Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adventures in Unemployment: Cookie-Cutter Recruiter

My recent experience with recruiters or "head-hunters" has been disappointing. I have a 25-year career on Wall St, with not a scratch on my U4 and 6 Certificates (2 Principal).
It is a sign of the times as recruiters are losing ground to the Internet.  Having a large, active network via LinkedIn turned out to be quite valuable, but still there is something missing.
Back in the 80's and 90's, if you wanted a Wall St job, you went to a headhunter. If you had experience, you called other people in the business and networked your way to a new job.
Following the old model. I reached out to recruiters. I even met with a few. The first question is "do you have clients?" if Yes, then next question is "can they travel with you?".
If you have large institutional clients, it doesn't matter how well you know them, if the company recruiting you doesn't meet their "preferred broker" standard, you aren't getting paid.
This is the dawn of the middle-management auditor. This goes back to the late 1990's and the DOJ monitoring broker-dealers. Both buy-side and sell-side firms began to promote people from risk and auditing departments. These guys (not having any trading or customer service experience whatsoever) decided that a system of broker selection would be necessary to prove to regulators, shareholders and auditors that they were using the utmost care in selecting a broker that would achieve the nirvana of "best execution".
It has also lead to the rapid erosion of profit margins on the institutional brokerage side of the business.
When commissions were 1/16, there was enough to go around. Commissions now are reduced to as low as $0.002 per-share and most of that is subject to soft dollars.
So - recruiters and heads of sales continue the charade that Institutional Business will travel regardless of RFI and margin. That's the sell-side.
The buy-side trader has more cards stacked against them as many buy-side firms are turning towards self-execution. Man being replaced by machine in many aspects. Even the execution process is almost 100% algorithm and automated. 
Fixed-Income - Emerging Market  and Frontier Markets require a middle-man to an extent. Eventually that market will go full-automated too. There are still "broker's brokers" in the fixed income market (these are broker-dealers that make a gross-credit between dealers and or clients). If the Manning Rule was applied to all markets, there would  be a lot of unemployed bond-traders out there.
The one aspect of the Wall Street that is rapidly expanding is Compliance and Control. There aren't enough qualified people to meet the current demand. I threw my hat in the ring since I have the licenses, and more than 5-years experience with supervisory / regulatory review.
I went into recruiting offices with this knowledge in mind. I was told by more than one recruiter that I didn't meet their minimum requirement. I actually asked a recruiter if she read my resume. She got insulted, but I went over my resume with her line-by-line and explained to her why I had more than the requisite experience. She insisted that I required another (lesser) license and that would satisfy the client. I explained to her that I was over-qualified based on my CV, and she was essentially mis-representing the client. Needless to say, I have yet to get a lead from any of the 6 recruiters I spoke with... 
One recruiter was honest: Sh explained that the client wants to see a "magic number" of applicants (lets say 25) before they pull the ad or start the interviews. Thats why you see ads on LinkedIn or other sites where the posting remains, over 50 people applied, but the job does not exist. It was either filled or it is a method of sampling the talent pool in a given metro-area.

Do it yourself recruiting:
I answered a few internet adverts for Principal positions and had some good luck - If you told me 15 years ago to swap trading for compliance I would have balked. 
My resume shows a solid career as a sell-side trader. I was called into a few interviews and the first question was usually about why I wasn't seeking a trading position.
Getting the interview was not as difficult as I expected (having licenses and a clean U4 helps!). I had an interviewer tell me "I will be your supervisor, but my career doesn't hold a candle to yours."... I was flattered.  In other words: the interviewers all agreed that I was over-qualified!
I told them about the outside recruiters and they got a good laugh.
Internal Recruiters are hit or miss:
In an effort to validate Human Resources, many companies have expanded their in-house recruiting.
HR is almost as big as Compliance on Wall Street. 
I applied directly to a few corporate websites: again, better than using third-party recruiters.
Most Wall Street Internal-Recruitment is reduced to a cookie-cutter process. Very few resumes make it past the process to the desired eyes. Go to any career page for a large bank an commence the process. It doesn't matter who you know at this point, but you must hit the right buttons on the recruitment algorithm. Most internal  recruiters began their career as external recruiters (third-party). They are all fairly young and approach the internal job the same way they did on the outside: "let the algorithm do the work!"
Following up on an application, I decided to contact HR at a big bank. I was given to a 26-year-old girl for support. She claimed to have reviewed my CV and told me I was under-qualified.
I was floored. Undaunted, I re-drafted my resume to hit the "buttons" and re-submitted by creating a new profile with new email address.
Almost immediately I get a phone-call from an internal recruiter saying I am the guy they are looking for! Needless to say, I think I have this system licked.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

