Thursday, August 28, 2014

- Frithguild Ahead of The Field: Russian Armored Columns Enter Ukraine


Big "hat-tip" to RFNJ contributor Frithguild for his early and accurate analysis of the budding Russo-Ukraine-Europe conflict.
Refer to Danubian Pincer as required reading.
Bloomberg wire is lighting up with news that Ukraine has been invaded by Armored Russian Columns. Poland's Foreign Minister, Sikorski has been increasingly vocal.
Headline Stories:
NATO Says Russian Troops With Advanced Arms Operating in Ukraine
By James G. Neuger
Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- NATO’s Dutch Brigadier General Nico Tak speaks to reporters today at North Atlantic Treaty Organization supreme headquarters in Mons, Belgium.
  • There has been “significant escalation” by Russia in past two weeks, based on new satellite images: Tak
  • “Russian combat soldiers equipped with sophisticated heavy weaponry are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory”
  • “Russia is reinforcing and resupplying separatist forces in a blatant attempt to change the momentum of the fighting, which is currently favoring the Ukrainian military”: Tak
  • Russia aims to relieve pressure on separatists “in order to freeze this conflict”: Tak
  • NATO is currently using the term incursion. It is not up to NATO to define the Russian activities”: Tak
  • It is “extremely unlikely” that untrained volunteers are using the sophisticated weaponry being supplied by Russia: Tak
  • “The equipment is used by units which are coherent and well trained,” Tak says, ruling out Ukrainian defectors using the Russian-supplied equipment.
  • “Russia’s ultimate aim is to alleviate pressure on the separatists. Its aim is to freeze this conflict for a long period of time”: Tak
  • “It’s likely that the situation will end in a stalemate. The foothold has been created will be expanded and secured so that the separatists will not suffer a defeat”: Tak
Ukraine claims Russian forces cross border (Transcript)
Aug. 28 (ABC) -- TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Ukraine's President has cancelled a trip to Turkey and called an emergency meeting of his Security Council, amid reports Russian troops have been brought into south-eastern Ukraine.
Kiev says it has lost control of a border town in the Donetsk region, claiming Moscow has sent forces across the border to support pro-Russian rebels.
Ukraine is now calling for an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the crisis.
ARSENY YATSENIUK, UKRAINIAN PRIME MINISTER: The situation in the east of Ukraine substantially deteriorated. Russia has sent a number of armoured personnel vehicles, tanks and troops. We can confirm that Russian military boots are on Ukrainian ground. Ukrainian forces are capable to tackle and to cope with the Russian-led guerrillas. But this is quite difficult for us to fight with Russia and its army.
TONY JONES: Moscow denies it has sent any troops across the border, but Western powers are backing up Ukraine's claims.
The US ambassador to Kiev says Russia is directly involved in the fighting, while NATO says more than a thousand Russian troops are active inside Ukraine.
Sikorski: Germany’s Credibility as Ukraine Mediator at Stake
By Brian Swint
Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski speaks on Polish Radio One.
  • Sikorski: Germany, France must react to peace process failure
  • Ukraine now europe’s most serious crisis in decades
  • Ukraine now deals w/ russian military incursion: Sikorski
  • Sikorski says Russian troops, heavy equipment in e. Ukraine
  • Sikorski says Russia’s new “front” in Ukraine violates intl law

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

-Idiocy, Slander and Financial Market Yellow-Journalism: Inorganic Hamburgers?


I don't go out of my way to bash Jim Cramer or CNBC, but as financial news broadcasts have become an inseparable part of the trading room din, we (as professional traders) are subjected to moronic outbursts daily.
Yesterday, big news that Burger King decided to buy the Canadian company Tim Horton's. As a result, BK will be moving its HQ to Canada and will enjoy a significant tax benefit.
If you have been living under a rock for the last few months, the political left and outspoken media trolls have been hammering corporations on Tax Inversion.
President Obama has been hammering home the point about "fairness" and how Tax Inversion while legal, isn't fair or right. 
Warren Buffett, Obama's and the Left's favorite Billionaire is poised to cash-in on the BK move. Whoops!
What does this have to do with Jim Cramer? Cramer has been an outspoken shill for the crowd that says tax inversion is just plain "unamerican". CNBC has removed several videos where Jim has contradicted himself, however they have kept the videos in place where "booyah-boy" considers Tax Inversion a vital M&A trigger. Ya think?
Jim is also an outspoken and completely uneducated shill for the organic food scam. Apparently he owns a Mexican restaurant where they serve "organic" food.
Yesterday, Mr. Know-it-All blurts out that the deal is bad because Burger King serves "Inorganic food"... Yes he really said that.
CNBC edited the transcript, eliminating the sophomoric "inorganic food" accusation and suggesting that Jim meant "healthy or natural food"...
If I were a BK shareholder, I would go after Cramer, CNBC and whomever else allows this slander to persist.
Now Jim is a Harvard man - graduating Magna Cum Laude as well as being the chief of the Harvard Crimson. I would imagine that in order to enter those halls or even matriculate from High School, one should know the definition of "Inorganic" and why it is slanderous to make the statement that a beef pattie that was most certainly derived from a living bovid is anything but!
Mr. Cramer as a journalist and honorable grad of one of the most prestigious schools in the world, owes Burger King, its shareholders and his viewers an apology.
Don't hold your breath.
CNBC is no longer valid for the professional trader as an information source. Jim Cramer appeals to small investors (for the life of me I don't understand why) and CNBC anchors sometimes defend his overt churlish behavior often predicated on nonsensical mutterings. Childishly, the anchors will call you a "hater" if you express disagreement or disapproval of this type of news-entertainment.
Yes, I met a few CNBC anchors and contributors at industry events and suggested that they should re-think Cramer as a source of information. I was given the hairy-eyeball from Carl Quintanilla and told (rather childishly on his part) "don't hate". I merely suggested that Cramer was completely inaccurate in his description of the origin of the Euro currency.
CNBC has a responsibility as a news outlet to provide accuracy in reporting the news since it can impact the price of securities and often influence the direction of small investors.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

- A Journalist's Guide to Arms and Armaments 2.0

Journalists take note:
While Ryan J. Reilly of the cutting edge HuffPo in his haste to make the Ferguson Mo riots more about him than anything else,  he reached out to his multitude f twitter followers to confirm his recent discovery!

Could it be that soft, pliable foam-rubber earplugs were being used by law enforcement as a new riot quelling projectile?

Oh the humanity!

Oh the stupidity.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

-Well, He Does Have A Point!

Rep. Tom. Marino of Pennsylvania has finally done something that very few Republicans are willing to do: call the Democrats and the President on their baloney about immigration reform.
He struck a nerve and it's about high time the Republicans give it back.