Wednesday, May 28, 2014

- Revisionist LGBT National Parks: This Nation Was Founded on Gay!

Pretty Much sums it up...
On the heels of (no pun intended) Memorial Day...
US Aims to Identify, Promote Historic LGBT Sites

I guess public school field trips will include highway rest stops, not just for relief, but for "cultural immersion".
<cue chess to fill in the blank: "We are _____ !">

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

-Liberals Lie Because They are Cowards


A horrible tragedy (never let a crisis go to waste) occurred over the weekend. An individual known-to be mentally- disturbed went on a killing spree.
Liberals will never admit that they are ultimately to blame for every killing spree and rampage in the country.
It is not about being defenseless or making capable people into victims by legislating helplessness as law. It's about not taking responsibility for the decades of failed social experiments that have come home to roost.
Decades ago, we had state mental hospitals. Liberals believed all of the these institutions to be rotten to their foundations regardless of record or witness. In high school, I had liberal teachers tell us that all mental hospitals were no better than "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest".
Mario Cuomo was one of the first to close the state mental hospitals, setting loose upon society mentally ill and dangerously deranged individuals.
One of the core beliefs of modern American liberalism is that Mentally Ill people are not a threat until they get their hands on a gun.
Liberals believe that the mentally ill are nothing more than chronically misunderstood.
That's why you see mentally ill people out on the street. Not because society doesn't care, because liberals don't care.
This kid, Rodgers, was off his rocker. He was a big fan of liberal media. I believe he was posting his manifesto videos on the "Young Turks" youtube page.
Kid cries for help, forget the Psychologist visit, buy him a BMW... He's just misunderstood...'
When Wayne LaPierre suggested that the media and perhaps the country should turn their attention to the largely ignored mental-health problems, he was ridiculed.
The escalation of senseless violence in society can probably be quantified and correlated to the complete lack of mental hospitals and psychiatric services available.
Liberals will gladly open the doors to Arkham Asylum in exchange for eliminating private ownership of firearms.
Liberals will blame gang violence in ultra-restrictive cities as a spawn of  'The Gun Culture" rather than the "Gang Culture".
Gangs are nothing more than voting blocks or a type of "union" that Liberals can embrace (or deploy) during election seasons.
Liberals won't blame violent movies, television or video games. These are all forms of media.
Liberals will blame: Christians, Catholics, White males, Putin, Wal-Mart and the NRA for all the ills of society.
Liberals rail against the mentally ill being medicated, however they are the first to suggest your children need to be medicated.
Back to the gang violence that has a stranglehold on the Chicago inner-city.
Straw purchases are most likely as rare as a do-do-bird, but you can bet the Liberals see a straw purchase around every corner.
Well cowardly Rahm Emmanuel has a solution to end straw purchases in one of the most gun restrictive cities in the United States: Video Tape all FFL Purchases.
Liberalism demands that rather than address the inner-city gangs and the illegal firearm traffickers (because liberals are cowards) they will impose more restriction and supervision on a law abiding citizens.
Obviously, this won't reduce an ounce of crime in Chicago, but Liberals get to Feel Good about it.
To a liberal "Feeling Good about Legislation" is more important than the efficacy of the law, reading the proposed law or even enforcing existing laws. To make things extra-double-plus-good, Rahm wants to make sure that Gun Stores cannot operate within 500 feet of a school. This is also a New Jersey law.
The places with the highest violent crime probably don't have a brick and mortar Gun Store within miles let alone 500 feet of the schools.
But it sounds like Rahm cares for the children more than those evil conservative-libertarian right-wingers.
Liberals are usually the first and the loudest to hurl blame for their own creations. I think it is high time to call-out these cowards in public.

Monday, May 19, 2014

-Operation Choke Point: Strangling Our Civil Rights in New Creative Ways

...the Justice Department has launched Operation Choke Point, a credit card fraud probe focusing on banks and payment processors. The threat of enforcement has prompted some banks to cut ties with online gun retailers, even if those companies have valid licenses and good credit histories.
“This administration has very clearly told the banking industry which customers they feel represent ‘reputational risk’ to do business with,” said Peter Weinstock, a lawyer at Hunton & Williams LLP. “So financial institutions are reacting to this extraordinary enforcement arsenal by being ultra-conservative in who they do business with: Any companies that engage in any margin of risk as defined by this administration are being dropped.”
A personal friend of mine is mentioned in this article. He is all but out of the business now because of the nonsense from BATFE and Banks fearing reciprocity from the governement.
But if you read on, you will see that "Choke Point" is not directed at online gun sales, but at legitimate firearms manufacturers that have good credit. The government has found another way to restrict the sale of firearms to law abiding citizens by threatening the banks in the same manner that they use OFAC to keep multinational corporations in check.
Again, this news will start driving gun and ammo sales through the roof, but it has a chilling effect on the many small businesses engaged in the lawful sales of firearms. A lot of mom n' pop sporting goods stores will probably stop stocking firearms and ammo only to maintain a line of credit.
Inevitable, it will kill their business and their personal credit.
Private Equity (oooh like the evil Bain Capital!) is always there to fill the void when banks refuse to seed small businesses. I'm sure private equity firms receive similar phone calls from the DOJ that they should be more selective about who they do business with...
The whole thing reeks of fascism. My dad was raised in Mussolini's Italy. If the fascists couldn't shutdown a business, they made sure that patrons transacted there at there own peril.
Obama would say: "We never said you can't buy guns, and we never prevented you from buying guns, we just made it safer for the banks to avoid taking on risky businesses."