-Adventures in Unemployment: Finding Healthcare

Back in November I was laid off from work.
Budget cuts and overexposure to the energy markets has severely impacted a lot of small financial shops.
I had healthcare coverage extended until the end of December. The last time I was in this position, the ACA was on the horizon but not fully implemented. In other words, I wasn't forced into a health exchange. At that time the solution was to locate temporary health insurance which was a fairly simple and competitive process. I recall I shopped for a plan over a three day period and found a solution that covered my household for approximately $380 per month. Topped off with the fact that this was a reputable insurance company offering temporary insurance. I was able to keep my doctor and actually it was an improvement to my previous coverage.
The alternative would have been to apply for COBRA, which is a pricey extension of benefits.
I have a few irons in the fire at present, and I presume to be fully employed within the next month or two with a more reputable outfit. Timing is the worst part of the equation since nothing gets finalized during the Holidays. As a safeguard against unforeseen events, I need to locate temporary health insurance but with a span of approximately three months. Why three months? If I am employed by mid January, my benefits probably won't kick-in until  February or March the latest. With a few options in front of me, the ability to negotiate should not be compromised for having a lack of insurance coverage. Negotiations could extend I towards February employment, thereby requiring coverage over March.
I approached the problem based on my last experience. I liked the coverage I had with United. Healthcare but I didn't want to pay outlandish COBRA premiums. UNH, at the time, sold temporary insurance - as previously stated, it was an easy process. Not this time however. Florida participates in health exchanges therefore UNH will not sell me temporary insurance.
I am automatically directed to healthcare.gov.
To prevent from getting scammed as a result of a porous government firewall, I approached the site with a pseudonym and a specially created gmail address to ingest whatever spam would come my way.
Immediately, I was receiving spam from "Obamacare" providers.
I proceeded to navigate healthcare.gov and found the choices discouraging. I contacted my physicians with the plan options that were offered; not one would accept the coverage. My wife did the same on her end. You can't keep your plan or your doctor. Period.
The site does not offer temporary insurance. All insurance plans are annual and final. The minimum plan for a non-smoker and spouse with a 60/40 pay (a bronze plan) I was quoted $690 per month, with a $12000 deductible.
The bronze plans do not cover our household needs and actually made my COBRA option economically feasible by comparison!
I dug deeper and found the Medicare options. I can get a zero premium with a $10000 deductible, but I need to meet certain conditions:
I projected zero income for FY 2015, but was negated by the salary disclosure of 2014.
But if I said I had a hardship (which is anything including being laid-off) I could possibly get the free coverage.
If I were a hedge fund manager, and I paid myself via capital gains, technically I could claim zero income and have he rest of the working stiffs cover my Cadillac  obamacare platinum plan.
Not wanting to trigger an IRS audit, I decided to walk away from healthcare.gov.
I found the temporary insurance I needed. Slightly more expensive than last time, but compared to the ACA's Silver 80/20 plans, it was about half the price with a lower deductible and more comprehensive coverage.
The ACA will probably never get repealed, but I do believe the obstruction to commerce needs to be addressed. I found cheaper, better yet temporary healthcare away from the ACA but I was still prevented from going with an insurance company of my choosing.
It's clearly an interstate commerce issue, but I doubt it will be addressed.
Next time I'll discuss the depressing state of employment recruiters.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

- It's Not Because You're Skin Is Brown

Part of the reason for the riots is the desire to steal stuff.  Part of the reason is “I hate white people!”  Part of the reason is embedded in street culture and the idea of being violent as a symbol of status.  And part of the reason is in the cowardice of people who can only be brave with a crowd behind them, and do nothing but blame others for their woes.  None of it is about justice.  No one is fooling anyone here.

