Monday, June 30, 2014

- SCOTUS on a Roll: 4 in a Row!

First, the court ruled in favor of Pro-Life demonstrators, or at least ruled against limiting freedom to protest by limiting where a Pro-Life demonstration can take place. That was a 9-0 decision.
Second, the court ruled that the Obama Administration was overreaching with recess appointments... another 9-0 bitch-slap!
I tell ya, the whole Supreme Court must be racist!
Then, Harris v Quinn: the court rules that unions can't force employees in union shops to contribute to the union. Not a huge decision, but a shot across the bow of union influence peddlers.
Finally, Hobby Lobby: 5-4, you can't force certain corporations to pay for abortion pills.
The Democrats are waxing wroth after this decision. White House spokesman Josh Earnest continues to perpetuate the myth that women are helpless and utterly incapable of buying their own contraception. They will also argue how pregnancy is a disease and jeopardizes women's health.
This is the wacky-world we live in.
The capper would be fro a Republican controlled Senate in November and a strong conservative candidate to emerge for 2016... I know, I know, I'm asking too much, but one can always hope.

Monday, June 23, 2014

-Liberal Mythology: The Far Right is Taking Over the Right!

Lately, the talk from the liberal controlled media has been how the Tea Party and the Far Right or the Extreme Right has taken over the Republican Party.
Two things are at play here. 
First, the liberals get to pretend that their compassion extends across party lines and showers sympathies upon the lost brethren of the GOP.
It's a load of garbage, of course, but that never stopped the libs from seizing and shaping a narrative.
Second it resurrects the Monster from our dark but not so distant past: The Far Right! It can only mean totalitarianism!
Let's not get too carried away, but time is opportune to get the record straight.
In finance, we unfortunately receive our news from from three TV sources in order to stay on top of things.  With all the wealth flowing through Wall St, the three news outlets of our design are akin to forcing citizens of Beverly Hills to drink from a urinal (or at least their choice of three urinals).
CNBC is the oldest and most predictable when it comes to trotting out the evil far right takeover narrative. Fox Business News was supposed to be a counter-punch to CNBC's off balance views, but they are nothing more than Fox with a little business ( and some attractive women) thrown in.
Bloomberg TV is just plain awful. It is as pablum puking as it's namesake. Bloomberg reporters are the loudest to to sound the alarm of the emerging Far Right! They are most terrified and it's no wonder since Bloomy himself was never a true conservative to begin with.
Who are these Far Right Monsters that we need to shun from our midst? Why does the Left want to help us defeat the "far Right".
The defeat of Eric Cantor has the Left in disarray. They will howl loudly like Bill Maher's many open-minded panelists, that Cantor was a staunch conservative! Lol! It's interesting to see what happens to leftist media commentators when they are confronted with something that does not fit their narrative. Bloomberg's news people have been bemoaning that the Tea Party is some sort of new-fascist movement... the Right is doomed! They wail and moan like some sort of chorus in a greek tragedy! 
Emerging from the mist and shadows and screams like some mid-sixties horror movie monster, is a professor of economics that wants a smaller government and .. gasp! A Free Market! (cue thunder bolts and banshee wails!)
Why is that so terrible? It is if you are all for the oligarchy of the current system.
I don't see a new form of conservatism emerging,  but conservatives better start standing up for themselves rather than let mythology paint them into a corner. For too long conservatives and libertarians have taken the barbs from the left and the establishment Repubs. Its time to put that crap where it belongs. Even Bill Buckley knew that the left was incapable of civil debate when they were cornered. Liberals are cowards. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

-Destroying the Evidence; No Apologies This Time Around...

