country."  He also,  "helped lead the DOJ's efforts to draft cybersecurity and data privacy legislation."

I thought of "where are they now" because a few months ago the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) released its report on the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of organizations for their political beliefs, finding this was due to "ineffective management." The contents of the report completely unimportant, except for for its entertainment value. The fact that it exists is another issue. Deliberative process executive privilege appears not capable of providing a legal defense to keeping most materials amd communications confidential.  Nevertheless, the report provides enough cover that the mainstream media has lost interest in the story.

In navigating around the report, and perhaps following behind civil litigation, Rep. Issa now seeks information about personal email accounts for Lois Lehrner. If she can't find them, maybe Jason Weinstein will represent her. They can ask Google, "Where are they now?"

The Google Purge is going to get every one of us eventually.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Admit Defeat and Gain Strength

I have always found anthropology to be an interesting study. It seems today that DNA genetics has removed some of the guesswork that characterized anthropology when I was in school.

One thesis genetics seems to support is that homo sapiens migrated out of Africa, along the shores of the Arabian peninsula and into India. The earliest routes of migration were along the shorelines and rivers. We are creatures of the water!

Somewhere along the way, generation after generation of moving from one place to the next, Haplogroup R1b came into being. People with this genetic makeup are concentrated in western Europe. From there, as people became better and better at travel, my people leaped out of Ireland at a time of extreme scarcity to travel throughout the world.

I have spent some time wondering about why some are alcoholic and some are not. There is a cluster of common alcoholic characteristics, including high intelligence, defiance, repulsion from orthodoxy, unruliness, works better in smaller groups, self-sabotaging, and the list can go on. What advantage is there to people like this?

They leave. Think of a paleolithic group of twenty to sixty individuals. When scarcity comes knocking, and the leadership allocates resources, there are those who thrive within the group. Then there are those who, as many an alcoholics has, seek a "geographical correction."  Chaos created the opportunity to make a better way of living.

The greatest geographical correction of all time was the great flood. Noah knew when to leave. But he grew a vineyard when prosperity followed.  From his alcoholic misery came the curse of Ham.  So as I see it, the failure of alcoholics is an accident of prosperity. Without alcoholics, our civilization wold not exist at all. It would be on the bottom of the sea that carried the ark.

On these pages I have posted some tongue in cheek stuff about my attraction for Linsay Lohan. After her months long stint in rehab, she has talked about knowing chaos. I know that chaos. She talked about surrender. I hope she has. It is the most important thing she will ever do. She is still pretty raw, but she can make it if she puts her sobriety first.

The title of this post is my two and a half year old variation on the surrender theme.  Many will say that putting your recovery out in the public is risky. Lindsay doesn't have that option. So I thought I would stand with her a little bit. Without those like us, earth people would not have any prosperity at all. I am proud of that.

My day count is 543.

Friday, August 16, 2013

- I'm Off On Vacation...

I'm off on vacation any minute now.  So rather than let you flounder about wondering what you were supposed to think about the quirks of modern life without the RFNJ staff to tell you (all conservatives get their ideas from the big brain at the top you know - just ask a liberal) I thought I'd leave with a few basic principles to focus on in my absence.  Nothing actionable.... just a few big picture issues to ponder in my absence.  Issues we should get to when we all have time.

1.  Disenfranchise almost everyone. 

People on the public dole don't deserve to vote.  In the modern welfare state they don't have to work, but if they want to complain about where the boat is going they should grab an oar like the rest of us.  Or they can sit there and take what they get.

The young are all idiots and shouldn't be allowed to vote either.  Try talking to a college kid about a few of the idiot catch phrases he's learned like "Democracy" or "Civil Rights".  As admirable as those ideas are, they are only really admirable if you actually think about them, which is something no kid that I've met seems to be capable of doing.   To them Democracy is a religion, and a civil right is anything from sodomy to a free beach house.  No one that dense should be voting.

2.  Government employees should all be forced to use government services.

If government offers a service, all the people in government should be required to use it.  Government employees should all have to have only Obamaphones, use only Medicare (or now Obamacare), and live in only public housing.  They should be denied the use of private vehicles and be forced to use subways and buses whenever the latter is available.  No other options should be available to them.  We'll see how much 'waste and fraud' there is after a year or two of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi schlepping back and forth to the projects.