Here’s something you black parents should teach your kids.  You should teach them the truth about me. 

I’m a 1%‘er.  I’m middle aged, white, and by your description, rich.  I’ve been a hedge fund manager, an economist, and a C level executive at various points in my career.  In my current position I have dozens of employees, and I have managed hundreds of millions of dollars.  I am by all accounts, the very thing you despise the most and that you blame for all your problems.  When you wail against this culture, it’s me and guys like me who you wail against.  I am the thing you so totally despise.

But I don’t care about race – never have.  Not only do I not care about race, I don’t think about it.  I never consider it – not for a second.  But you hate me so much that you can’t imagine I don’t hate you back.  I don’t.  I don’t have the time. 

You think I cheated to succeed.  I didn’t.  I started with nothing, in an abusive household run by a violent drunk who was married to a deaf woman.  What I did was work hard.  What I did was learn to control myself.  What I did was hop over every hurdle placed in my way, and there was little else.  I never got a handout, or a hand up.  The government only ever punished me for being white.  So I worked.  Harder than everyone.  And that hard work and time, is how I succeeded. 

You think people like me hate the sight of you, but we don’t.  We don’t care that you’re black, we only care that you’re so stupid.  We care that you act so horribly to yourselves, to us, and to each other.  We care that you have no manners.  We care that you don’t moderate your behavior.  We think your culture ennobles idiocy, and makes heroes of the wrong kinds of people.  The people who built the western world all acted like us.  The people who turned Nigeria and Zimbabwe into world class shitholes all acted like you.  You should learn to act more like us.

That’s the real upshot.  If you want to get along in the world you should quit ‘acting black’.  Clearly that’s recipe for disaster.  When the cop says “put your hands up” it doesn’t take a genius to listen to the cop.  They are pointing a gun at you, and though they are often white, they aren't so terribly bright themselves.  when a stupid man is pointing a gun at you is not the moment to be thinking about your pride.  In a circumstance like that, you should do what the white kids do.  Just shut your hole and listen to the guy with the gun.  Pride can come later.  Don’t be stupid anymore, and you’ll live a lot longer.

I think Obama is a lousy president – arguably one of the worst three in American history.  But if you acted more like him and less like useless street thugs and criminals, you’d do much better.  He, for the most part, acts white.  You should too.  If you don’t, things will never get any better for you.  And all the new immigrants will rise up in American culture just like the Irish did, and leave you behind at the bottom again. 

And idiots that you are, you’ll still think it’s because your skin is brown, and not because you’re idiots. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

- All Hail Emperor Amnesty!

So what changed?
We need to go back to the beginning:
I work and live in a community with people that consider themselves Latin or Hispanic. I ask them are they for amnesty. The response is muddled because the argument within the community is that the president is doing something for "them". The reality and several disgruntled hard-working LEGAL immigrants from Latin America are getting the shaft.
This too shall backfire on the Emperor.
Democrats won't get anymore of a Latin vote than they should have gotten during the midterms. In fact democrats are losing favor among the families of people that are suffering through the Legal Immigration process.
Here's a cherry from MSNBC: Lawrence O'Donnell Can't Find Any Democrat Who Can Justify Executive Order Work Documents
The next few weeks will be interesting for sure!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