We've known all along what the LEFT wants to do to 2A. It's been no secret, and Hillary's recent blurt that "the gun culture needs to be reigneed in!" is where they've been all along.
Just change some of the terms:
Instead of Guns, how about substituting the words "speech", "assembly" or "privacy"?

Net Neutrality proponants should be looking over their shoulders since the first targets of a purge are usually the immediate underlings.
We'll use Hillary's words as an example... just substitute the rights:
"The Personal Privacy Culture in America needs to be Reigned in!"
"The Free-Speech Culture in America Needs to be Reigned in!"
"The Christian Culture in America needs to be reigned in"
"Those People... (she did say that) Need to be reigned in!"
That was easy, and it's probably where we are heading. Big sarcastic thanks to all the spineless liberal cowards that vote for these schlamiels. You deserve the governement you get.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

- Hashtag Diplomacy, SumTotal of Early 21st Century Activism

Hashtag Diplomacy... Must read!

I agree with Mark. Derb also mentions this in the recent Radio Derb.
Hashtag calls for action don't change things.
I had a brief twitter cross examination with a nitwit that  bore the hashtag HandsOffSyria. I asked this genius who was to keep their hands off and what was her position on Syria. It took awhile, but after you see a lot of the early HandsOff tweets, the hammer and sickle emoticons and the calling each other comrade was about as guffaw inducing as middle aged men dressing up for ComicCon.
Unfortunately, Marxism gets an A for exploiting social media where young minds are already malleable from public school education and being raised by Top Forty Americans.
A little more digging...
There is a division of social media sock puppetry that sprung from the loins of International ANSWER. Remember them? They would do anti-war rallies throughout major cities because Bush was President. When asked why they don't protest anymore, you get crickets.
HandsOff movement shoots itself in the foot since it is a knee-jerk hyper-left reaction to conflicts where the folks at ANSWER believe the US and or the EU will get involved.
HandsOffSyria sends the message that Bashir Assad isn't finished destroying the opposition. These hashtag tweeting idiots believe that if the US and or other Western Govts stay out, a Marxist Element will pop-up and liberate the masses.
Well HandsOffVenezuela seems to project that the Marxist element in power needs to silence opposition.
HandsOffCrimea was meant for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians... Huh?
HandsOffUkraine gets even more convoluted since Ukraine wants to join the EU.
We should start a HandsOffNewJersey or HandsOffPodunk hashtag just for laughs.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

-The Re-Working of the Hillary Myth

I still hear "men" or castrati of the liberal side tell me that "it's time for a woman to lead". I challenge their declaration. I demand they identify who that woman is. You get a vague response where truth and honesty wrestle with the remnants of broken will. He mumbles, and looks sheepishly (left to right) hoping that his wife or girlfriend isn't around. "hmm... ah... how 'bout... um... Hillary?"

Its a hard sell. Its a real hard sell on anyone that has a conscience. I ask, why her and not a Republican or Libertarian woman? Immediately you get the tired saws about Sarah Palin - you quickly assert, She was right about Russia, what was Hillary right about?
Seriously - I want liberals to convince me why Hillary is more qualified to be president than any other woman, man or whatever...
The answer from the castrati is: "If you elect Hillary, you get Bill!"
You remind them of the disastrous "Co-Presidency" and how the ACA is really HillaryCare.
You don't get Bill when you elect Hillary.
You got Hillary when you elected Bill.
When you elect Hillary you get a Stalinist that wants to erase the past, project blame and round-up dissenters.
You get a revolting lout that all but had the 2008 nomination handed to her, and was defeated by her own party as well as her condescending campaign. Remember when she decided to adopt a southern drawl?
No, you don't get Bill when you get Hillary. You get a charade and continued con-game that some form of socialism is good for America.
Hollywood will promote Hillary as some sort of resilient victim of her husband's immaturity. They will promote sexism as the new racism whenever anyone challenges her on her lack of achievement and why four Americans were sacrificed for an election.
They will try to make you forget about the 3 am phone call that nobody was there to answer.
She's a victim of sexism the pervades American culture and emits from the right side of the aisle.
The narrative is still trying to gain ground, but its a tough sell. Some liberal men are having a difficult time blaming Bush for Hillary destabilizing the middle-east.
I believe she tapped the third-rail yesterday, and it went unnoticed. When they need to gin the machine up for Hillary, no doubt they will suggest she is pro-gun, but what hits the Internet stays on the Internet.
It's early, but I can call it. She lost the nomination yesterday.
Here's why:
"I think again we're way out of balance. I think that we've got to rein in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime," Clinton said. "And I don't believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people. And I think you can say that and still support the right of people to own guns."
But if you are an American, it is not an article of faith but a right that applies to all Americans.

On the way to work today, I heard that the US State Department was ready to deploy a team to Nigeria to help with the search and rescue of the kidnapped schoolgirls.
I think it is a noble gesture and probably way too-late. We cannot convene a hearing on Benghazi and the Democrats obstruct every turn, but we can deploy troops to meddle in another country's problems. I can't see where Nigeria begged for our help on this. No Americans were involved in this so why does this event demand our attention and not the request for support from our own people on the ground?

Bunch of years later, Bill wants to Apologize.... hahahahaha