Welcome to bizarro world.
Lois Lerner and her henchmen at the IRS targeted conservative groups. The hard drives are supposedly irrecoverable, although the FBI and the NSA could easily produce data and metadata sufficient to replicate her correspondences. Nixon could have destroyed evidence, and may have directed Haldeman to do so, but he didn't and apologized and resigned.
The Right cries "foul!", and the left is silent.
Many years ago I'm sure there were worms like Bill Ayers that were savoring he moment when they could go "full Nixon".
I recently attempted to watch "All the President's Men". The outrage is hardly palpable in terms of what the current administration and the complicit press has perpetrated on the American people on several fronts.
Nixon resigned for what we see as comparatively innocuous to the stratagems and treasons of the Obama Administration.
This is the "leftists' revenge" what we are experiencing. It is a blunt-force assault on America from the foundation to the extremities. The left is unapologetic in its approach to the point where they and their representatives brazenly demand that they are entitled to their uber-nixonian moment.
Republicans claim this is close to impeachable, even though it is beyond the Clinton impeachment grounds by miles, the media will sell this as a racist attempt at mucking the wonderful works of America's first President of color.
The Left still yearns for a Nixon moment where a republican or conservative loses something and rather than impeachment, the left will seek a lynching.
When the Patriot Act was passed, a lot of outspoken conservatives warned us that this was a bad precedent. The warning was basically: "if you think its bad now, wait until the Left is in charge!"
We are experiencing that nightmare at present.

- Lady Macbeth Cannot Wash Away The Blood

If you can't see the video, here is the link where Hillary is asked to sign copy of "Hard Choices" to Amb Chris Stevens
... And the Macbeth reference for those that scratch thine head

Monday, June 16, 2014

- Anarcho-Tyranny and the Fall of the USA


I have to credit Hell is Like Newark for the title of the post.
What are we experiencing in the United States? A few Radio-Derb broadcasts ago, I was somewhat in agreement with Derb that Obama may not be stupid or evil, but detached from the issues as if he were bored with the position.
Based on recent decisions and calculated inaction by the administration, my opinion changes drastically. What is galling is the failure of the press to address the inaction. Just this morning I was reminded of how lame CNBC is when it comes to reporting news. What is happening in the middle east, according to C3PO Simon Hobbs is not the failure of the Obama administration of its inaction or hesitation to destroy a column of ISIS militants, nooooo... what is happening in Syria and Iraq is nothing more than the Republicans trying to make Obama look bad... thanks Simon!
A leopard doesn't change its spots. Here is a guy that was raised in the tradition ultra-left reaction. He was a protege of Bill Ayers and his self-identified "Father Figure" was Frank Marshall Davis.
The acorn hasn't fallen far from the tree.
Graduation season allows him to campaign across academia, where he has kindred spirits and skulls full of mush that will swallow this pablum.
While Iraq is disintegrating (as we knew it would, someday) and Afghanistan will follow in short order, the president is absent. The media is still running cover for the administration. It's not Obama's fault! whether it's the southern border of the US, the eastern border of Syria or drones in Pakistan.
No... its still Bush's fault and it's even Mitt Romney's fault as David Gregory vigorously tried to hammer a mea culpa from Romney on Sunday.
Where is the press on the administration?
What is happening on the US southern border amounts to nothing less than treason. It is the purposeful toppling of a system that without any control, the foundation will be compromised.
When you examine the fall of Rome, it was the collapse of the borders and the diffusion of thee culture that marked the final days of the empire. Germanic tribes didn't sack Rome in the Hollywood sense, but it could have been more of a stress on the economic system as we are seeing with illegal immigration in the US.
My apologies to Henri Pirenne!
Like some late-to-the-party Roman Emperor, Obama has decided to rule by edict (as we've seen), selectively enforce laws and now with a wave of the scepter, foster a mass migration from Central America to the US. Thousands are streaming across our borders. FEMA is relocating migrants from border stations to various children's services centers across the US!
Amnesty is already happening...
I've had liberals tell me that because I am the son of immigrants I must also embrace the unwashed masses.
I remind these monsters, that my ancestors came to America legally and went through a process towards legal immigration and ultimately citizenship. I also remind them that many children from Europe arrived at Ellis Island with scarlet fever, mumps, rubella and other maladies, only to be placed into isolation for weeks and sometimes months, and then to be shipped back to Italy, Poland, Russia, etc...
Waves of Europeans came to America and those that broke the laws of the land were not just punished... They Were Deported!
Why is it different for the "new immigrants"?
They are bringing disease, and less than desirable to downright criminal elements across our borders.
We are told that these are "Dreamers"!
The media remains silent and the administration has placed a gag-order on anyone that desires to report the truth! No photos please!
The only photos permitted will be something from a "Save the Children" commercial rather than the truth.
Something has to give. It is too much, too soon and the system is fracturing at a startling pace.
Anarchy, Anarcho-Tyranny, Collapse. We Are Doomed...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