-Hubris and Isolation

That's our Romulan President. The Manchurian Candidate. The takeaways from the shellacking the Republican dished out are numerous and fruitful. The President is emboldened to try to cram more nonsense down the throats of unwilling Americans now than ever before. His party supporters have deserted him. He has very few that will stand up for him in the press. Our front running American press! He is alone and alien at home and abroad.
He hangs onto the rhetoric that he used when he had Harry Reid as a lead blocker. "We won, you lost" was his mantra and heartily echoed by the fawning press.
He is alone. He is alone on his effort to grant amnesty to millions of illegals. He is alone to see his signature achievement "ObamaCare" through 2015. He is alone in his pursuit of Net Neutrality.
His advisers must be telling him to continue with the tough-talk nonsense... (those advisers should be fired). If he is doing this grandstanding on his own, then he is truly "off his rocker".
Michael Savage remarked that he is behaving like Bogart's portrayal of Captain Queeg in the Caine Mutiny.
I have to agree. He will finish his term of office alone and skulking. Between the Supreme Court and Congress it is quite possible that the ACA will be gutted and toothless. The attempt at issuing green cards to millions of illegals will probably cause a grass-roots uprising if Congress waffles on de-funding. At least he could do what Clinton did: Co-opt Republican legislation as his own and take credit for it. He won't because he lacks character.
Another note about "Obama Care". The name alone dooms the program and the man to failure. Did FDR call the New Deal the "Delano Deal"?  Our Obama was really proud about having his name associated with worthless, extremely harmful and intrusive legislation. If only someone had the sense to actually read and understand how it works, maybe he would have played it down. Nope - Not Barry! He picked it up like a football and spiked it in the endzone.
I have to laugh because there are vans all over the place that advertise ObamaCare in spanish. I've asked a few spanish people if they ever signed up for it. The answer I got was that the website didn't work or they saw the premiums and went running!
ObamaCare... Strawberries... Alone...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

-Election Night and the Whine Press


Washington Post sayin the Repubs have a 70% chance taking over the Senate.
Regardless of the outcome, there will be tantrums and hysterics emanating from the left.
I'm sure we'll hear the explanations that this mid-term didn't matter and that the Democrats will control the White House in 2016... Make sure you get out there and vote if for the only reason it will make a Democrat cry tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

-Barack Hussein Ebola; Owning the Legacy

Yesterday, we learned that Ebola has made it to the USA. The good news is that US hospitals are better equipped to combat the virus than West African nations, once the infected patient is located, isolated and quarantined. The bad news is, the patient may have contacted more people than originally thought and the disease could possibly run rampant. Lots of doctors on TV today telling the viewing audience not to worry and basically reducing the symptoms of the virus to nothing more than a bad cold.
Over 3000 people have died from the bug. In Africa, the disease is helped along by unsanitary conditions. In the US and the developed world, airports, seaports, border stations and other public transportation centers are not incredibly sanitary. Most of these places confine people to tight quarters. No elbow room while you are waiting for luggage or waiting to use the toilet on a jet or a train or a bus.
What does the president have to do with this? About as much as George Bush had with regard to influencing the path of Hurricane Katrina.
However, Obama did two things that I believe were not well thought out. The Ebola outbreak has been in brush-fire mode since February of this year. Inevitably, US aid workers or health care volunteers were exposed to the virus while in West Africa.
Firstly, the State department brought them home rather than bring the treatment to them. A noble gesture, but risky with a disease that should never have been exported. The experimental vaccines seem to have stabilized the impact of the virus and may be a quick cure.
Second, the president ordered 3000 soldiers into West Africa to combat the virus. No doubt many of these soldiers will be exposed and infected. The precedent will be to shuttle American Ebola patients  from the hot-zone.
The Dallas patient was not deliberately brought here by the State Department. He was discovered to have the symptoms and transported to the hospital. The EMS crew that transported him is being quarantined.
I wonder how many cases will emerge in the western hemisphere or the developed world over the next few weeks.
Whether Ebola stalls and goes dormant or spreads and goes rampant does not erase the period and the people in charge on the historic timeline. Barack Hussein Ebola 2014. It is now part of his legacy just as Eric Holder's malfeasance as Attorney General will be footnoted in some history books.
Barack Ebola.
Another visitor to our country purportedly from Latin America is Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68.
The disease has its origins in Honduras or broadly, Central America. The administration has been completely lax on border safety and it is believed that the spread of EV-D68 is directly attributed to the relocation and "diaspora" of illegal immigrants by the Obama Administration across the continental US.
As I type this, the Bloomberg Headline reads: *CDC CONFIRMS FOUR ADDITIONAL CASES OF EV-D68 IN NEW JERSEY...
A recent article states:
In Missouri, doctors are investigating whether Enterovirus D68 caused three children to develop paralysis in their limbs this month, Mary Anne Jackson, director of the division of infectious disease at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, said in a telephone interview. In Colorado, officials are examining at least 10 similar cases of severe muscle weakness and limb paralysis, according to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

While the virus has been confirmed in all but 10 states, with 277 cases, the actual number is likely much higher with at least one hospital in Colorado seeing thousands of suspected cases, health authorities said. Testing facilities have been overwhelmed with samples and only the sickest are being tested.
Barack Ebola.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

-No Oil for War!!!