3.  All elected officials should be required to reveal their IQ when they register to run for office.

 I could believe that Chuck Schumer has a high IQ.  Anthony Wiener is a deviant, and Mike Bloomberg is a monumental A-hole, but both are of at least average smarts.  But Maxine Waters?  Hank Johnson?  You are allowed to be of despicable character and still be an elected official.  But you should at least have to be smart about it.  The best part is, liberals certainly will think a law like this would help them and they'll go along with it too.  So if it purges a few idiot Republicans I say, so much the better.

 OK... I'm off to the beach.  See y'all in a few.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

- White Girl (Still) Bleed Alot

I met Colin Flaherty at dinner in NYC one night, courtesy of an invite from the Derb.  Colin is a journalist, and I got the impression he's more interested in the journalism side of this issue.  That is to say, he's not so much interested in the origins or justifications of the breathtaking surge in black on white violence as much as he's interested in how his brethren in the journalism industry are systematically ignoring it.

It's really a stunning case of selective editing.  The journalism industry is trying very very hard, at the sacrifice of their own credibility, to rewrite not just the past of the American experience but it's present as well.  They are the monkey with it's hand on it's eyes assuming that if they don't see it, it didn't actually happen.  Rather than acknowledging the symptoms so the illness can be treated effectively, they turn their heads, mutter their version of a prayer, and call for more leeches and blood letting.

But in spite of their willful distortion of the issue, the message is getting out to the public.  And in the face of the realization that the our civil institutions won't do what's necessary to protect them from this stunningly common occurrence, the citizenry instead are taking steps to protect themselves.  Colin was of the opinion that this must be contributing in some small way to the equally massive upswing in gun sales to private citizens.

There is no opinion in his book.  None that I could find anyway.  All he's doing is documenting the facts that are being ignored by the press, and in the process calling attention to how common this sort of thing is.  This isn't in some far away reservation like Camden, Detroit or Newark.  It's in suburbia.  It's at the county fair.  It's in all the places where people gather.  Which means it's within reach of you and your family.

You would do very well not to ignore it.  Buy the book.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

- California's New Ammo Licensing

The ever vigilant Charlie Cooke at NRO has noticed that the California State Senate has passed yet another piece of idiotic anti-gun legislation.  They are trying to impose an Ammo License.

But he failed to call attention to the even more idiotic logic of the guy who wrote the law:

“If you get out of Men’s Central Jail, or let’s say Pelican Bay or San Quentin prison, you can walk into any gun store in California and you can load up a U-Haul truck, fill it up with ammunition, you can drive to South Central Los Angeles…and sell all the ammunition you want on the black market,” he said.

Actually, there would be no need to do any of that because there is currently no black market for ammunition.  The gang bangers from south central can just drive over to the same sporting goods store you did and load up their own U-haul.  In fact, I'm pretty sure they have sporting goods stores right there in south central, so there is no need for a U-haul at all. 

Of course, once this law has passed there will absolutely be a black market for ammunition.  The only difference is that the U-haul will be loaded up in Arizona or Nevada.

So as is typical of all liberal laws, it will create the very problem that it's drafters intend it to eliminate.  The problem at the moment is fictitious, and after the law, it will become very real.

Let me ask you folks in California a question.  Is it a requirement that your politicians all be crazy imbeciles, or is there something left over from the 60's in the State house water supply? 

Monday, August 12, 2013

- Some "Stop And Frisk" Notes

NewYork's "Stop and Frisk" policy has been ruled unconstitutional

While I'm generally in favor of profiling based on... well honestly, pretty much anything that has it's basis in fact, I'm very dubious about the Stop and Frisk policy.  I don't think innocent citizens should ever be punished to protect the guilty.  Being stopped and frisked may not seem like such a big deal,but it's an burden that the parties involved have not earned in any way through their actions.  They're innocent, and shouldn't be subjected to the inconvenience.
 In other words, while I think any individual citizen should form judgements based on the facts and act accordingly to protect themselves, I think our government agents should be held to a slightly higher standard.  Young black men commit crimes at a much higher rate than the overall population.  But stopping and searching an individual black man is going too far unless that black man has provided probable cause.  Just being a part of a high crime group isn't enough. 