-How to Raise Funds for a Campaign Without the Appearance of Impropriety


Liberals have been fond of promoting their "literary skills" even though they mostly rely on ghostwriters. Hillary has a ghostwriter and liberals accept that as sign of accomplishment.
It doesn't matter what the book says, because there are maniacs on the left side of the aisle that will purchase whatever drivel flows from the pens of the people they like.
It is no surprise that the latest waste of wood pulp is #2 on the Amazon bestseller list.
Presidents seldom wrote books and in the past, if you had political aspirations, a candidate would be inclined to do a lot of TV, radio and newspaper interviews.
Liberals however get very twisted when their rivals pursue a similar course of action. To liberals, it is "unfair" that republicans can access similar media outlets at almost the same frequency.
The Politician as the Author is a recent revival. Sure Theodore Roosevelt was a writer and capitalized on his exploits before he made it to the white house. I admit, I own copies of African Game Trails, Hunting Trips of a Ranch Man and the Naval War of 1812, but Roosevelt's writings weren't necessarily to achieve fame to propel him from one political office to another. No, that modus operandi is reserved for liberals.
Barack Obama "wrote" (I mean, Bill Ayers wrote) two books for the sole purpose to propel him to some sort of national credibility. Not many people read his books because they were shallow, boring and predictable. Liberals bought these books in droves. Place them on coffee tables or stack them in plain view in a manner resembling a "Pottery Barn" advertisement. The books are not to be read, the spines can not be cracked. They are decoration or ornamentation.
Hillary's first book was designed to put a friendly face on socialism. The disaster known as "It Takes A Village" was a famous book that nobody read, but was relied upon to promote "Hillarycare", because people were too stupid or lazy in the late 20th century to care for their own.
Her other fiction was something called "Living History" which was a staging point for her Senatorial career. As I recall, people did read that book and found it full of Malarkey, but liberals bought it like it was a gospel.
This new book is launched to roll out the new narrative and reacquaint us with the old narratives.
The old narrative, was she was the smartest woman in the whole-wide-world, but she married a cad and became a "victim" like every other woman in America.
The new narrative is that she was a successful secretary of state but do not mention her lack of achievement or crappy decisions. Those, we are told, were "Hard Choices".
What a load of crap. Now she tells Diane Sawyer when she left the White House they were broke!Yep, Bill and Hillary were just like the Trumans driving home in the clunker after handing the keys over... my heart bleeds. $8 million is "flat-broke" in Lib-Speak!
Back to the new book. Who is buying all these copies? Why the people that form the Hillary PAC's!
Its easy to accuse Republicans of violating campaign finance and hurl invectives at the Koch Brothers, but for Liberals, all you need to do is write a book and tell your biggest contributors to buy more than they can print! Pre-Campaign is financed (Hillary used to call that a "listening tour") and left-overs get applied in exchange for favors.
I thought it was baloney, but I'm happy to report there are Americans with a sense of humor ready to turn the tables on the Alinsky minions:

One parting shot is to remind liberals of this article by the late William Safire:
Essay;Blizzard of Lies                    Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady -- a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation -- is a congenital liar.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

-Saving Sgt Bergdahl or Saving Floundering Potus?

Well that was multi-cultural... aside from the fact that a few conservative commentators and some non-muslim arabic speakers confirmed that Papa Bergdahl pretty much sanctified the White House in the name of Islam. Not necessarily reminiscent of Saladin sanctifying Jerusalem with prayer and rose water, but it'll do in 21st century America.
I am watching Obama lying like a liberal coward on TV right now.
The narrative is that Sgt Bergdahl was a brave soldier captured on the battlefield that endured brutal conditions as a POW of the Taliban. The other part is "No Man Left Behind!"
The Truth: Obama left Bergdahl behind for five-frickin'-years!Wonder if all this floundering stems from the Purges as discussed by our faithful Frithguild?
In the meantime, Obama has momentarily deflected attention from the VA scandal, the Benghazi committee and boatload of other failures. It will be interesting to see what the news-dump brings tomorrow.
George Will does a good job today: When a president goes rogue
Meanwhile, I am starting to believe that the Google Purges may have a neat connection to the reshaping of Hillary Clinton (you couldn't re-shape that cow with 5 gallons of joint compound and a neoprene corset!).
I recommend "The Post Achievement Politics of Obama and Hillary" from the always excellent Sultan Knish Blog.