Almost a dozen years ago we were confronted with Bushitler's illegal war for oil.
There was an anti-war-protest in NYC and other major cities across the US and the developed world on a pretty consistent basis.
Now that Obama has decided to shrug-off his anti-war image and engage ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever they are called, the US and a handful of "willing" allies have decided to violate Syrian airspace in an attempt to destroy what has become of "Al Qaeda on the run".
You would think, at least out of consistency, the liberal cowards of International ANSWER would have staged at least one anti-war protest...
Don't bet on it.
But we did have an Anti-Carbon protest in NYC conveniently located outside of that carbon-spewing megalith... The NYSE.
Seriously, thousands of people protested against the very same element that we are all derived from (carbon) in a location that has literally nothing to do with Carbon. Heck, the NYSE has very little to do with trading these days. Its nothing more than a studio set for CNBC...

.... Good Lord!

Here's the deal... I was at a dinner recently and a very connected, very wealthy, very powerful democrat contributor (after several bottles of wine) started speaking to me as if I were a complete moron. I played along, nodded my head and held back the laughter...
The Climate Change Talking Point... and this is the "Hail Mary, I mean "Hail Gaia Pass" for the cause:
The Arctic is completely melted.
Yes, I sat there with my wife kicking me in the shin... "You don't say!"
Yes - we need to reverse the melting of the Arctic circle or else... Russia will use it as a means of competing with the Panama Canal. They will control the Arctic Sea Route.
I couldn't take it anymore.
So there you have it.
The North Pole is completely melted. The Russians are coming. Carbon is Inorganic.
No Oil For War.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

- Frithguild Ahead of The Field: Russian Armored Columns Enter Ukraine


Big "hat-tip" to RFNJ contributor Frithguild for his early and accurate analysis of the budding Russo-Ukraine-Europe conflict.
Refer to Danubian Pincer as required reading.
Bloomberg wire is lighting up with news that Ukraine has been invaded by Armored Russian Columns. Poland's Foreign Minister, Sikorski has been increasingly vocal.
Headline Stories:
NATO Says Russian Troops With Advanced Arms Operating in Ukraine
By James G. Neuger
Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- NATO’s Dutch Brigadier General Nico Tak speaks to reporters today at North Atlantic Treaty Organization supreme headquarters in Mons, Belgium.
  • There has been “significant escalation” by Russia in past two weeks, based on new satellite images: Tak
  • “Russian combat soldiers equipped with sophisticated heavy weaponry are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory”
  • “Russia is reinforcing and resupplying separatist forces in a blatant attempt to change the momentum of the fighting, which is currently favoring the Ukrainian military”: Tak
  • Russia aims to relieve pressure on separatists “in order to freeze this conflict”: Tak
  • NATO is currently using the term incursion. It is not up to NATO to define the Russian activities”: Tak
  • It is “extremely unlikely” that untrained volunteers are using the sophisticated weaponry being supplied by Russia: Tak
  • “The equipment is used by units which are coherent and well trained,” Tak says, ruling out Ukrainian defectors using the Russian-supplied equipment.
  • “Russia’s ultimate aim is to alleviate pressure on the separatists. Its aim is to freeze this conflict for a long period of time”: Tak
  • “It’s likely that the situation will end in a stalemate. The foothold has been created will be expanded and secured so that the separatists will not suffer a defeat”: Tak
Ukraine claims Russian forces cross border (Transcript)
Aug. 28 (ABC) -- TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Ukraine's President has cancelled a trip to Turkey and called an emergency meeting of his Security Council, amid reports Russian troops have been brought into south-eastern Ukraine.
Kiev says it has lost control of a border town in the Donetsk region, claiming Moscow has sent forces across the border to support pro-Russian rebels.
Ukraine is now calling for an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the crisis.
ARSENY YATSENIUK, UKRAINIAN PRIME MINISTER: The situation in the east of Ukraine substantially deteriorated. Russia has sent a number of armoured personnel vehicles, tanks and troops. We can confirm that Russian military boots are on Ukrainian ground. Ukrainian forces are capable to tackle and to cope with the Russian-led guerrillas. But this is quite difficult for us to fight with Russia and its army.
TONY JONES: Moscow denies it has sent any troops across the border, but Western powers are backing up Ukraine's claims.
The US ambassador to Kiev says Russia is directly involved in the fighting, while NATO says more than a thousand Russian troops are active inside Ukraine.
Sikorski: Germany’s Credibility as Ukraine Mediator at Stake
By Brian Swint
Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski speaks on Polish Radio One.
  • Sikorski: Germany, France must react to peace process failure
  • Ukraine now europe’s most serious crisis in decades
  • Ukraine now deals w/ russian military incursion: Sikorski
  • Sikorski says Russian troops, heavy equipment in e. Ukraine
  • Sikorski says Russia’s new “front” in Ukraine violates intl law