As for the "racism" charge inherent in the law, I find it the same as virtually all other racism charges.  I think it's nonsense.  Here are the charts that tell that story.  The stop and frisk stops vs the population fall out this way:

But the crime demographics fall out this way:


As you can see, stop and frisk is pretty close in terms of who commits crime in NY.  But while I think it is being applied realistic with regard to race, I think it's a poor policy none the less and I'm happy to see it go. 

Now if we could just give law abiding citizens the same odds of having a firearm on them as the criminals, things in New York would, in my opinion, being to improve with regard to liberty of the citizen.

- They Are All Trayvon Aren't They?

This could have been George Zimmerman.  Thankfully, George was armed and could defend himself  when Trayvon Martin went 4 minutes out of his way to smash his head into the pavement.  This guy wasn't quite as well prepared, and may pay for it with his life.  I wonder if any of his attackers were wearing a hoodie or carrying skittles.  I wonder if any of them looks at all like Barak Obama's son.

Personally I'd find it very gratifying emotionally to see a protest march, and a white guy who looks like Al Sharpton demanding the same kind of mob justice that he does.  We don't need to go as far as the new black panthers - demanding lynchings and putting a bounty on the assailant's head - but I'd definitely like to see a little political push back.

It won't be there though, because that isn't how civilized people behave.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

- Running Update

I learned to ski in a place called "Grey Rocks" in Quebec.  It was a small mountain dedicated to teaching, and the Canadians had a fanatical process that ski instructors had to go through in order to be certified to teach there.  (One year my teacher was also on the Canadian Women's Olympic Ski team, so they were no slouches).  The locals at nearby Mt. Tremblant disparagingly referred to the place as "the golf course" because of its small size, but while it was open it was widely considered the best ski school in North America. 

I went there two consecutive years, so I became quite familiar with the mental process a ski student goes through.  When you arrive, you had to be tested to see your level, and then they would put you with a group of 10 or 12 other students who were at about the same level as you.  You would then all work on developing the next set of skills.  But whether you were an intermediate skier (as I was the first year) or an advanced skier (as I was for my second) the mental dynamic is the same.

Quebec is desperately cold in the winter, even for skiers accustomed to it, so the first day everyone is blaming their poor performance on the cold and restricted movement from thicker clothing, or their chill from not wearing warmer gear already.  Almost no one comes out after lunch in the same clothes they wore in the morning, and whether their dress is thicker or thinner, they still blame the climate.

Days two and three, they begin blaming their gear.   They will be tightening or loosening their boots, changing to thicker or thinner socks, and pondering all manner of changes in equipment from longer or shorter or thicker or thinner skis, newly designed boots made with different materials, or new types of binding with different weight settings.   An instructor there once told me that they sell more new gear after day three than all other days combined. 

On days four and five of the 5 day course, people have largely gotten past their poor advanced conditioning and lack of courage, and are beginning to do better.  Some are attributing it to their new gear or that they are now properly dressed for the weather.  Others are convinced that they now have all the settings just right.  In reality, they have just learned more and practiced enough to perform up the level they had initially hoped to.

I find that I'm unwittingly going through the same sort of metal process with my running training. 

First I got rid of all of my cotton training gear and replaced it with synthetics - which really are MUCH more comfortable.  NJ's 100% humidity still has me sweating as if I'm running underwater, but the clothes wick it away better so I mind it less. 

And as my training lengths get up into the 8 or 10 mile per day "middle" range, I suddenly find myself wondering if my left knee wouldn't feel a little bit better with a different shoe, ala the "day 3 gear change".  I'm hoping this is just the same kind of nonsense some people went through while learning to ski, so I think I'll just tough it out a bit longer and see how it goes.

I ran 8 miles this morning @ 9:03 per mile.  On my training schedule Saturdays are my 'slow' run for the week.  I felt pretty good and could certainly have gone further, but it's taking so long to go that far that even with an audio book I'm finding myself getting a little bored.  I hear that's a common problem with longer runs.

