Thursday, September 25, 2014

-No Oil for War!!!

Almost a dozen years ago we were confronted with Bushitler's illegal war for oil.
There was an anti-war-protest in NYC and other major cities across the US and the developed world on a pretty consistent basis.
Now that Obama has decided to shrug-off his anti-war image and engage ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever they are called, the US and a handful of "willing" allies have decided to violate Syrian airspace in an attempt to destroy what has become of "Al Qaeda on the run".
You would think, at least out of consistency, the liberal cowards of International ANSWER would have staged at least one anti-war protest...
Don't bet on it.
But we did have an Anti-Carbon protest in NYC conveniently located outside of that carbon-spewing megalith... The NYSE.
Seriously, thousands of people protested against the very same element that we are all derived from (carbon) in a location that has literally nothing to do with Carbon. Heck, the NYSE has very little to do with trading these days. Its nothing more than a studio set for CNBC...

.... Good Lord!

Here's the deal... I was at a dinner recently and a very connected, very wealthy, very powerful democrat contributor (after several bottles of wine) started speaking to me as if I were a complete moron. I played along, nodded my head and held back the laughter...
The Climate Change Talking Point... and this is the "Hail Mary, I mean "Hail Gaia Pass" for the cause:
The Arctic is completely melted.
Yes, I sat there with my wife kicking me in the shin... "You don't say!"
Yes - we need to reverse the melting of the Arctic circle or else... Russia will use it as a means of competing with the Panama Canal. They will control the Arctic Sea Route.
I couldn't take it anymore.
So there you have it.
The North Pole is completely melted. The Russians are coming. Carbon is Inorganic.
No Oil For War.