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

-Idiocy, Slander and Financial Market Yellow-Journalism: Inorganic Hamburgers?


I don't go out of my way to bash Jim Cramer or CNBC, but as financial news broadcasts have become an inseparable part of the trading room din, we (as professional traders) are subjected to moronic outbursts daily.
Yesterday, big news that Burger King decided to buy the Canadian company Tim Horton's. As a result, BK will be moving its HQ to Canada and will enjoy a significant tax benefit.
If you have been living under a rock for the last few months, the political left and outspoken media trolls have been hammering corporations on Tax Inversion.
President Obama has been hammering home the point about "fairness" and how Tax Inversion while legal, isn't fair or right. 
Warren Buffett, Obama's and the Left's favorite Billionaire is poised to cash-in on the BK move. Whoops!
What does this have to do with Jim Cramer? Cramer has been an outspoken shill for the crowd that says tax inversion is just plain "unamerican". CNBC has removed several videos where Jim has contradicted himself, however they have kept the videos in place where "booyah-boy" considers Tax Inversion a vital M&A trigger. Ya think?
Jim is also an outspoken and completely uneducated shill for the organic food scam. Apparently he owns a Mexican restaurant where they serve "organic" food.
Yesterday, Mr. Know-it-All blurts out that the deal is bad because Burger King serves "Inorganic food"... Yes he really said that.
CNBC edited the transcript, eliminating the sophomoric "inorganic food" accusation and suggesting that Jim meant "healthy or natural food"...
If I were a BK shareholder, I would go after Cramer, CNBC and whomever else allows this slander to persist.
Now Jim is a Harvard man - graduating Magna Cum Laude as well as being the chief of the Harvard Crimson. I would imagine that in order to enter those halls or even matriculate from High School, one should know the definition of "Inorganic" and why it is slanderous to make the statement that a beef pattie that was most certainly derived from a living bovid is anything but!
Mr. Cramer as a journalist and honorable grad of one of the most prestigious schools in the world, owes Burger King, its shareholders and his viewers an apology.
Don't hold your breath.
CNBC is no longer valid for the professional trader as an information source. Jim Cramer appeals to small investors (for the life of me I don't understand why) and CNBC anchors sometimes defend his overt churlish behavior often predicated on nonsensical mutterings. Childishly, the anchors will call you a "hater" if you express disagreement or disapproval of this type of news-entertainment.
Yes, I met a few CNBC anchors and contributors at industry events and suggested that they should re-think Cramer as a source of information. I was given the hairy-eyeball from Carl Quintanilla and told (rather childishly on his part) "don't hate". I merely suggested that Cramer was completely inaccurate in his description of the origin of the Euro currency.
CNBC has a responsibility as a news outlet to provide accuracy in reporting the news since it can impact the price of securities and often influence the direction of small investors.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

- A Journalist's Guide to Arms and Armaments 2.0

Journalists take note:
While Ryan J. Reilly of the cutting edge HuffPo in his haste to make the Ferguson Mo riots more about him than anything else,  he reached out to his multitude f twitter followers to confirm his recent discovery!


Could it be that soft, pliable foam-rubber earplugs were being used by law enforcement as a new riot quelling projectile?

Oh the humanity!

Oh the stupidity.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

-Well, He Does Have A Point!