Today at the 7 mile mark the boredom got so bad that I tried to imagine an angry mob of all the people I've sinned against in my life, running up behind me with torches and pitchforks.  "I can run faster if I'm being chased" was the mental quote that inspired it so I was hoping it might motivate me to a bit more speed.   

My ex-girlfriends were all there, still angry from their myriad of variously broken hearts, as was the few people I feel I've treated unfairly in business over the last decades.  I could see all their faces clear as day.  My dad was there too though he was just shaking his head in disgust like he usually does.  It didn't occur to me how he managed to keep up with the angry mob without spilling his beer, but it must have been a real challenge for him.

Anyway, when I look back at my split times on my phone I find the mental exercise didn't actually make me any faster, but it did make the time seem to go by better.  When I looked up I was 1.5 miles further on and I was surprised to learn it.  Still I don't imagine such a Catholic mental game is the kind of motivator that would appeal to everyone.

I feel as confident of finishing a Marathon as I ever did, but I am very anxious about my speed.  If I don't beat Oprah's time I'll be too ashamed to tell anyone about it.  So long as my mile time doesn't slip anymore than it has I should be OK, but I don't know what it will feel like to go from 10 miles to 20.  Besides, Oprah had professional training and dietary advice, while all I have is a training schedule I downloaded for free off the web, and a few pointers from my buddy's 'nurse' wife who is also a runner.

Maybe different shoes are the answer after all.

Friday, August 9, 2013

- A Brilliant Piece

When you read a sentence like this one:

What scholars of mental ability know, but have never successfully gotten the media to understand, is that a scientific consensus, based on an extensive and consistent literature, has long been reached on many of the questions that still seem controversial to journalists.

You know you're on the right track whatever the topic.  
This is from Jason Richwine's politico piece titled "Why Can't we Talk About IQ".  for those of you wondering, Dr. Richwine has been writing on this topic for some time.  I didn't know anything about it - it just happened to be what the Mrs. and I were talking about the other day. (She's still mad at me for it.)

Jason Richwine:

For example, virtually all psychologists believe there is a general mental ability factor (referred to colloquially as “intelligence”) that explains much of an individual’s performance on cognitive tests. IQ tests approximately measure this general factor. Psychologists recognize that a person’s IQ score, which is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, usually remains stable upon reaching adolescence. And they know that IQ scores are correlated with educational attainment, income, and many other socioeconomic outcomes.

In terms of group differences, people of northeast Asian descent have higher average IQ scores than people of European lineage, who in turn have higher average scores than people of sub-Saharan African descent. The average score for Hispanic Americans falls somewhere between the white and black American averages. Psychologists have tested and long rejected the notion that score differences can be explained simply by biased test questions. It is possible that genetic factors could influence IQ differences among ethnic groups, but many scientists are withholding judgment until DNA studies are able to link specific gene combinations with IQ.

I believe this issue is central to one of the great injustices of our time.   You should send this piece to everyone you know.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

- Christie Shreds The Consitution

Chris Christie signed the raft of new gun regs the legislature sent him that were designed to prohibit the legal ownership of firearms by law abiding citizens.  Most of them are just expansions of the already ridiculous NJ laws, but I think one in particular stands out.

From now on if your name is on the terrorist watch list, you are banned from obtaining a firearm legally in New Jersey.  Which means that going forward, you'll have to buy your guns in that Parking lot in Paterson where the Bloods and Crips get all of theirs.

One of the new laws will disqualify any person on the federal terrorist watch list from obtaining firearms identification cards or permits to purchase handguns.

The upshot of this is that we 1,000,000 gun owners in New Jersey can now all expect to be put on the terrorist watch list.  It doesn't give the government the authority to confiscate existing weapons, but I'm sure Bryan Miller, NJ's one man anti-gun movement, has got something in the works for that too.

The terrorist watch list itself is secret, and there is no process for having your name removed once it's been added.  (I guess the way you find out you've been added is when you attempt to buy a gun and can't.)  So once you're on it, you have in effect had your second amendment rights suspended.

This is a suspension of a constitutional right, without due process.  No conviction - hell, not even an accusation.  And your rights have been eliminated.

For those of you looking to run against Christie in the Republican primary in 2016, I know where you can find about 1,000,000 active donors and engaged volunteers.  My gun club alone has about 6,000 of them.  You should think about stopping by.