Rep. Tom. Marino of Pennsylvania has finally done something that very few Republicans are willing to do: call the Democrats and the President on their baloney about immigration reform.
He struck a nerve and it's about high time the Republicans give it back.

Friday, July 25, 2014

-¿Cómose dices ilegal?

Edward Woodson, local Miami radio show host did a man on the street interview in Miami and asked if the word "Illegal" was the new "N-Word"?
You'll notice a majority of the hispanic or latinos that answered the question displayed more lucidity than the white-liberals. If you can't see the video on your iPad or portable device as I have been experiencing, here is the link: http://youtu.be/oXvp_R5L7Vw

Keep up the good work Ed!

-Showing Your Hand ...

When the Obama Administration first learned about the Border Crisis from the news... ok, ok, he knew about it a long time ago... His first impulse was to demand that Congress approve $3.7 Billion in emergency funds to "deal with the crisis". Now that congress has heard the voice of Americans "loud n' clear", the admin has decided to meet with leaders from Honduras and Guatemala in an attempt to either slow the flow of illegals through Mex into USA or to expedite the possible amnesty of millions already in America, plus offering "refugee status" to minors from the aforementioned nations.

I think back to the early days of the Admin when Hillary needed to flex her Secretary of State muscle. Rather than adopt a stance of non-interference, Hillary, with the blessing of Obama, jumped right into the Honduran elections.. maybe this chicken is coming home to roost?

The central-American nation of Honduras is now ruled by an extremist far-right government today, a fascist junta-imposed government, because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The lives of all but the top 0.001% of the population there are hell because of this. Those people now have good reason to hate America. The reputation of the United States has gone down under President Obama, throughout almost all countries, and this hell in Central America is a significant part of the reason for that, but the U.S. news media have paid pathetically little attention to this U.S.-caused hell there, and so most Americans don't even know about it.
Please read the rest of the linked article... it is a reminder of maybe why we are at the negotiating table with the governments that unleashed a human wave upon us...

So, because of meddling in Honduras and aiding and abetting a corrupt regime, that regime returns the favor...

Obama already showed his hand to Honduras, Guatemala and anyone else that has a seat at the immigration poker table. They heard "$3.7 Billion to make it go away"... Guatemala says they'll split the pot and with the low-blind at the table bids $2 billion from the US to make it stop.

Now Obama is holding a junk hand that already flashed the table. He will continue to play this hand because like all losers that came before him, he always thought he would win.

Unfortunately, we are the losers that backed the player.


Friday, July 18, 2014

-Leadership Then and Now


The video that was originally referenced here was mysteriously removed from YouTube. A lot of the videos of Obama's reaction at the news of the Malaysian Airlines shoot-down have been either edited to look like he cared or deleted.
I found another one but I don't know how long it will stay there...


Sunday, July 13, 2014

-"Five Minutes of the most concentrated stupidity that has ever been my duty to watch"

The title of the thread comes from the July 4th edition of Radio Derb.
As Derb suggests, this video should be placed in a Time Capsule so scientists in the future can find the answer to why the USA vanished from the map in the mid-21st Century...
Pass it on.

Contributor, Hell_Is_Like_Newark, mentions an excellent historic comparison to the illegal immigration flood in the US by referencing the Crisis of the Third Century. One of the many answers to the question as to why the Roman Empire collapsed.

Monday, June 30, 2014

- SCOTUS on a Roll: 4 in a Row!

First, the court ruled in favor of Pro-Life demonstrators, or at least ruled against limiting freedom to protest by limiting where a Pro-Life demonstration can take place. That was a 9-0 decision.
Second, the court ruled that the Obama Administration was overreaching with recess appointments... another 9-0 bitch-slap!
I tell ya, the whole Supreme Court must be racist!
Then, Harris v Quinn: the court rules that unions can't force employees in union shops to contribute to the union. Not a huge decision, but a shot across the bow of union influence peddlers.
Finally, Hobby Lobby: 5-4, you can't force certain corporations to pay for abortion pills.
The Democrats are waxing wroth after this decision. White House spokesman Josh Earnest continues to perpetuate the myth that women are helpless and utterly incapable of buying their own contraception. They will also argue how pregnancy is a disease and jeopardizes women's health.
This is the wacky-world we live in.
The capper would be fro a Republican controlled Senate in November and a strong conservative candidate to emerge for 2016... I know, I know, I'm asking too much, but one can always hope.