I already have a title for the piece I'm gonna write about the first Republican primary:

"The Man Who Ate Giuliani"

- This Has "Revolver" Written All Over It

The "Grizzly" 3D printed rifle firing multiple shots form a single barrel.

I don't see gang bangers being quite ready to dive into this yet.  And I won't want one until it's been tested successfully by the military and has been issued for use.  But I have to confess, it does seem the technology is coming along.

You can only do so much with ABS of course, which is the type of plastic being used for most 3D printing.  It's just not strong enough to do everything a firearm manufacturer needs.  But I do confess they seem to be finding interesting ways to address the most obvious issues.

I imagine there will be a revolver coming next where you get 6 shots, then swap out the barrel(s) and revolving chamber all at once.  It's what I'd look to do anyway.  then you're a speed loader away from a useful plastic repeating firearm. 

- Understanding Trayvon

Go through the remedial classes at America's public schools and put together a diverse group of people with the average IQ of 85. Just slightly less intelligent than average.  No future doctors or lawyers.  No nuclear physicists.  Make it a group of people who mostly aspire to physical trades, or maybe public service.  Then take all those people and put them in one place, and then tell them that all the problems in their lives are the fault of someone else.

Invest some energy in it.  Explain to them that it's an issue of class or, or of whatever - so long as it's something they can all identify with.  They'll leap at the idea.  They'll overwhelmingly support it. No one wants to hear that their problems are because they are simply less smart than most people.  That's why self assessment of intelligence goes from "much above average" at the high to "about average" at the low.  No one ever says "I'm not very smart".  Not in a culture like ours that reveres such things.

But that's exactly the situation here.  It's a group of people with an average IQ of 85.  Doctors will be under-represented, lawyers will be under-represented.  I doubt there will be a even a single nuclear physicist.  Most of the people will be involved in the physical trades or the civil service.  And they will love hearing how all their problems are all the responsibility of someone else.

Maybe they should instead think about carrying huge chunks of concrete and then smashing each others heads into them.  Maybe then they'll understand why Trayvon really died.  Because apparently the facts are too much for them to get a grip on.  They are too invested in their problems being someone else's fault.

I got in a big argument with Mrs. FreeNJ this week.  We were driving someplace together and I absent mindedly asked the question "How do you tell someone their IQ is only 85?"  Though she's no liberal, she responded with all the typically liberal answers.

"Well that's an average - it doesn't apply to individuals!" she angrily said.

  "OK," said I "Then how do you tell each of the 4 people in 10 that their individual IQ is less than 80, because that's what that average means.  Four of every 10 individuals you speak to will have an individual IQ less than 80."

"You don't tell them.  You just tell them to work hard and do the best they can!"  she said, her anger visibly increasing.

"Well if you aren't going to tell them the result then why have them take the test?" I responded. 

 This just made her even angrier.  She then sped off into the "IQ does not equal achievement" rant (as if I had said it does) and that it's not a question of IQ it's a question of culture.  

Then after explaining that I never said anything about achievement at all, I made my big mistake.  I said the following:

"There is lots and lots of data which indicates that IQ testing really does test something meaningful, and whatever that is, it's a good proxy for overall intelligence.  So isn't it at least possible that the problems with black culture in America come from the fact that the average IQ of blacks in America is 85?  Wouldn't that lower than average intelligence be a reasonably proximate cause for things like more crime, more drug use, less emphasis on education, more single parenthood, lower savings rate, higher violence etc?  Don't the problems of the black community seem like the kind of problems you could expect from a more diverse group of people with an average IQ of 85?  It certainly seems like it would to me."

Nearly 50 years old and I still don't know how to talk to women.  And I'm apparently not learning anything either.  How do you tell someone they're being irrational, while they're being irrational?  Apparently you don't.  You just nicely ask them to do better and try as hard as they can... or something like that.  It's one of those unanswerable questions like, "who is John Galt?" or "How do you tell someone their IQ is only 85?"

To me it looks like this chart not only explains EXACTLY why Trayvon Martin is dead, but it also explains why the Zimmerman family is in hiding, and why the black community can't understand the facts involved in the case or the real cause of this tragedy.  The reason they can't understand it, is because "They can't understand it."