Monday, June 23, 2014

-Liberal Mythology: The Far Right is Taking Over the Right!

Lately, the talk from the liberal controlled media has been how the Tea Party and the Far Right or the Extreme Right has taken over the Republican Party.
Two things are at play here. 
First, the liberals get to pretend that their compassion extends across party lines and showers sympathies upon the lost brethren of the GOP.
It's a load of garbage, of course, but that never stopped the libs from seizing and shaping a narrative.
Second it resurrects the Monster from our dark but not so distant past: The Far Right! It can only mean totalitarianism!
Let's not get too carried away, but time is opportune to get the record straight.
In finance, we unfortunately receive our news from from three TV sources in order to stay on top of things.  With all the wealth flowing through Wall St, the three news outlets of our design are akin to forcing citizens of Beverly Hills to drink from a urinal (or at least their choice of three urinals).
CNBC is the oldest and most predictable when it comes to trotting out the evil far right takeover narrative. Fox Business News was supposed to be a counter-punch to CNBC's off balance views, but they are nothing more than Fox with a little business ( and some attractive women) thrown in.
Bloomberg TV is just plain awful. It is as pablum puking as it's namesake. Bloomberg reporters are the loudest to to sound the alarm of the emerging Far Right! They are most terrified and it's no wonder since Bloomy himself was never a true conservative to begin with.
Who are these Far Right Monsters that we need to shun from our midst? Why does the Left want to help us defeat the "far Right".
The defeat of Eric Cantor has the Left in disarray. They will howl loudly like Bill Maher's many open-minded panelists, that Cantor was a staunch conservative! Lol! It's interesting to see what happens to leftist media commentators when they are confronted with something that does not fit their narrative. Bloomberg's news people have been bemoaning that the Tea Party is some sort of new-fascist movement... the Right is doomed! They wail and moan like some sort of chorus in a greek tragedy! 
Emerging from the mist and shadows and screams like some mid-sixties horror movie monster, is a professor of economics that wants a smaller government and .. gasp! A Free Market! (cue thunder bolts and banshee wails!)
Why is that so terrible? It is if you are all for the oligarchy of the current system.
I don't see a new form of conservatism emerging,  but conservatives better start standing up for themselves rather than let mythology paint them into a corner. For too long conservatives and libertarians have taken the barbs from the left and the establishment Repubs. Its time to put that crap where it belongs. Even Bill Buckley knew that the left was incapable of civil debate when they were cornered. Liberals are cowards. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

-Destroying the Evidence; No Apologies This Time Around...


Welcome to bizarro world.
Lois Lerner and her henchmen at the IRS targeted conservative groups. The hard drives are supposedly irrecoverable, although the FBI and the NSA could easily produce data and metadata sufficient to replicate her correspondences. Nixon could have destroyed evidence, and may have directed Haldeman to do so, but he didn't and apologized and resigned.
The Right cries "foul!", and the left is silent.
Many years ago I'm sure there were worms like Bill Ayers that were savoring he moment when they could go "full Nixon".
I recently attempted to watch "All the President's Men". The outrage is hardly palpable in terms of what the current administration and the complicit press has perpetrated on the American people on several fronts.
Nixon resigned for what we see as comparatively innocuous to the stratagems and treasons of the Obama Administration.
This is the "leftists' revenge" what we are experiencing. It is a blunt-force assault on America from the foundation to the extremities. The left is unapologetic in its approach to the point where they and their representatives brazenly demand that they are entitled to their uber-nixonian moment.
Republicans claim this is close to impeachable, even though it is beyond the Clinton impeachment grounds by miles, the media will sell this as a racist attempt at mucking the wonderful works of America's first President of color.
The Left still yearns for a Nixon moment where a republican or conservative loses something and rather than impeachment, the left will seek a lynching.
When the Patriot Act was passed, a lot of outspoken conservatives warned us that this was a bad precedent. The warning was basically: "if you think its bad now, wait until the Left is in charge!"
We are experiencing that nightmare at present.